This almost looks like a painting, where was it taken?

Openminded-skeptic, (edited )

It's in the Netherlands somewhere? I couldn't find the exact spot though.

EDIT: OK it's a New Year's Eve competition to build the largest bonfire that gets a littttle out of hand sometimes and they build things like that tower there, which is totally safe and good for the environment lol. It's the beaches near the Hague in the Netherlands where it usually takes place.

Oh I forgot the alternate text I entered for transcription purposes isn't visible.

It's a well known like bonfire celebration in the Netherlands that celebrates... things. I don't know what things, just things. LOL.


They celebrate the birth of John the Baptist, whoever that is 🤷 But it is in Alesund, Norway, from what I can find. I was wondering where they have such huge hills in the Netherlands… 😬


Cheers - pretty amazing if a little... Safety unconscious.

Nice to see AR here, was one of my favourite Reddit subs

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