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this is so fucking funny, let me grab my popcorn as i watch all the corporate social media sites shit themselves


This website sure looks like it's fit to become the X everything app...

@Gormadt@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

The comedy writes itself

Holy crap that’s funny as hell


I’m not tech expert in fact I’m quite dumb when it comes to tech.


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When the cringy rich dingus tells you to code something that is impossible to do with the current infrastructure and the timeframe but instead of explaining because you know he’ll have a temper tantrum, you just do the best you can knowing it won’t work but are already looking for other jobs so you don’t actually care that much.


This is going to achieve Elon's goal but not for the reasons he thinks. It's going to continue making the site not worth scraping, no matter what the limits are. Rofl.

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Real talk, at this point it really just seems like a conscious effort at destroying the platform. Musk is definitely a fucking idiot, but there's no way even someone as unintelligent as he is would think this is a remotely "good" way to run a social media website.

I'm convinced now his goal was always to just destroy Twitter.

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Honestly, I'm not convinced. I think he's just really that dumb. I showed it to someone else who works in IT and their reaction was that it sounded like a lot of management they've worked with: people who have no idea under god how anything works and refuse to listen to why their idea is functionally terrible. Even if you swear up and down it will ruin the entire product, they want it done now, because they want it.

That seems perfectly in line with the kind of moron I've heard he is.

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Yeah, he’s a stupid rich kid who thinks he knows everything. It’s the most obvious answer


Image Transcription: Twitter Post

Elon Musk, @elonmusk

To address extreme levels of data scrapting & system manipulation, we’ve applied the following temporary limits:

  • Verified accounts are limited to reading 6000 posts/day

  • Unverified accounts to 600 posts/day

  • New unverified accounts to 300/day

This is a transcription template from r/TranscribersOfReddit, which is currently making their templates accessible outside of Reddit. I will update this post with a link to our templates once we have it all sorted. For now, you can access them through Reddit here! www.reddit.com/r/…/guidelines/

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Good human


He’s trying to squeeze Twitter addicts


Gah, all you people in here are gonna have me jumping into mastodon before long…

This federated thing is pretty dang cool.


And why the hell would you subscribe to a stupid billionaires Twitter and pay him even More money?


I wonder if Reddit is going to do this next…

I can see them making people log in to see the posts.

I can see Reddit limiting upvotes per day. Only 300 but “unlimited” with Reddit premium, etc

Reddit just loves going full Twitter


Premium gets you a super upvote worth 10 regular votes


Please God don’t give them ideas

@ElectroLisa@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

They already do that for NSFW posts, and they’re inconsistent about it. Sometimes you just have to click "I’m over 18”, but mostly it asks you to log in


I think it’s an old reddit vs new reddit thing, since I’ve always been able to skip past login on old reddit but never on new reddit

Stay tuned for when spez decides to delete that too


He didn’t actually say that, did he? That would be really stupid, even for him.


he did


He’s crazy


You are really underestimating his stupidity.

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Oops I destroyed one of the most media integrated forms of free speech. Dang what a mistake on my part.


Can someone explain what is up with the constant "rule" thing in titles with people on this instance?


This is off topic for this post but the community 196 has a rule that if you visit it you must post. Thus the posts with the title "rule".

Nepenthe avatar

It's because it's an r/196 reboot.

r/196 used to be a subreddit with only one rule: that if you visited the subreddit, you had to post something before you left. Didn't matter what it was, but it's why their reiterations in the fediverse seem to much more active than anywhere else.

Whether adding "rule" to the title was a part of it, idk, but I think that part's just a meme habit

@norgur@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

Okay, I might not have gotten the lingo yet: I see so many posts about “Rule” and I don’t get it. Can someone ELI5?

mustardman, (edited )

The old subreddit had one rule: you had to make a post before leaving. People started just saying “rule” in the title as a joke about begrudgingly complying with the rule.


Duuuuuude thank you. I was kinda close going on context but it makes sense now!


Trust me, it took weeks/months of trying to get the context then as well lmao.

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Twitter is no longer free. Lol seems like a bad idea.


Managed to use up my limit in about 1 hour

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This will just kill the big accounts that generate a majority of the engagement

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