When Brisbane people stop bitchin and moaning about the Olympics, you know this is a turning point for Brisbane. Here's why!

Brisbane people love moaning. About the traffic. They love birching. About the foreigners from Asia. They love moaning. About the sunlight savings. They love bitching. About the neigbours. They love moaning. About the neighbours children making noise. But they love bitching AND morning about the Olympics. They aren't happy about the dubiously prices of the Olympics. Will it bs more cost than effect? Will it be more benefit than burding?

When they stop moaning. And when they stop bitching. What will happen? It means there's a big baddy in Brisbane. This baddy could be they realise they are a minority of whites in a sea of Indo-Hongkong This baddy could be that their house prices didn't double up every 7 years.

Whatever happens, when Brisbane's stop bitching and moaning about Olympics, listen up good. Because it means some really baddy has happened.

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