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Wander, (edited ) to Furry
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What's a current or past furry crush you have from an animated movie, show, book, game, etc. ?

I'll go first.
I first discovered Klonoa in a demo disc for the PS2. I was way younger back then, of course and even though I wasn't able to afford the game I fell for the character.

Fan art of Klonoa was probably one of the reasons I discovered the furry fandom.

cc: @chat
(art by Souno: https://twitter.com/DF_img/status/1491739205751681025)

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Why not watch Helluva Boss? It's free to watch on YouTube and has awesome animations:
Here's the playlist.

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Thanks for the reply, I tried asking there but any CSS I put in the box seems to just be ignored :( Did you manage to get it working? I only managed to change the background, but trying to change vote colors didn't work.

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Oh brilliant, you're absolutely right, I just didn't realize that it only affected the activated button's color. Good to know! Do you know if you can change the icon from an arrow to something else too?

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Hmm, good point. I'm sure that will come with time as people inevitably abuse the openness of the custom CSS and JS.

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To be sure Reddit admins don't block this sub

I think they'll have a hard time doing that here, I wouldn't worry about it.

Liome, to kbinMeta
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How does reputation work here exactly?
I've got -1 currently, and don't really know why.
Is it broken?

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@Liome reduces contribute -1 while boosts contribute +1. It should be favorites contributing +1 and that's been reported on the issue tracker already. It seems to be leftover behavior from an old layout.

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I've set one up on here too. A site just doesn't fill that void for me without it!

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Is there a way to implement the vote button colors in the custom CSS and JS inputs in the appearance section of the Magazine Panel?

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I have this in the custom CSS:

#middle { background: url(https://karab.in/build/images/shape2.png); height: 100%; }

.vote .active.vote__up button  {
  color: #ff8f65;

.vote .active.vote__down button  {
  color: #9494ff;

But only the background works. Is that how you intended or should it be in a or something? The votes are just both still white. Does the site theme override it?

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Thanks, though unfortunately that didn't help either as far as I can tell. Appreciate it anyway

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Ahhhhh that would explain it. Excited to go ham once it's possible

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