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It would depend on what kind of robot I'm being transferred into...


Yes, the robot has tentacles.

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Also, is the immortality mandatory, or do I get to decide when it ends?


A volcano can fix these types of immortality

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Agree. If it was indistinguishable from my meat bag body, then absolutely! If there was significant reduction in my senses, I would consider it but would probably want to stay in my human body as long as it was viable. If there was like contemporary VR where it's just visual and audio but no taste or touch or smell... nah dawg. I think that would be more akin to eternal torture.

Actually, maybe I would agree to the robot body under condition that someone wake me up every 100 hours for a few days. I would like to time travel to the far future and see how human society develops over time, but living through all that time as just a brain that can watch TV is not worth sating my curiosity.

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There are arguments which state that when you “transfer” consciousness, there is no continuity of consciousness, meaning we are at best making a copy and destroying the original. While your copy would wake up as though nothing happened, the original you gets destroyed in the process and never actually gets to enjoy the transference.

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My favorite game that touches on this subject is SOMA. It's an amazing horror game


I'd much rather be a Ship-of-Theseus cyborg, replacing malfunctioning bits one at a time.

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Bicentennial Man vibes.

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Such a good movie, makes me want to watch it again. RIP Robin.

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This 100%. It's also why teleporting like in star
Terk isn't really teleporting. It's a weird version of cloning. So while a version of the consciousness goes on the original basically died.

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This. That's one of the dilemmas with making clones of people. It's already hard to pinpoint that exact integrity of a human (cells are constantly changing) and replacing them altogether just doesn't make sense anymore. Pragmatically speaking, it won't benefit you at the slightest, but, provided your clone is the exact copy, your friends might not see the difference. Even still, would they still be your friends whilst knowing the "true" you is gone?


I've been thinking about this a bit lately. Isn't continuity of consciousness interrupted every time you sleep?

I'm wondering not about the classical "would you be able to tell if your body got destroyed while you were sleeping and an exact replica replaced it" but rather whether there is any meaningful difference between that scenario and normal sleep.


Consciousness cannot be "transferred". This is an ontological error. Rather, it is consciousness which is fundamental, from which everything else is "transferred" into being. Immortality is the default mode for consciousness. Now the real question is what happens when your spatio-temporal location is teleported to another place via technology? This is no different than what happens at every waking moment, when you move your limbs one moment to the next. Your atoms are always being teleported.

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Yes. Without a second thought.

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Sure, as long as I can control my own on/off switch for immortality.

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Honestly? No. I want my death, eventually. I imagine if I did do it, I'd wind up going stir crazy before long, especially once everyone I know has passed away.

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Yes, but let's be real here. That would be for the 1% of the 1% only.

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Immortality? Probably not. Transfer? Probably also no.

Yes, if it were just my brain in a resilient robot body that can take care of my brain. Particularly with nerve connection (though contextual) and being able to exist in different forms easily (different sizes/environments, buildings, digital presence). Minisub or anything in space sounds like a fun time.

VR head-space too, particularly as a personal thing for down-time (use computer, practice skills, AI personality consultation), not a digital-real-estate thing.

If it were an option (no problem of money/law) I'd sign up for cryonics testing. Though I'd definitely want an anti-dystopia contract (hopefully with some science+pro-people+pro-environment institution) and probably wouldn't want my brain to be revived in USA.


What kind of robot?

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up to you!


Then yes

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depends on the fine print.
it really depends on the fine print.

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definitely, that is why i said no to be 100% sure haha


I'm already a robot, merely one made of biological, somewhat self- repairing components, which unfortunately are very difficult to replicate in any way besides procreation, and distinctly non- trivial to switch out even when a replacement is available. If the only thing changing is the ease with which failing parts can be replaced, then he'll yes i would. I think any sane person would, or at least should. The only reason to say no would be the assumption of certain things associated with robots as stereotyped in media, but not necessarily specified in the actual question.


At the end of my life I may as well. Better than dying, right? Probably, at least.

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Immortality means no obligations to complete tasks by any deadline, which means I'll never get anything done and will procrastinate until the heat death of the universe. I'll stick with the flesh body, thanks.


Why not? If the meaninglessness of existence gets too hard, I can just turn myself off anyway, right?

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i really hope thats the case. but knowing people, it would be hard to do that. maybe they will find ways to duplicate you and do experiments or torture for entertainment. feels scary to me

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Yes. I would love to upload my consciousness. I'm not going first, but if the opportunity arose I would certainly do it

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