‼️❌ AVOID THE SJW inc. (196cord) DISCORD SERVER AT ALL COST ❌ ‼️(more information in the description)

I made this post on tumblr but I believe it’s important enough that I should post it here.

While the server itself seems to be opposed to pedophilia, it also seems to have a lot of them on it and mods aren’t doing anything about it.

For example, there has recently been a discussion on the suggestions channel where a person suggested adding a rule that would be against pedos. During it another person mentioned that this way they’ll ban 60% of the server.

Needless to say the conversation got nuked by the moderators and the rule wasn’t added.

There was also a person on the mod team who groomed minors but they seem to be gone now.

Another thing is that I encountered many people who showed red flags and/or had accusations against them that were still on the server.

Besides that there appearantly used to be a mod who was a pedo but according to mods that wasn’t very clear. They say the accuser was a transphobe but idk if that’s true or not. They don’t want to contact police or even discord on the topic. They tend to ban any conversation on the topic from the server, including people who mention it.

Just in general, don’t go there. Stick to Tumblr, raddle etc.


It sounds like you are eating up transphobic propaganda that trans people are pedos. I understand that they want to keep that kind of rhetoric off their comunity. I would probably think that 60% of the people on that server are trans, but pedos? No.

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It sounds like you are eating up transphobic propaganda that trans people are pedos.

Sounds like you are completely deluded and gaslighting. Quite common in warped sense of reality. 🙂 OP said nothing of the sort, you're twisting the narrative.


No, I’m not. The person who posted the thing about 60% of the server being pedos is trans themselves. And I’m also not transphobic, if that’s what you wanted to know. I fully support everyone in the LGBT+ community and honestly anyone who tries to exclude a part of it is automatically cringe imo. And even If I were, I wouldn’t be browsing and trying to keep up with the 196 alts.

And I’m not saying everyone on the discord is a pedo, that would be stupid and just not true. There are many people who are against pedos there, including many trans people. Heck, I even saw a person who was trans that actively pointed out some other users bullshit (the user in question basically saying that 16 yo should be able to consent and that it’s legal in his country. He even appearantly did the thing with one himself. He’s in his 20s btw). The problem is that I saw with my own eyes a lot of that very concerning behaviour and actual examples of what I’m talking about. That’s also why I want to advise people from the community to not browse that discord and stick to other alternatives, especially since the mod teams seem to be much more trustworthy there.

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Could you post more? Like a screenshot of that conversation you talked about? Or any more evidence towards it? If not, I would suggest gathering that information.

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My conversation with the head mod on the topic of ex mod before I got banned from the server. I’ll blur out the name if you think I should because I don’t know if posting dms is appropriate but at the same time I want to show that the thing did happen. I’m sending photos because sending links to conversations doesn’t work with dms.

They also still didn’t say anything public and like I said, try to delete mentions of the topic.

Idontknow99, (edited )


Screenshots of the person who argued 16 is ok for age of consent


The thing where he said that 16 is legal in his country was in a different message. I don’t know if I’ll be able to find it now.


link to the conversation



Link to a discourse about a person who was accused of being a pedo. One person said they’re plat max while they themselves said that they explained the situation and apologized on twitter. I don’t have access to their twitter so I don’t know how the responce looks like.


There’s… not really any braindead take on there? Sure, 16 and 20 is a bit creepy but it’s not pedophilia, but closer to a possibly abusive relationship. And a sexual relationship between a 16 and 18 year old is unusual at worst tbh. And arguing for the age of consent to be 16 years is most certainly not pedophilia.

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So wait all of this is based on your expectation that trans people should report every instance of harassment and abuse to the very transphobic police? And the failure to do so indicates that the initial troll was right? That’s… a lot.

Why are people eating this up again? Definitely not because of right wing conspiracies getting advanced.

