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Lurky. Opinionated. Probably a cryptid.

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Not quite 10, but something around that. Popped up on place to contribute pixels to the guillotine and such, but haven't been back.
Use RSS to keep up with nosleep which is the only thing I really enjoyed very much.

Kbin/fedi really wasn't that hard to adjust to, in the end.

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The Future of Reddit after the Blackout

As an effect of the recent Reddit blackout, the company is now surrounded by disappointed investors and community. I predict that Reddit may end up facing the same fate as Tumblr: being sold to another company. Only time will tell what the future holds for Reddit, but one thing is for sure - the protest will leave a lasting...

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I'll be real, while I'll miss a lot of the content if it all dies, I'm already liking the UI choices of this place better.

The speeds a bit iffy but thats fediverse element I imagine.

Definitely want pissbag steve to be forced to resign.

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