RSS never fails me.

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The decline (and perhaps fall) of reddit put me in the position of needing an Android RSS client/newsreader app for the first time. I want to say I used to use the functionality built into Firefox? Is that right? Anyway, for Android I've been using Inoreader. Seems to work ok. Mostly use it for the AP news RSS feed.

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And when, for some reason, there isn't an RSS feed given by the website, check RSS-Bridge and see if it has the site you want ;)

(and if it doesn't, if you know PHP, consider contributing with your own bridge)

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Wow! I've been a heavy RSS user forever, and this is the first I've heard of RSS-Bridge -- thanks for this!

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Just learned about it last week here on Kbin, because of the Reddit blackout.
I've been feeding a lot of sources to my RSS programs, and just found out a lot of sites either hide or don't have RSS, so that project was enticing.

So I contributed with 4 sources to help it grow ahahah

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Same. Also using IFTTT and Pocket to automatically aggregate my own feed from sources I enjoy to curate my own feed to my Kobo reader.

Feels snazzy to read the news in e-ink so that my OLED work/play world and news world are separate.

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I used to use Feedly to aggregate RSS feeds and then rely on Reddit subbreddits for discussion on topics for the "hello person who wrote/made thing discussed"

Lazerpig/Perun both had "Ground News" as adverts, you can treat it as a RSS Feed Reader, but it also tracks mainstream news sources.

The nice part is I used to follow The Guardian and The Telegraph for opposing news stories, that's effectively built in, you see each story with all sources reporting on it and where they lie politically.

It has a "blindspot" feature which pushes stuff your not looking at. Initially it was pretty "here is random us state politics" which as a British person I don't care. The blindspots are now british focussed, I still don't care but atleast its British things I know off and don't care about (Like Prince Harry).

It costs £2.99 per month, so I'll share my referral. I don't i believe I don't get anything from it but it gives a 1 month free trial. and use this referral code 9409938.


Thanks for taking the time to write this. I'd seen Ground News before, but I didn't think it was anything more than all the other news aggregators. Your description, however, has made me really interested!

Can you comment on the benefits of subscribing at the various levels versus the free tier?

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For IT/computer science-related news, I always relied on

Also probably Twitter, but I'm starting to use it less and less...

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Emacs Gnus + RSS

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I generally just listen to public broadcast radio, then follow up any stories that interest me with an internet search to get a general idea of the story and weed out the biases.


I use Artifact on mobile. It has a neat feature which uses AI to rewrite titles marked by users as clickbait.


What was frustrating for me is they'd offer 20 Elon Musk articles daily, but now that they allow you to remove articles that match keywords, I've been much happier w/ my experience

LollerCorleone, (edited )
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I generally avoid news aggregators because I see them as an extra layer of filter between news publishers and me. I just regularly follow a number of national and international publications as a habit.

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Yea I'm trying to get away from the political bias and echo chambering a singular news source gives you, but at same time like aggregators for being time efficient. That another person shouted out actually seems really interesting and to fit the bill. It gives you multiple viewpoints of each trending news story and labels what bias they are leaning.

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But they will still get to decide which news stories should be given prominence and if they are your only source, you will never know if they omit some less 'trendy' but important story. News publications do this as well, but if you follow enough of them with varying editorial leanings, it kind of fixes that issue. You could set up a RSS feed aggregator to achieve this as well I guess.

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True true, maybe I just need a good mixture in an rss, decent aggregator + my own curated primary news sources. Tbh the thing I like best about a good aggregator is it’s kinda like Reddit, occasionally you will get a great off the wall article from a a source you would of never of followed or had on your own rss. Such as a local news for somewhere you don’t even live.

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Yeah, there is nothing wrong in going through news aggregators. I just don't find it wise to use them as the only source of news or even the primary source, like many do.

And there is also the fact that the more influential news aggregators become, the more dependent news publishers (especially the small newsrooms who struggle with readership and revenue streams) will be to them. And since the popular ones are mostly run by big tech, that's not good anyway whatsoever.


I use a self hosted freshrss instance. Keeps me in the know.

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ground news


Really couldnt recommend it more..


This looks seriously good! Could you help me understand the benefits of subscribing? They mention things like "Compare Articles from 50,000+ News Sources" and "Media Bias Ratings" but it looks like I can get that without subscribing.


