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Should I reinstall linux mint (error during installation)

I recently dual booted linux mint on my laptop, and I came across the infinite squashfs error (an infinite amount of “SQUASHFS error: Unable to read page” and "SQUASHFS error: Unable to read data counting up, I think because I took out the usb and pressed enter too quickly) I couldn’t do anything, so I shut down and...

Anyone remember this one video of a guy designing a new command line shell?

I think I remember seeing it on this community. It was a darkly colored video. It was mostly focused on UX design, and the guy was talking about pretty innovative features with auto completion suggestions and undoing and things like that. Does anyone remember it or have a link? My search was fruitless.

Would it be possible to install Linux on this HP Chromebook Plus?

This is the laptop in question. It has an x86 processor so basically any distro should work on it. However, it is still a Chromebook which likely means Google fuckery in the BIOS. But it’s great value for the money (can get it $300 off at Costco) and if I can plop Linux on to it then I’d love it.

Is there any way to turn my Linux machine into a docking station?

The thing is like this: I have a windows laptop I use for work, and a Linux desktop machine. I have a single screen keyboard etc. and I switch between the two using a docking station. But, I wonder if there is a way for me to “cut the middle man” and just plug/unplug my linux machine....

[Solved] Swaync volume slider not showing when using all:unset

I always use all:unset in my css files and I did the same when configuring the swaync notification but somehow when using it inside global selector *{} it doesn’t show the volumeslider which is shows in a notification, related pictures will be attached. I wanna use all:unset and so I want to know how to re-enable volumeslider...

These past two weeks in KDE: massive stability work for Plasma 6.1 (pointieststick.com)

Sorry for the interruption last week; I was on vacation. While I was vacating, my colleagues were in full-on fix-everything mode in preparation for the upcoming Plasma 6.1 release in a little over a week. And what a release it promises to be! I think this is going to be a good one, folks. Lots of great features, improved...

1 day left on Kickstarter for Michael Lucas’s next book: Run Your Own Mail Server (www.kickstarter.com)

Michael Lucas has a long history of writing books about BSD and networking including Absolute FreeBSD, Networking for Systems Administrators, and SSH Mastery, among many others. He is working on his next book: Run Your Own Mail Server: A Book for Independence & Privacy....

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