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I make them I swear




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Most of my memes are either from r/196, #196 on tumblr or !196, so I have almost nothing to post.


I don’t… I endure them on these platforms while looking for decent content.


I steal my memes from #puppygirl tumblr and from the discord of a leftie youtuber I’m a fan of. And I get a few sent to me by discord friends.


I enjoy making my own versions of memes when I have time. I like getting to work with a photo editor tools. I usually find a relevant google image to start with and then edit it from there.

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other communities, friends dms, discord!


I steal almost all of them from a discord server

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I make them myself. Not very often, though

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I steal them. I stole all of my memes. I stole them from reddit, i stole them from discord, i steal memes from here. The only oc memes i have involve self hate (very icky).


Self hate be like that. Insidious


Theft is the finest form of creation

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The only oc memes i have involve self hate (very icky).

Oh I live for those because they speak to me and my self hate.

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Recognize the value you bring to the table. You arent a nobody, you arent unfunny, you arent annoying and you definetly arent a nuisance to anyone around you. I did things that i regret, ive distanced myself from most of my friends thinking i was just deadweight. This all stopped when those friends called me on a saturday night asking if i wanted to play games. Only then did i realize it was all in my head and i mattered to someone outside my relatives.

dingus, (edited )
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I stopped talking to my friends because they all started seeming really annoyed hearing about my struggles with cancer. I know they’re going through their own problems as well, but it certainly made me feel like I was just a burden on them. I suppose I was right, because it’s been over six months and no one has reached out, including my oldest friend who just never responded to me when I told them I had cancer.

I am dead weight, but that’s because of a sick fucking economic system that doesn’t care if I live or die.

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Oh damm i am so sorry for you. Also what a dick move to abbandon someone who has cancer.

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I abandoned them, so whatever. I do appreciate the kind words but I don’t blame them.


I blame them, life isn’t only about financial gain and I put a higher value on the magic a friend and I can share.


I know that, I don’t feel that

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Aren’t we supposed to make our own?

That’s what I keep doing even though most of them fail to gain traction.


You are doing gods work beautiful human.

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Thanks, if I don’t shit out pointless content into the ether, who will?


I get them from here! …which then means I have nothing to contribute


Same lol

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