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The flag’s country’s name? Transoxiana. Map games nerds will know.

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Please send this to Gianni


I think Duke would end up ironically cool on the topic, sortof like Andrew Tate. Even that slimeball realizes he’s attracted to feminine energy and not X chromosomes.


Yeah, to Duke, I think a hot chick is a hot chick no matter what.


It’d be such a great situation for humor, too. I could see Duke being confused at some douchebro being upset at a hot trans chick. lol With good writing it wouldn’t even have to be painfully obvious, just Duke making a passing comment about how she looks groovy enough for his bed in response to a negative comment or something. There’s always a bar somewhere in those games (ok maybe not the old 2D ones), so it wouldn’t even be out of place.


Andrew Tate is ok with trans girls?

That seems… uncharacteristic.


Right?? For all of the utterly stupid things he says, he’s at least open on the trans issue. He has a very good angle for dealing with dumb cis men on the issue: Ask them what exactly they’re attracted to. It’s almost certainly not JUST the punani… I think he went on to describe some females he wouldn’t bang to demonstrate it’s not all about what sex they are. lol A good continuation of Ron White’s, “well you have a dick preference for porn, right?”.

Then better, he admitted trans females have the female juju, which… is like 90% of the point to a lot of trans people: Their personality is aligned with the other gender, or just pointing in a very different direction in general (though often people ‘randomly’ aligned don’t necessarily land on trans).


Let’s get Gianni Matragrano to voiceover it


I’d agree, but I think Gianni Dukie knows what he likes already.


Transgender flag. You’re welcome

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Not only cute girls, cute boys too!

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I’m here to kick gum and chew ass, and I’m all out of ass

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