Really dont know what you get from subscribing.. even when browsing down low and clicking for more articles you get a "subscribe to read more" popup but just pressing ESC lets you read the newly loaded articles anyway.. I like the new ChatGPT summary for left / right media narratives and the Ownership tags of the different outlets.. really paints a clear view of the narrative being pushed by different outlets

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Really dont know what you get from subscribing..

Reminder that we are here because reddit wasn't making enough money. If you like it then finance it.

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Seems like an appropriate time to remind people we can buy Ernest coffee for all his hard work to give us kbin!


This looks great.

I've been using Mastodon (i follow the NYT, the Guardian, the Telegraph, Reuters, and some other news sources). I also look at link / forum sites like Hacker News. I've been trying out the following, too:

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I'll have a look at this, seems like it was founded by a Canadian.

I'm testing this:

10 ways we are different

The Conversation is an independent source of news, analysis and expert opinion, written by academics and researchers, and delivered direct to the public.

We are a not-for-profit organisation serving the public good. We believe reliable information is the lifeblood of healthy democracy.

All our articles are written by academics and researchers. Authors work with professional journalists who help them share their knowledge, at a time when people need it and in a way that it can be easily understood.

We are committed to ethical journalism, with a strict Editorial Charter and codes of conduct. We are transparent: every author discloses their expertise, funding, and conflicts of interest.

We don’t hide our mistakes. Errors are corrected promptly and prominently to remove misinformation from the public record. All our content is free to read and republish under Creative Commons.

We actively disseminate our content to more than 22,000 sites worldwide. That gives our content a global reach of 42 million readers a month, and growing.

We are a global knowledge project, with staff based in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, US, Africa, Indonesia, France and Spain working with more than 148,000 specialist scholars and researchers.

We avoid conflicts of interest and funders have no say over editorial decisions.

We are funded by universities, research institutes and corporates, as well as foundations and reader donations.

We support a healthy media ecosystem by providing ideas and media-ready experts with a focus on solutions.


Not gonna lie, no matter how much you hate google, Google news is pretty solid.

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Glad to see I'm not the only one. I just haven't been able to find anything else. Its what's been most accessible and reliable for me.

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News . Google is my main source of need since I already have a Gmail. I like how you can customize what you see by choosing to "see less" "not interested in these topics" and "hide from X source" it really helped curate what news I'm actually seeing and it updates quite frequently

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It's good, but my Pihole blocks a lot of the articles because most of the links use amp, meaning they are tracking everything you click through it. This is from a purley mobile\android perspective in my case, but I'm sure the desktop experience isn't far from it.

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RSS. I use Inoreader (on mobile and desktop)
Used to be Twitter as well, but now that place is unusable and I've deleted my accounts.

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What was your experience finding rss feeds for people you've been following on twitter? Do you have to look up everyone individually and hope they have a blog or site like that?


My response as well. Both re inoreader and decidedly not Twitter.

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I use RSS feeds (via Newsblur) for most of the news, and Twitter because I still follow too many journos there.

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I also use NewsBlur as my backend organizational tool and catelog, then the Unread app on ios as my frontend reader because it's so simple and nice to look at.


I use RSS feeds. Feeder on Android. Elfeed with Eww on Emacs (came from Newsboat). Curate it with my dotfiles in git repo.

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I'm a heavy Gnus user, but apparently Elffeed is much better for RSS.


I really like Doom Emacs, and it's a very pleasing setup, once I got all the feeds tagged in the org file. Eww is nice, but embedded images sometimes take up half the screen.


I dusted off my Feedly account. You can follow up to 100 publications for free. For me, that's more than enough to get the main U.S. and world headlines, plus a few special interests. I like to sort by Popular + Latest or just latest.

You can sort by Most Popular if you pay $6 a month. I never felt a need to try that. The free version is easy to use, looks nice, and keeps me informed. Hot stories are marked with green text and a green arrow, so they're pretty easy to spot.

I set it up years ago. Just added every newspaper or news site I could think of, plus whatever looked interesting from r/worldnews and a few other subreddits.

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When I deleted my Facebook account a good five years ago, I started using RSS to get my news. I also use Feedly. I like how the app looks, I still use the legacy one, as it's simple and I'm used to it.

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