Coldgoron, in oh no

Bocchi will choose 10 minutes too late.

white_shotgun, in oh no

What lever?

cacheson, in oh no
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Sanctus, in The "he had no choice" starter pack avatar

Griffith could have just died to his injuries instead.

ekZepp, avatar

He could have just given up and lived the rest of his life taken care of by what (was) his family. But the wh##e have a “dream” …soooo.

CookieJarObserver, in We'll get you next time, Maple! 😖

Their game is likely 50% AI…

cacheson, in I need Executioner season 2
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Stolen from r/yurimemes.

Also kbin won't let me post on anime_irl anymore, but I can still post here? Site upgrade soon plz. q_q

BoxerDevil, in 🔴⚫🟢

Ans the mentally a child a big red flag

Mongostein, in 🔴⚫🟢

“Mostly” don’t cut it

dot20, in 🔴⚫🟢


ekZepp, avatar

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari - The Rising of the Shield Hero



cacheson avatar

More like sus hero, amirite?

rustydomino, in Big Shot! avatar

I mean, the meme is not wrong. Big Shot reports bounties pretty accurately.

DoctorWhookah, in Big Shot!

I watched this during the covid lockdowns and actually enjoyed it.

be_excellent_to_each_other avatar

I mean... you say actually like it's surprising.

Were you not aware of the show's reputation? 🙂

cacheson, in Big Shot!
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cacheson, in The most moé version of King Arthur
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cacheson, in Switch got game
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cacheson, in Anis is an idiot
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Found here. My friend and I just started watching MagiRevo tonight, and it's pretty great.

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