Excessive use of portable mini nukes?

Tourma, avatar

Splatting in public.


Talking to sheep while in a trotmobile?


I’ve been sacrificing villagers in order to summon pharaohs, which I then go on to kill to get mana collectors. I need 200 of said collectors for a token. (Enigmatica 6 Expert)


World of Tanks, seems legal enough honestly. Maybe destruction of property as I like to knock over trees for fun?

ICastFist, avatar

Depending on the country, that’d be a crime against the environment


Pickpocketing the same person 100,000 times.

ICastFist, avatar

That one Oblivion NPC where you can pickpocket infinitely if you paralyze him first?


Old School Runescape, but good guess 😂

GregorTacTac, avatar

Illegally chopping trees, killing animals, accidentally exploding 3 cats, exploiting caves for resources illegally, murder of a person (multiple times), carrying weapons


I am getting called a hero! Other than that orbital strike I called down on my entire squad….


Building code violations (Minecraft)

ReakDuck, (edited )

Wiring some logic gates?

GameTuring complete

I mean, a pupil got arrested once for building a clock from scratch.


Punching trees

Shelbyeileen, avatar

Adopting wild dinosaurs/Animal hoarding… Paleo Pines. It’s like the rated G version of ARK. I’ve got 45 super cute dinosaurs, but because this is a game, I’m rich enough to be able to give them wonderful lives!


Speeding (STK)


Spreading Managed Democracy, whether they want it or not!


I guess I’ll be arrested for trying to resist the Absolute.

Gaspar, avatar

May we both roll high.

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