A bird/squirrel feeder based on Bob's Burgers

Hopefully this doesn’t violate the no ads rule, as it is my model. But I’m pretty proud of it and wanted to share.

I designed a backyard feeder to look like the restaurant from Bob’s Burgers complete with a Burger of the Day special. It’s fully 3d printed (other than glue) and designed to be tough (it wasn’t until I uploaded the gcode that I realized it’s 1.2 kg worth of filament). So far the squirrels and jays are loving it.



This is really cool! Did you do anything to make it food-safe?

@Bishma@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

I didn’t. I planned to seal it (to at least mitigate micro-crazing / bacteria traps) but it turns out my spray sealant is potentially toxic. For dry seeds I’m mainly worried about mold, which is at least prone to making itself known. If I end up with mold (or rancid seeds) I’ll print a new seed tray and seal it with resin or similar.


This is so cool, thx for sharing!

@FatTony@lemmy.world avatar

Did you or the squirrel decide it’s also a squirrel feeder?

@Bishma@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

The squirrel, but not in the way you think.

It spent summer 2022 trying to find a way get to a window mounted bird feeder. It tried leaping from a window AC unit, coming down from a plant hanger on the eve, and shimmying across the window ledge with just its from paws. It was like a slapstick version of Mission Impossible. I decided it deserved a meal.

@kttnpunk@lemmy.world avatar

Props to you for feeding it. People who call them pests clearly haven’t tried to bond with any. Amazingly intelligent critters, I feel like they’re sorta like pigeons- they absolutely have a sentience and personalities. I used to feed one almonds all the time and it would even come right up to me and take 'em from my hand. Pretty sure that stopped them going for my tomatoes lol. They’ll eat garden snails too FYI


Great burger of the day name!

@Bishma@discuss.tchncs.de avatar


The other side of the board is The Squirrel You Know It’s True Burger

@BroBot9000@lemmy.world avatar

That is absolutely adorable!!

anonionfinelyminced avatar

“Bob, if you take your burgers from me, I will murder you and your mouthy wife.”


Please tell me you call that squirrel Teddy!

@Bishma@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

It’s been by every day since I put it out. It’s definitely Teddy.


Is there another that stops by a few episodes in a row, then conspicuously disappears for a while that we can call Mort?

@Bishma@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

There’s a Jay that seems perpetually frustrated by how much Teddy eats.


That sounds more like a Louise than a Mort.

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