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While I also love TJ's Indian food, I gotta go with their orange chicken + potstickers. It has no right being so good.

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Homemade coffee ice cream. With hot fudge swirls and salted toffee crumble.

My GF tolerates it, nobody else I know really likes it.Short of that….

Home made vanilla ice cream with seasonal fruit topping. (I force fruit in an aeroponic green house so “seasonal” might be a bit of a misnomer.)

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This sounds incredible. I don’t think I know a single American who would turn this down!

Flaky_Fish69 avatar

My mom, actually.

The trick to adding coffee to ice cream is to make a syrup out of leftover coffee (if you have that problem.). It’s not hard- just boil it down… as far as you can, add brown sugar until it starts coating the spoon. Add some butter (which smoothed out some of the harshness).

If you go too far with the syrup…. It might become a caramel. Which. Is also good.

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The yakisoba frozen noodle bowls from Costco are my absolute favorite thing. Lots of veggies with the noodles.

greatwhitebuffalo41, avatar

I’m blanking on the brand but it’s basically a frozen version of the KFC famous bowl


Pierogi, potato with onion filling. Yum.


Ice creams :)

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El Monterey frozen beef & bean burritos:

  1. Put them in a pan.
  2. Cover in enchilada sauce.
  3. Top with shredded sharp cheddar cheese.
  4. Bake for 25 minutes.

Chef's Kiss!


I am a big fan of their taquitos thrown into the air fryer!


When I was in college I was a freak for those taquitos. Now I make family servings of beef stroganoff and eat that for maybe 3 servings.


Vegetable Springrolls from Costco. Airfy them for 8 mins and have them with sweet ginger sauce.


I love Trader Joe’s pot stickers!

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