It is not clear where Israel plans on evacuating the Palestinian citizens, as most can’t return to the northern region due to widespread destruction.

They also more than likely cannot move into Egypt without violating a four-decade peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.

The border between Gaza and Egypt is already a humanitarian aid entry point.

The plan has been met with criticism, including from the US, as Israel has intentions of moving ground forces into the city.

I am sure it will be fine. IDF has shown that they go to great lengths to protect innocent palestinians.

For real, it has some "sell their flooded houses to aquaman" vibes. Evacuate where? There is nowhere to evacuate. It would have been funny, if it wasnt so tragic.


What if he is a time traveller? Both Mitterrand and Kohl ruled in the 90s. Maybe he was supposed to travel to the 90s to save the future. But his time machine malfunctioned and arrived in the 2020s.

Video shows apparently unarmed Palestinian with hands up shot dead in Gaza (www.pbs.org)

The war in Gaza has killed more than 25,000 Palestinians, according to the Gaza health ministry. Our colleagues at Independent Television News sent evidence of one more death, an apparently unarmed man walking with a group of men under a white flag with their hands up. Their crew in Gaza documented the killing and John Irvine...

Victory! Ring Announces It Will No Longer Facilitate Police Requests for Footage from Users (www.eff.org)

This is a victory in a long fight, not just against blanket police surveillance, but also against a culture in which private, for-profit companies build special tools to allow law enforcement to more easily access companies’ users and their data—all of which ultimately undermine their customers’ trust.

Ecuador president says country is at war as gangs hold prison staff hostage (www.reuters.com)

Ecuador President Daniel Noboa said on Wednesday that his country was "at war" with drug gangs who are holding more than 130 prison guards and other staff hostage and who briefly captured a TV station live on air and set off explosions in a surge of violence that has left city streets deserted.


Remember that a salient can be easily cut off and surrounded, especially one as deep as this one. Their supply lines are stretched and vulnerable.

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