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Can anyone recommend me an anime? I recently watched "My Love Story!!" and it was so good. Yes, it was cheesy and overdramatic, but that was part of the charm. I loved how sweet and wholesome it was, and I really loved the characters. I also found it really funny.

It doesn't have to be a romance anime, though I am totally up for that as I have gotten into some romances this year (I also liked Yamada's First Time, which normally ecchi stuff isn't my thing, but it wasn't terribly gratuitous, it was sex-positive, and I got pretty hooked into the story and found it hilarious, too).

Just looking for something similarly touching, wholesome, funny, and fun to watch with likable characters, like "My Love Story!!"

Any thoughts? :)

the_artic_one, (edited )

Love, Chunibyo, and other Delusions would probably be right up your alley, it’s a similarly wholesome romcom about a girl who pretends to have magical powers and a guy dealing with constant second-hand embarrassment at being associated with her.

That time I got reincarnated as a Slime is an iskeai where the main character uses their incredible powers to build a wholesome community.

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki Kun is a hilariously awkward romcom about a girl who tries to confess to her crush, only for him to completely misunderstand her and think she’s a fan who’s discovered that he’s secretly a popular shojou manga artist.

Komi can’t communicate is a romcom about a girl who everyone assumes is soft-spoken because she’s beautiful, elegant, and perfect but actually has such crippling social anxiety that she can’t manage to speak to anyone. She’s felt isolated her whole life untill a boy who’s really good at reading social situations (to the point that he’s basically psychic) figures out what’s up and decides to be her first friend and help her make more friends.

Nichijou is one of the more wacky wholesome slice of life comedies without much plot. See also: Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star.

Spy x Family is hilarious and wholesome show about a spy who needs to create a fake family to prevent a war. He can’t let his family know he’s a spy but unbeknownst to him, the orphan girl he adopts secretly has psychic powers and immediately knows about his mission. He marries a woman who’s secretly an assassin using the marriage to appear less conspicuous under the pretense of needing a fake wife to get his daughter into a nice school. They then proceed to do adorable wholesome family stuff together while trying to hide their identities from each other and telling themselves they aren’t enjoying being a family as much as they are.

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@the_artic_one Wow, thank you for the recommendations and the little write-ups for each! They all sound great, I've added them all to my watchlist. Thanks again!! :)


Scott Pilgrim

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@jol Just finished this one recently, it was so good!


“Your Lie in April” is sweet endearing, and one of the mot heartfelt things I have seen in years. It will make you feel raw and vulnerable while it pulls you through a beautiful story.

CW: Themes of grief, and childhood abuse are present.

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@PoorYorick Thank you for this! I've added it to my watchlist, this might be the next one I check out.


I liked Love Hina

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@xilliah Thanks! I'll check it out. :D


All mine are a a little action oriented, but not overly focused on that alone. Angel Beats for the fun theme and wholesomeness. I was very surprised by the show, didn’t know what to expect and left surprised.

Death Parade for the themes of mortality and psychological horror (it’s not too bad, though it does have some painful moments but it’s nothing grim). It’s not lighthearted like the others but it’s a very, very well done show.

Trigun for the themes of nurture vs nature - give the first couple episodes some slack. It’s an older 26 episode anime and it picks up very quickly.

I also don’t know how verse you are in anime but if you haven’t already, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is pretty much the quintessential show with its themes of philosophy and human nature.

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@averyminya I like action anime a lot, too. I'm a sucker for shōnen. lol FMA Brotherhood is possibly my all-time favorite, it's between that and Mob Psycho 100. I will check all these out, thank you for the recs! :)


Miyazaki’s entire catalog is on Max, if you’ve not done them yet.

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@oDDmON I love the few Miyazaki flicks I've seen, though there are def some I haven't. Thanks for the heads up!!


Ouran Host Club


Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

Matches the “over-the-top” energy with its narrator. If at all possible, watch subbed.

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Seconding the rec for Kaguya with all my heart & soul. It’s my favorite rom-com.

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@WoolyNelson This looks great! I added it to my watchlist, thank you!

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