Fusion 360 increasing annual price to $680 USD

Got this email from Autodesk that Fusion is increasing their annual price by a huge amount. I subbed for 1 year a couple years ago for I think $380. Then I was able to get an educational sub after that. Fusion is still the cheapest CAD software out there, not including the free stuff like FreeCAD, but still, this price increase is massive.

It should be noted that it’s still free to use for personal use minus the extra features.


Fusion is still the cheapest CAD software out there

Is it thou?

I was looking at Solidworks and it looks like I can sub for $99/year



Says 48$/year or 15$/month for me.


Yeah, sorry.. I think it's $99CAD but yeah, $48US


No need to apologize, even if it supposedly is the custom in your part of the world. 😉 You still pointed out something that I didn’t know about and for that you have my eternal gratitude. Not much of it, mind, but some of it.


I’ve been considering switching to this but I’ve heard a lot of bad things

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Come, join us: FreeChads


What do you guys use fusion for? I was told to learn it but idk its uses. Im into 3d art and I was gonna use plasticity instead of fusion.


3D CAD. I use it for designing models to print on a 3D printer. My favorite feature is the design timeline

TerminalLover, (edited )

Fusion360 is for CAD, people use it for designing mechanical parts. It has features like simulation, generative design, shape optimization, additive manufacturing design, etc. It is a really complete software for what it does, and that’s why it is a shame that the price increased so much.

For art, you should try Blender. It’s widely used and libre software!


Yeah Im a 3D artist, already use blender, I was told that for mechanical models like game weapons for example, fusion works great. So I wanted to know if I should try.


I used to use a lot of Autodesk software as a hobby by abusing their student versions but they’ve really tightened their belt on those lately. I always thought if I turned a dollar on one of those old projects I’d absolutely want to give Autodesk their fair share but if they’re going to be greedy then fuck em.


Juste crack inventor


I’m sticking to FreeCAD.


It’s such a bad piece of software I just don’t get how people can use it…


There was a bit of a learning curve but after a few days I found it works very well for my needs.


Idk, I tried it several times, it’s just bad.


I spent a lot of time in free cad and am now trying Bricscad. I wanted to use Alibre because it's way cheaper but it's windows only and I couldn't get it running in Proton or Wine.

I like freecad a whole lot, but I couldn't stand the number of crashes any longer :(

I couldn't find any other sane priced software that wasn't Cloud-integrated (looking at you, dassault).


Huh, I never had crashes.

Even with an Edu License for Autodesk, I HATE the UI.


Not sure why it happens.

Just using it on fedora as installed from the repos.


Try the latest appimage. I use thoses.

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Lol that's worse than Adobe pricing


Autodesk have always competed well with Adobe at screwing over their customers.


Just in case anybody doesn’t know, if you’re a US or Canada veteran, solidworks is $20 a year


Will need to look into this thanks!

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Makes me glad I still have access to my old university email and credentials.


I’ve been using Solid Edge for a while -it’s very solid once you learn it, just a less mature UX compared to 360. But no bullshit, it just works, I love not losing work because half the system is in the cloud and randomly forced you up to log in.


I love synchronous mode for quickly adjusting parts. Otherwise the standard mode works pretty much the same as solid works with some quirks.


I’ve been using Solid Edge for a while -it’s very solid once but with less mature UX compared to 360. But no bullshit, it just works, I love not losing work because half the system is in the cloud and randomly forced you up to log in.

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So most of the big packages have a cheap or free tier for hobbyist/maker use, and I think they all do for educational use. The rub with most of these is that they are either not for commercial use (OnShape, Solid Edge CE), or they have "gotcha" thresholds ($1000 revenue for F360, $2000 profit for Solidworks).

Now if you wanted to go completely free-as-in-beer and still retain full commercial rights, you really have to go open source. Then there's also DesignSpark Mechanical, which is Windows only and not truly parametric, but is much more advanced than something like TinkerCad. They've got their own issues with feature erosion in the free tier, but because the company's main business is selling components, they haven't removed commercial use from it yet.

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I switched to Shapr3d a few years ago, but I follow the work of the FreeCAD team with great interest.

IMHO, I think Autodesk should provide a free/limited version of Fusion360 for the people who only want to design and 3D print small pieces


They do. It’s free for personal/non-commercial use.

a_fancy_kiwi, (edited )

As a hobbiest who’s relatively new to CAD, I wish I liked Shapr3D more than I do. I want to use it on my Mac but everything is multiple clicks away compared to other software and it seemingly has fewer keyboard shortcuts to compensate :/

Also, this is probably user error but I could not for the life of me figure out how to make the spout on teapot for a Halloween costume in Shapr3d. Spent maybe an hour and a half on it. Ended up installing Fusion360 and had it done in about 30 minutes. I don’t know the term for it but getting an extrusion to follow/form to a bunch of different sized circles in Shapr3d wasn’t doing what I expected.

