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Russia's ruling party backs Putin's bid ahead of March election • FRANCE 24 English (youtu.be)

Delegates from Russia’s ruling party unanimously backed President Vladimir Putin ’s bid for re-election at a party conference in Moscow on Sunday, state agencies reported, just a day after the Kremlin leader’s supporters formally nominated him to run in the 2024 presidential election as an independent. Meanwhile Putin...

'Historic': EU chose to be 'geopolitical actor' in granting Ukraine membership talks • FRANCE 24 (youtu.be)

European Union leaders made a historic decision on Thursday to open membership talks with Ukraine, bypassing objections from Hungary to give Kyiv a major. political boost as its war against Russia's invasion grinds on. Although membership would likely be many years away, the decision at a summit in Brussels takes Ukraine a step...

SFWA Comments on AI to US Copyright Office - SFWA (www.sfwa.org)

On October 30, the SFWA Board and the SFWA Legal Affairs Committee sent the following letter to the US Copyright Office in response to their August 2023 Notice of Inquiry regarding copyright law and policy issues in artificial intelligence, which is part of their AI Initiative.

Russian missile attack hits Kyiv as Ukraine pleads for more funding • FRANCE 24 English (youtu.be)

Ukraine’s capital came under another ballistic missile attack early Wednesday, injuring at least 53 people on the ground, including six children, and damaging buildings, officials said. Ukraine’s air force said Russia launched 10 ballistic missiles toward the capital and all were intercepted by air defences. The attack was...

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