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I wanna ruin some conservative femboy’s life by manhandling his dad in front of him


I wanna manhandle some conservatives’ life by ruining his femboy dad in front of him


Just tell me what to wear


Thanks, good one.

I’m always happy seeing memes that turn the tables and give the connies a dose of their own medicine. This is what we need! :)

detectivesniffles, avatar

finally a chance to reveal some of my more hidden qualities

JoMiran, avatar

I have a feeling that the number of “conservative dad’s” that would be into that shit is higher than OP expects.

JusticeForPorygon, avatar

That’s why we use Covenant Eyes ™, to protect from the hot gayness that absolutely leaps out of the internet at unsuspecting closeted gay conservatives


I like big buff women and I hate my dad so let’s make it happen

euphoric_cat, avatar

wait, that is suppose to be a buff woman handling the father’s son? omw to the gym brb 🤭

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