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No, no - they’re not raising the price; they’re rebalancing it to reflect the value it delivers!!1!

And since they’ve reduced the free version functionality significantly, I believe I’m due a substantial rebate.

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A five finger rebate


I dont use it, but did they bundle any other software in or add any features that would justify the use of the word “rebalancing” or is it just plain old fashioned corporate bullshit?

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What did they take out of the free version?

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It’s been a little while, but they gutted the mesh editing tools in he free version. They also dropped the number of active models, restricted certain file-functions (maybe assemblies…I don’t do any/many), and limited file import/export.

AnotherMadHatter, (edited )

Solidworks (Education version) for US and Canadian Active Duty and Veterans is US $20 or CAD $40 / year.

I am on my 7th or 8th year of it. I don’t use it for making money, but use it for making 3D printed things for around the house, then upload them to Thinginverse and Printables for everyone else to use.

It looks like Solidworks for Makers is US $48 / year.

A couple of answers from the Q&A at the bottom of the page:

“3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers is meant for personal projects and non-commercial use. Per our terms and conditions, you may sell items you make for a profit up to and not exceeding US$2,000 a year. If you are interested in building your business with SOLIDWORKS tools, check out our start up program or our commercial offers.”

“Currently this offer is available for purchase with a billing address within the following countries: Algeria, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Morocco, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. More countries will be added soon.”

“Files and data created with your Maker account are digitally watermarked and can only be opened up in another Maker platform. You cannot open up files created with your Maker account within a commercial or academic platform. This digital watermark is added to native 3D file formats, such as .3dxml, .sldprt, .sldasm, and .slddrw. Neutral 3D file formats, such as .stp or .iges can be opened on any platform.”

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Oh wow, thanks for this! I’m a veteran and $20 a year is awesome! I do the same, mostly just making things around the house. I don’t really upload them though, because most things I make are super custom to my needs.


Yeah, I make things for me and family, but you’d be surprised at how many other people would be interested in it as well. I certainly was. I looked at my Thingiverse analytics, and I’ve had 10’s of thousands of downloads of my things. I know those don’t directly translate into prints, but I was shocked at how many people downloaded my designs that were originally just for me to organize my sandpaper, or sift sand or hold my CNC collets and wrenches. . .


If that’s the case, you don’t need to be paying for Fusion. You should qualify for the free, personal license.


Thanks for the tip, I use SW at work. This would work out well for me.

AnotherMadHatter, (edited )

I use CATIA at work, and it’s funny how both programs are made by Dassault, but have such different interfaces.


Probably bought by Dassaut and developed by different teams


I’ve searched for this and couldn’t find it. They must hide it well. How well does it run on Linux?


Sorry, I don’t have the slightest idea.


Probably not well. Its drm does some weird shit where it (3dexperience) runs in the background and then launches a web page that has you log in and you launch and update from the browser. I think there’s a way to directly launch it with a shortcut but all in all it just does so much weird shit that i haven’t even tried.

I miss Autodesk Inventor but i can’t remotely justify the price for dicking around with personal projects and solidworks for makers is a pretty damn good deal. Plus SW seems like the industry standard so looks better on a resume? I’m a programmer so it doesn’t really matter but meh.

OnShape might be okay, probably runs just fine on Linux, but i hate that its cloud based. I just want to own my software goddamnit.

One day we’ll have a foss parametric non-destructive blender-level cad suite. FreeCAD and OpenSCAD are neat but not really what I’m looking for.

I’m ranting again…


Can’t say you own any 3d cad software anymore anyway since they all went to subscription only about 10 years ago.


Are you familiar with the watermark they are talking about? How does that express itself; does it show up on models or is it like metadata in a file?


I don’t know exactly how it is implemented, but if I had to guess, it is probably just metadata in the file. I know that when I print out the 2D drawings I make, it puts text in the bottom corner with something to the effect of “This was made with the educational version of Solidworks, Not for commercial use” or something like that. I expect something similar if you tried to open a file made on the educational version on the commercial version, there would be something similar on the screen. Not sure though, since I only have the educational version.


It's a very sticky watermark. If you open and save a file in educational, the watermark cannot be removed even if you open it in paid commercial version later.


I’ve not heard anything good about 3DEXPERIENCE, I really wanted to get it but after reading what other people have said, I decided not to.


I tried it and made a few things for around the house.

It's fine, but it's Invasive, and so cloud connected that I got really fed up with it.

I would pay them the same price for an offline only version.

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