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Thank you. I am cured. I see now that dick was a mistake.

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she’s actually donated quite a bit to glaad and the tennessee equality project and campaigned against marsha blackburn, specifically highlighting her anti lgbtq record.…/taylor-swift-makes-generous-donation-…

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when the autism is speaking


This has Autism Speaks energy.


Who dat


Billionaire trash

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a cure for cishetdom?

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So are they secretly inventing a gay-ray?

Seems like something magats could believe.


There might be a declassified US project in this direction floating around somewhere...


Is there a tldr?

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  • Micromot,

    How are they saying that gates is tracking people, they just stated that gates wanted to keep the patent on the vaccines so more money could be made, they even included a source.

    I also don’t really get the whole discussion between you two as it would make sense for a big celebrity to pretend to support a community just because it brings in money. This doesn’t mean that all people supporting the lqbtq community are like this


    I’m checking OP’s profile and I’m not seeing racist troll indicators, just a cynic. That comment you linked doesn’t even talk about microchips, just Bill Gates fighting in defense of IP laws (which I agree is evil in this case).

    Given your overall tone, I can’t tell if you’re the troll or just have an oversensitive bullshit detector.


    He isn’t talking about Gates tracking people. He’s talking about keeping the vax under patent which is a pro vax not qanon position you dolt.

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    He (OP) quoted himself saying Gates is as evil as Musk. There you go, duncecap.


    Gates is plenty evil. His wife literally divorced him for hanging out with epstein too much. He leveraged his family connections at IBM to force Ms dos onto the early PC system and then spent 30 years waging a monopolistic war against open source and all competitors. But sure he laundered his name buying some mosquito nets.

    There is no such thing as a moral billionaire.

    Op was advocating for the vaccine to be released from patent so that more people could be vaxxed. Did you not understand that? What are you, 12?

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    laundered his name buying some mosquito nets.

    How do you say you parrot Fox News/Breitbart/etc without admitting it directly? You want to argue about moral billionaires and keep rage going about a topic unrelated to this post which was made explicitly to target hypersensitive folks like you. Mouse, meet mousetrap.



    You’re very confused. If you think complaining about billionaire capitalists is a right wing talking point you need to get your head checked.

    Original post is just making fun of gaylor conspiracy theories. You’re out of the loop kid.

    Ultragramps, avatar

    Look at how hard you have to try to sound confident, though? laughing your ass off? You tried to pretend Im defending Bill Gates rather than calling out boilerplate AM radio lead in talking points. You won’t believe you are a sucker, no matter how many times I point it out, but here you are yapping away like an angry puppy. You got caught on the rage bait hook OP put out and you are a fool in my eyes. Sad story, kiddo.


    What AM host criticized gates for patent protecting the vaccine? Why would a qanon person who is anti Vax want patent removed from the vaccine to make it more cheaply and widely available?

    arymandias, (edited )

    Well you got me there, my master plan revealed. And I would have gotten away with starting a giant rift and breaking the fabric of democracy itself if it wasn’t for Ultragramps (which I will assume is a combination of Uber Mensch and Racist Grandpa \s).

    But good use of Cunningham’s Law in action, so here we go. This is a parody on Taylors cynical use of gay iconography so she will be perceived as a Gay Icon™ allowing her to afford more flights on her private jet. I don’t know since when making lighthearted fun of Taylor Swift is racist trolling but sure. Also yes Ozymandias: the famous symbol of white power and racism \s.

    Edit: for anyone worrying about the Qanon allegations I would invite them to read the reverenced comment for themselves:

    Gates is just as evil as Musk, he is just better at it. Gates played a pivotal role in making sure the vaccine’s stayed under patent. Even when American farma didn’t have the capacity to produce enough and Indian factories had over capacity. The irony is that he did this using his position in the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, that tells you all you need to know about billionaire philanthropy.

    [edit] source:…/opinion-the-world-loses-under-bill-ga…

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  • Beelzebob,

    Pfft… Friends…


    You are fully aware I assume, that he shut your unhinged insane narcissistic allegations down. Which makes all your consequent babble all the more psychotic in nature. Not a great look for you to abuse these serious things as weapons in your personal shadowboxing tournament against strawmen. You’re illusory feud is over. You can stop embarrassing all people that care and yourself now


    Please elaborate how my response confirms any of your “casual observations”. I don’t even live in the US let alone in a rural area. And even if I did, I find it kind of distasteful to call people that live in economically deprived regions stupid, and on top of that insult them for the fact that they can’t afford dental. I am sorry that I hit a nerve by involving Taylor Swift in a meme but I see no need to casually insult the poor as a response.

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  • arymandias, (edited )

    Sure I’ll bite, I’m still very interested in how my response confirms any of your casual observations. But just to be clear, I genuinely find it distasteful to make fun of people with bad teeth, especially in a country without universal health care.

    Edit: And yes I think it is cynical to some extend, Taylor Swift is incredibly competent at marketing and nurturing her brand, and I personally suspect that she would drop the gay community in a second if she fears that it will hurt her brand. I might be wrong in this, but then again it’s just a silly meme.

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  • Annoyed_Crabby,

    Is she the one dating that basketball player?


    Sees video length, closes tab.

    Why do video essays need to be so long these days :(

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    It’s the anti-tiktokification.

    Nature is healing


    Is long form content nature?

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    Because I need something to listen to while working


    Because people partaking in the creation of this kind of videos, which is to say so called “video essays” do not posess the ability to syntethize their thoughts enough and need artificial padding to lenghten the video and thus give an allure of an thought-provoking essay.

    Also “video game essays” are overrated and will over interpret a single mechanic over an hour.

    Josh Strife Hayes manages to analyze several mechanics of a game, its context and 100% it in less than an hour.


    Or maybe, god forbid, there’s actually a lot to say on the subject

    But go off, this clearly touches a nerve for you


    There’s a lot to say, but most of them tend to pad a little on top of that. Not padding as in completely useless sentences (usually), rather, overly long sentences phrased to sound more profound.


    Naw, pretty sure video games are a very simple topic which can be discussed in a TikTok




    Thought it was obvious, but yes indeed /s

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