From the bottom is the way to go. I compulsively "fix" tubes that I see are improperly squeezed.

Horik avatar

People who squeeze from the middle are certified psychopaths.

oxideSeven, avatar

There is no other answer, really.

Sabata11792 avatar

Is "Making my dentist rich" considered a valid answer?


middle, i'm sorry. way too lazy to do it the right way


I squeeze from the top or middle because that's where I grab it from but I have a plastic toothpaste roller that flattens and pushes it up from the bottom that I adjust as I go. It's truly the best of all worlds

MildlyMediocre avatar

Squeeze from the bottom and I also store it cap-side down in between uses so all of the paste is by the opening.

Tigbitties, (edited )
Tigbitties avatar

Everyone does it different in my house so once a week I redistribute the paste in the tube so it's all at the top. It's very satisfying to do and I feel like I have all the power when it's all said and done.

Flaky_Fish69 avatar

my ex-partner and I used to have his-and-hers toothpaste.

JoeKrogan, avatar


dominoko avatar

I squeeze from the middle and make a big mess around the cap

aebrer avatar

I'm a random squeezer up until near the end, then I roll up from the bottom.

There's something so satisfying about when it seems empty and you push your fiber up and force more out.

reflex avatar

Snip off the crimp and dip the toothpaste in my dude.

exohuman avatar

Squeeze from the bottom. It comes out faster too.

StinkyPinky avatar

I do it the right way. Push from the seal towards the opening until there are only like two brush-worths left, then I fold the sides by the opening to get those last drops.


I firmly place it betwixt my ass cheeks and let the glutes do their work.

AnakinSandlover avatar

I also take my toothpaste from betwixt this person's ass cheeks.


I squeeze from the top for better hold, but ill squish up the bottom after i get the cap on so its not stuck at the bottom.

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