“The government already knows everything you do”

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Set up a bot network that constantly feeds Google analytics bad data. Suddenly Google thinks everyone needs a work butt plug and a home one.


Ok but when do you start feeding google false data

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Thats the neat part, you don’t. After setting all these bots up do not use any google services and only browse using Tor.

Zozano, (edited )

So do I need to swap out my home buttplug for my work buttplug if I work from home?

If I work in an office, do I change at home, during commute, or once I arrive at the office?


Having no tracked data probably more suspicious so maybe the key is to have a boring profile using Google and also do stuff elsewhere.


this meme is speaking to my heart

people not caring about what happens with their data saddens me so much, frustrates me and makes me feel powerless

GregorTacTac, (edited )
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I got most of my relatives to use Signal, they say it looks nice. For me the biggest thing is privacy.

riwo, (edited )

i rember when i tried to convince my high school friends to install signal. not even stop using whatsapp, just install signal. most of them never did, despite my pleading.

the solution was for me to go to a different university once i finshed highschool, find new friends who were cooler and leave the group chat and uninstall whatsapp.

GregorTacTac, (edited )
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riwo, (edited )

you should use this for me instead pws

chad uwu

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Shall I edit my reply?

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What an honorable reply. Your willingness to accept difference is very nice

riwo, (edited )

wouod be cute :33 but pressure, i’m just being silly


I’m curious now, what did the original look like

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woagh thnaku :33




me fr


I don’t care. I’ve done all I am able to do. All my data that is being shared now is something I cannot prevent, something I don’t know about or something I am willing to pay the privacy for.

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