OC The "he had no choice" starter pack

Spoilers for Berserk’s Golden Age Arc, Tsukimichi episode 11, and Attack on Titan season 4 episode 4.

A rectangular image bearing three characters on the bottom and a white title over a black background on the top. The title reads: The "he had no choice" starter pack.

The characters are, from left to right...

  1. Femto (aka: Griffith) from the anime Berserk stands ominously with head tilted partially down and eyes forward to the audience. He bears a purple skin-tight bird-like armor that only reveals his eyes and mouth areas respectively. Behind him are monstrous creatures bearing large teeth and eyes.

  2. Makoto from the anime Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy walks forward with dead eyes directed at the audience. His hair is black and neck-length with bangs reaching just past his eyelids while the center one passes his eyes completely. His expression is cold with unknown intention. He wears blue dapper buttoned-up clothes of a merchant. All around him is darkness and a strange mist.

  3. Eren from the anime Attack on Titan stands in front of an orange brick building while staring forward at the audience with a look of conviction. His left eye and forehead are covered with bandages while his dark brown neck-length hair covers half of that side of his face and flows far past his right eye, which is mostly visible. He wears a tan colored top of some sort.

All three characters either already have done something evil, have already decided to, or both.


Image Sauce:

original tumblr post (see 2nd half of tags for additional thoughts and info)

A rectangular image bearing three characters on the bottom and a white title over a black background on the top. Full description below...
@Sanctus@lemmy.world avatar

Griffith could have just died to his injuries instead.

@ekZepp@lemmy.world avatar

He could have just given up and lived the rest of his life taken care of by what (was) his family. But the wh##e have a “dream” …soooo.

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