Unofficial Discussion of Brisbane Olympics 2032

Brisbane Olympics will be USEFUL! This is why.

Because now moaners are moaning about how great Brisy was in 88 and then it went to crap. So now people will forget this. Rubikon will be Olympics. So now they will reminiss about the Pre Olympics good old days to 2032 and then moan about how bad it was after that. Whole shift of thinking. It will mean people think Wow remember...

When Brisbane people stop bitchin and moaning about the Olympics, you know this is a turning point for Brisbane. Here's why!

Brisbane people love moaning. About the traffic. They love birching. About the foreigners from Asia. They love moaning. About the sunlight savings. They love bitching. About the neigbours. They love moaning. About the neighbours children making noise. But they love bitching AND morning about the Olympics. They aren't happy about...

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