wave_walnut, to science in Scientist, after decades of study, concludes: We don't have free will
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That is because we want to be free.

wave_walnut, to news in Israeli bestselling author Etgar Keret: "Hamas is not the Palestinian people, and Netanyahu is not Israel."
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Must we pretend that the multinationals killed by Hamas last week are already over? Must we also pretend that it is over for those who were killed by the Israeli army before that? It is easy to say it is over on words, but not so with the human heart.

wave_walnut, to worldnews in Asian Games: China censors 'Tiananmen' image of athletes hugging
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x64 CPU architecture as well

wave_walnut, to kbinMeta in What do you think about upvoting/boosting your own post?
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Depending on the purpose of the posting. If you are posting as a sales activity, it is better to cast your own vote. If you are posting as a social experiment, the quality of the data will be higher if you leave the voting to others.

wave_walnut, to gaming in Report: Unity considering revenue-based fee caps, self-reported install numbers
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This price change would be not for gaming industry gains, but for the capitalist's private appetite. Unity engine would be added unneccesary features for it.

wave_walnut, to gaming in Unity Has Apologized For Its Install Fee Policy and Says It 'Will Be Making Changes' to It - IGN
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I am wondering if they will silently reinstate the changed TOS repositories.

wave_walnut, to tech in Samsung has a crazy idea for AI that might just work: add a processor inside RAM
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Needs RAM radiator with big fan

wave_walnut, to games in Unity Claims PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Will Pay Its New Runtime Fee On Behalf Of Devs
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I think they would do Hostile Takeover to Unity

wave_walnut, to gaming in Cult of the Lamb Developer Threatens to Delete Game on Jan 1 Amid Unity Backlash - IGN
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"trust me bro"

wave_walnut, to games in Why Unity's New Install Fees Are Spurring Massive Backlash Among Game Developers - IGN
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I'm interested in Flax game engine.

wave_walnut, to gaming in 10 Years of Space Engineers
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Yeah I've also spent thousands of hours and still enjoy it.

wave_walnut, to gaming in Starfield's planets are an illusion: you can't land on them
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Space Engineers has a planet, where you can burn fuel and fly for hours from Earth and land to. However, there is no story there. Choose the game that is more interesting to you.

wave_walnut, to worldnews in German museum in racism row over partial ban of white people
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They unconsciously discriminate against people with diverse racial roots but white skin, but when will they realize this?

wave_walnut, to tech in Former Twitter company 'X' wants permission to start collecting your biometric data and employment history
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How do they verify their people's profiles are correct or not?

wave_walnut, to tech in Understanding Immortal Objects in Python 3.12: A Deep Dive into Python Internals
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sounds very strong

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