@EmperorHenry@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

SWTOR is awesome though…there’s just the self-identified “hard core gamers” that suck

@SoupACabra@lemmy.wtf avatar

only starting to get into minecraft now


My gta online bank account and financial portfolio

To my actual bank account and safemoon


I fail to see the issue


Exactly, why is that a … negative?

@LaunchesKayaks@lemmy.world avatar

Oblivion is my fave Elder Scrolls game

@BigBananaDealer@lemm.ee avatar

i tried getting into it but as a skybaby it is tough. either takes forever to kill an enemy or i breeze through everything

@LaunchesKayaks@lemmy.world avatar

I just like how goofy it is lmao

@BigBananaDealer@lemm.ee avatar

i like that too. its funny killing someone and having a million guards ponder what happened then immideately walking away

@KingThrillgore@lemmy.ml avatar

I started playing Project Zomboid this year. Its about a decade old but they’re still adding features.


And I’m just over here constructing additional pylons.

ShitOnABrick, (edited )
@ShitOnABrick@lemmy.world avatar

Project zomboid is a game released aprox 11 years ago and is still in early access does this count still waiting on the devs to release build 42

@samus12345@lemmy.world avatar

Why does it matter how old the game is?




That was almost 20 years ago. Damn I’m old.


I still play Harvest dawn every now and then to fall asleep



@cupcakezealot@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

me @ sims 2

also me @ kings quest 5


Haha how weird and quirky! A game from 2013? No one’s ever played those before! You must be so special and unique! But not as special and unique as me, playing games from the 80s! Oh wait. There’s nothing special and unique about any of this.

@boborhrongar@lemmy.world avatar

They probably posted it here specifically because they knew people would find it relatable, actually.

I think it was more about the getting goals done in a game instead of real life, and the 10 years was tacked on because some people do like to keep up on the newer games.


Let people enjoy things smh


But I AM! Enjoy things! Just don’t expect to be called special because you do.


??? Who is expecting that here exactly?


They’re presenting themselves as something “different” from other gamers… How is that not presenting yourself as unique and special? It gives “I’m not like other girls” energy.


Last I checked the meme is saying the accomplishments are less impressive than they may seem at first, and I’m not seeing “Im not as impressive as I first look” as being “special”.


“Im not as impressive as I first look”

It’s not impressive either way, so why are they bringing status into it whatsoever? Older games are not “less impressive” to play, and that mindset should not exist in the first place.


How does the game being old make the accomplisments less impressive though?


I’ll admit the age part isn’t really necessary on it, I was just explaining how I was seeing it, if I had made the meme it wouldn’t have been there.


My point exactly.

EncryptKeeper, (edited )

You’re the only one here interpreting this that way. Like I can’t tell if you’re an actual human or if you’re a bot powered by ChatGPT that didn’t correctly process the content of the image.


Sure, buddy. Nice try.


Oof. You made a conscious decision to be like this.


Encouraging people to be themselves and not determine their worth based on the age of the games they play? Yes. People are more than this. It’s sad as hell to put yourself down just because the game is old.

@boogetyboo@aussie.zone avatar

It’s a joke. I chuckled. I don’t think anyone is putting themselves down due to seeing it. The joke works even if you take out the age of the game.

You’ve come across aggressive and with the intent to put the poster down. So… That’s not very nice of you?


But I’m here saying that the age of the game doesn’t matter and that it doesn’t make them a loser like they imply

@boogetyboo@aussie.zone avatar

Where does it imply loser? It’s a light self deprecating joke. I recall making the same digs at myself because my Sims 3 character was doing really well and I felt like I was living vicariously through them. The age of the game is a fraction of the joke. Do you get this agitated when people joke in real life around you?


Not agitated, just think it’s sad for people to feel guilty about gaming

@uriel238@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

I am totally going to borrow this reply, though usually it’s not true; the choice to be cruel and bitter typically a subconscious need to lash out.


I find it curious to see people having this sort of insecurity (in some cases, some sort of aversion) with playing older games, while they don’t have it with other media, like books or music.


Exactly! You never see someone saying “haha, watching a 50 year old film, oh crazy me!” when watching Star Wars.

@uriel238@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

I was ten when it came out in the theaters. It was glorious.

I’m so fucking old.

DessertStorms avatar

I'm just catching up on here before I go back to my Sims 3 game.. 😂


This is me saving other civilians in This War of Mine since I can’t save anyone in a real war zone.

@HerbalGamer@sh.itjust.works avatar

idk loads of war zones going on, you could probably give it a shot.

@KingThrillgore@lemmy.ml avatar

Last person I saw try ended up going into a suspicious looking hole in the earth in his skivvies.


Steam sales, yo!

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