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Oh I don't think you trust. In. My. Ability to overthrow small govts in order to enact policy changes that benefit the oligarchs of my home county

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I cry, when the middle east gets bombed by US Millitary drones


I don't think you trust



self righteous invasion of Iraq on fraudulent grounds of searching for WMDs that were never found

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Wikipedia has a good article on this. Basically authoritarian "ends justify the means" leftists. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tankie

Tankie is a pejorative label for communists, particularly Stalinists, who support the authoritarian tendencies of Marxism–Leninism or, more generally, authoritarian states associated with Marxism–Leninism in history. It is commonly used by libertarian socialists and left communists to criticize Leninists, although the term has seen increasing use by liberals and other non-leftists as well.

The term "tankie" was originally used by dissident Marxist–Leninists to describe members of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) who followed the party line of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU). Specifically, it was used to distinguish party members who spoke out in defense of the Soviet use of tanks to crush the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and the 1968 Prague Spring uprising, or who more broadly adhered to pro-Soviet positions.[5][6]

The term is also used to describe people who endorse, defend, or deny the crimes committed by communist leaders such as Vladimir Lenin,[7][8] Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, and Kim il-Sung. In modern times, the term is used across the political spectrum to describe those who have a bias in favor of authoritarian states with a leftist legacy, such as the People's Republic of China, the Syrian Arab Republic, and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Additionally, tankies have a tendency to support non-socialist states if they are opposed to the United States and the Western world in general, regardless of ideology.[4][9]

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Viva la revolution

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The PR bandana killed me

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Next video in queue: Dog poops continuously for five minutes

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there was no phone camera footage of 9/11 because there where no phone cameras until 2002


Why would you want a camera in your phone!!!


Ikr (I know right)?

-Sent from my 1996 Motorola Bag Phone

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Yessss I love raccoon memes

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The fact we can't even agree that sex and gender are two different things is the final proof to me that the Right is arguing in bad faith. It's such a simple concept to grasp.

One podcaster was suggesting we use male/female/intersex to refer to biological sex, and man/woman/etc. to refer to gender identity. Such an obvious and non-controversial idea, yet it'll never fly with the transphobes.


With whom are you arguing? Who is the right? Did the right say anything about gender and sex being a different thing? Why are you assuming that some kind of people thinks differently on that matter?

This has nothing to do with the right. If you want to argue with people, you should do so instead of posting and pretending that someone made a claim. I know it is something a lot of people do online but I think it doesn't really help making sens of things and it mostly serve the purpose to divide from each other by picturing some kind of boogeyman out of a group of people.

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Oh. I see.

So which party is it that's passed over 70 anti-trans bills in 15 states? Are you saying the left did that?

Or are you saying the right has seen the error of their ways and are reversing course?


In general, conservatives claim that sex and gender are the same thing. It's probably not true of all conservatives, but when most conservative pundits and influencers have made this claim at some point, it's fair to say that it is the view of the conservative movement. It's not a strawman, it's not made up, it's a claim regularly made by the conservative movement, and if you think "the right" means "all right-wingers" in this scenario, that's you're problem because noone else but you thought that.

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Same face I am making now watching this trainwreck from a safe distance.

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All this could have been solved if you’d simply invested more money in Bored Apes.

Bookmeat, in Screenshots Rule.

This is what tipped me over the edge to run Linux on the desktop full time. Bye bye, Microsoft!

EvilEyedPanda, in Screenshots Rule.

Is that legal?


I’ve been thinking about all of these major companies sending data by default and how this can’t be good for government contractors and the like.

I imagine accidentally (or someone who doesn’t know any better purposely) clicking an AI assist option and sending military or aerospace prints or medical records to an outside party. I know Adobe Reader has this built in now. How long before they’re processing classified documents?


There have already been issues with HIPPA violations due to pretty much all software being spyware now.


There’s a reason large parts of the government are still running Windows 10/Office 2016, with all the cloud features disabled. This shit is absolutely not secure enough to meet national security standards.


Some are even still running XP if it’s airgapped from the internet.


I will make it legal.

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Darth Stiffneckedppl could detect the clever movie references of others, but could not get other people to recognize his in turn.



Anything is legal when you force the customer to agree to it or not use your product. They can say whatever they want in the ToS because it’s 365 pages long and only attorneys can understand what is actually being said.

efstajas, (edited )

You can turn this feature off without any problems.


And based on their track record, they will just quietly turn it back on.

Microsoft is so far beyond the benefit of the doubt they couldn’t get back to it if they tried.


Are there actually any documented cases of them just enabling userland features after they’ve been disabled? The only thing I heard of before was registry edits / telemetry changes being undone. Not to say that that’s cool of course, but at least it’s not like it asks you for your privacy settings during startup and then undoes your choices. As far as I know, maybe I’m just out of the loop.

Generally though, what do you think would actually be Microsoft’s motivation to randomly re-enable this particular feature? Do you think that the claim that the data doesn’t leave the device is a lie?


Does it get much worse than telemetry settings being quietly enabled? It’s spyware at the best of times, much less when they get all sneaky about it. And I’ve definitely had them change privacy/telemetry options that I set on startup, multiple times.

I don’t necessarily think they’re stupid enough to come out with the full data harvesting machine on day one. They’ll release what they can get away with - in this case, taking screenshots and storing them locally - and they’ll boil the metaphorical frog from there. Maybe they offer more powerful AI by running it through their servers, and then they can start “accidentally” opting people into that “service”.

I’m not even necessarily saying there’s some grand scheme going on here, but nobody can possibly deny they have every incentive to push that boundary until it breaks, and they have consistently shown that they will pursue that incentive without any regard for user privacy whatsoever.

We know this because they have done it so many times before.


The feature as advertised would be legal, since they are claiming it’ll only be stored and processed locally.

ekZepp, (edited )
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Something tells me they’ll need to do some fix in the EU version and who knows how Cina will react. We’ll see.


The feature as advertised would be completely fine in the EU because none of the data leaves the device.

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You can disable it.

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It shouldn’t be enabled-by-default in the first place.


It won’t even be able to run on most current computers. They’re planning to sell “ai ready” badged devices that have special graphics chips for AI specifically.

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It’s not. It’s enabled during install.


It’s not. It asks during setup.


And Microsoft will eventually release an update that resets to the default enabled state.

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spujb, in Screenshots Rule.

at this point i believe that MS is using the FOSS/gaming enthusiast community as free marketing. perfect ragebait content to get people talking about their product and this entire platform is playing right into it.

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Quite a shitty marketing if i may say so.


no such thing as bad publicity, idunno my guy


I get the spirit of the saying, but sometimes there is. May not put an end to a business, but certainly there are consequences. Look at Tesla, Boeing.

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I mean, lots of people are staying on win10 because of the shit-wagon 11 already is. From the retro-compatibility issues to the idiotic Adds ecc. Now they’re literally saying that the whole OS will spy both on the “contents” and the “usage” of the users… Honestly either they overestimate their AI services or the think that most of people are just too stupid to realize the level of shit they are forcing on them.


or the think that most of people are just too stupid to realize the level of shit they are forcing on them.

Most people don’t care, many are too stupid, and those that aren’t are already on other platforms.


either they overestimate their AI services or the think that most of people are just too stupid to realize the level of shit they are forcing on them.

I don’t count it as stupidity so much as most people don’t keep up on this sort of stuff. It’ll be installed in their OS and they don’t know any better that all that data is being processed by M$.

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