Fizz, avatar

Its ok. I’m sure a lot of people appreciate the stream of content this community is providing.

LollerCorleone avatar

I really appreciate y'all. One of my favourite communities in the threadiverse.

livus avatar

We do appreciate it.

mihnt avatar

It's like pg-13 4chan almost.

atocci avatar

I do, I was so glad the subreddit moderators started directing people here. It became one of the fastest growing communities in the earliest days.

Lianrepl avatar

I have to admit, without this community i probably would have given up on this fediverse when i first moved from reddit few weeks ago.

Also on another note, it's very hard to shake off some habits from reddit. I had to really force myself to not wipe out this comment because that's what I'm used to. And i almost wrote about sub instead of community lol

Fizz, avatar

Thank you for your comment. Every one helps to make this place feel more alive and engaging.


i sure do


Screw the haters, I’m proud to be cringe with you guys!!

InLikeClint avatar

If ya can't stand the heat, get out of the goddamn oven!


this comment made me snort.


ok. I really like this place. but what IS the deal with "rule". I kinda need to know.

GreenPlasticSushiGrass avatar

Look under the trippy picture on the right.

Be sure to follow the rule before you head out.
Rule: You must post before you leave.


I think I get it!

also what's a tankie?


I guess it’s to make people look at the sidebar and realize they got fooled

princessofcute avatar

I mean I'd prefer more trans memes showing up on my home page but I don't mind the stuff here, there is definitely some funny stuff that pops up


Lmao, these idiots will hate everyone and everything for no reason until the day they die

moss, (edited )

We are in dire need of /c/JustUnSubbed




Rule rules

Roundcat avatar

Not the worst community to have flooded on my Frontpage. Beats having all the German posts in the evening, or the people who can't stop talking about reddit mid day.

The issue has more to do with the fact of how the front page works, how disproportionately fed communities are growing, and how unintuitive the default settings are for most users on lemmy and kbin. You can get these sites to function like reddit, but it takes quite a bit of tinkering, and most users are not going to understand what is happening, and complain instead.


Anybody who unironically calls stuff cringe is at least halfway to throwing up a sieg heil


Most of the good content I see on Lenny is from here.

Korne127, avatar

This makes me sad and mad :(

Why would they do this. They are too blind to see.


ok i dont care tho

Discoslugs, avatar

OH No!


Discoslugs, avatar

OH No!


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