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So your dog water claim that "(all) police are transphobic and therefore trans people should be exempt from repercussions like any normal person would be who is guilty of wrongdoing" Is less absurd than what OP is saying happened??? Holy hell you are so delusional that I can't

Not everything is, "right pweopull bad" ffs

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Fuck off


The comment you responded to makes no claim that all police are transphobic, nor that trans people should be exempt from repercussion. They’re saying that it is unreasonable to expect someone to purposely place themselves in danger to protect others.


I’m queer too but I still reported the topic to the police. While the police can be pretty anti LGBT+, the institution still is forced to act when a crime is reported. A trans person will not be put in danger just because they reported something to the police, that’s not how police brutality works. Now, if they were on the streets alone and some cops that happened to be transphobic were near by, then there is absolutely the risk of being attacked, which is just fucked up. But reporting things isn’t putting yourself in danger. They probably know you’re trans either way due to documents a person uses. As for the doxxing, the police is there to act when someone threatens you. That’s their job. Letting someone send you threats will only make the situation worse. If they don’t act, you can pursue legal action. I could see there being a problem if it was one person but they have a whole team of mods that can support them.

I’m sorry but if you are taking on being a mod, you should be aware of the fact that situations like these will happen. It’s inevitable, people are just pieces of shit sometimes. But it’s your job to counter act it. If you’re not mentally healthy enough, then don’t moderate online spaces. You think why I avoid moderating like a plague?


I mean, shouldn’t all instances of pedophilia be reported to the police? And I don’t even know if they’re a troll or not. That’s what I heard from the headmod, no one else on the mod team wanted to anwser me. And how do I even know if they’re a troll or not? And the person that she mentions didn’t seem like a troll. They brought attention to the situation but were polite and took down the post when the headmod asked them to.

And I already said that I support trans people. I ignore any form of propaganda spewed by fascist and the far right. I’m queer myself. Why would I go against trans people? I never said transexuality means you’re a pedo. I didn’t even say the ex mod was trans, since I don’t know them. I don’t understand your last two sentences.

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Would you be able to report it?

Idontknow99, (edited )

I already did. I even had a phone call with the police if I’m doing the reporting correctly. Due to exposing my profiles and places I go to to them, I already showed I’m queer and I support every group of LGBT+. I was scared as fuck when I did all that but the fear of someone being hurt by a pedo outweight that other fear.

Honestly I still have shivers and I’m still scared of what the police thinks of me. But I didn’t want to risk it.

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You don’t mention pedophilia in your screenshots and at this point I’d be a fool to believe a word you say

Idontknow99, (edited )

Well then can you at least see my links I sent recently? A person there says that the second 196 cord is like this one but with more pedos.

And there is literally a mention of one of the ex mods having accusations of being a pedo, not to mention a person supporting the age of consent from 16 yo, not to mention accusations of a user being a pedo. How did I not mention pedophilia? Did you click on the links?

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Wow someone from a country where sixteen is the legal age of consent thinks that’s okay so there’s gotta be rampant pedophilia? Accusations are not proof and you have none. At best you have started a witch hunt. Delete this.


So wait all of this is based on your expectation that trans people should report every instance of harassment and abuse to the very transphobic police?

Yes, you should report pedophiles to johnny law. ACAB blah blah blah whatever, just do it anyway, punishing sexual predators is one of the only useful services police still occasionally provide.




Yeah, I’ll try to do that as soon as I can. I can’t share the 60% conversation since it got nuked but I think I have some of the other messages screenshoted and I have links. Can I add it in comments or do I have to make a separate post for that?

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Locking this



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  • ShittyKopper,

    just be cool like me and get phone-number-walled off discord so you can’t even join even if you wanted to 😎

    1. Join a Discord server
    2. It’s full of pedophiles

    And you’re surprised…?


    this is truth. Discord is a gathering place for these people. The fact that the sub has a lot of trans people isn’t related

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    Just in case, there’s an 196 matrix space (unofficial and very empty atm) at matrix.to/#/#196:matrix.org


    I just joined, thanks for sharing the new space. Doesn’t look like it allows new users to send any messages.


    Nvm my matrix client bugged out.

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