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Surreal multimedia artist who draws with minerals in various states of distress. Here to fictionally drown in uchronia, voidpunk, ♤ and transhumanism. They/them.

Please feel free to correct any language I attempt to speak in. Feel free to critique any of my work posted

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Its a horrid self fulfilled prophecy. No one wants to move because its small. Thus, it stays small. Sadly a lot of the migrations died because 1) a lot of people are not familiar with trying new tools and if they can't immediately grasp they will drop it and 2) no federation was ready for the original surge and thus all of them crashed a lot.

Funny enough, I am largely a lurker on most platforms! Sometimes the size of the community doesn't stop me from chatting because my special interest overrides the anxieties. I talked a lot on r/fanfiction!

As for how to appeal I really do not know. One of my favourite subreddits got sadly weird when reddit was removing mod and handicap assailable tools. They insisted they couldn't move because they would loose their culture, their community. As if what makes the community isn't the people, but the site itself. (Not to say how a site is structured can't be vital in how a community interacts with each other, because it super does!) But aside from reddit's size, it doesn't have anything that other federations don't have either.

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Oh hey, there's a multifandom friending meme here:

#Dreamwidth #Fandom

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@geraineon thank you for sharing!

As We Reach the End of April 2024

Finished that shipping week event with 2 late pieces but getting 5/7 prompts (with 2 of them being written onehots) is honestly way more than I expected of myself. Especially since my usual pace of finishing a 1k word oneshot is 3 months. This likely means said texts are a big mess but maybe people will be distracted enough by...

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I'll say you needed the break. You've been dreading that chapter for a long time before it became the next chapter to post.

If I ever get a comment on an older piece it usually is because I've posted something else recently in a more active fandom. Despite seeing the easy logic it happens so rarely it still catches one off guard when it finally happens. Lovely to hear it happening to you!

The part of season 2 was such an upgrade jump from season 1 I'm trying very hard not to have higher expectations for the next set!

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I realize this may seem obvious but from what I’ve seen on lives, some people have difficulty with this, and I’m trying not to be a jerk about it, so:

It’s okay to be sad that two artists whom you are used to collaborating together, stopped. It’s okay to have an emotional reaction when your faves break up.

From idols groups, to acting ships, to a world famous dancing duo who were openly a couple, quietly breaking up, personally and professionally.

It’s okay to feel.

That part is ok


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@glitchontwitch No idea what fandom this is for but have certain been through this in fandoms in the past. Hope whichever ones you are in find calm soon.

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@glitchontwitch Yep. This is something that will forever cycle in fandoms. There will always be new and/or young fans who need to be taught how to respectfully consume material and what is ok to approach creators with.

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Ooooh. Yeah I have one last post for that pairing week too. As in, I'm just doing one more, not that I've nearly completed the prompts. 4 out of 7 is a passing grade right? Sour I couldn't pull myself for a sickfic. Always a sucker for that classic.

Best wishes to helping your brain navigate that duel! Can't remember if I've mentioned before, but would it help to find real life duelists playing with similar sets?

Domaystic! Got inspired by a certain WIP and wanted to draw the Driving oneshot but fuck fuck fuck getting any visual reference of someone driving that isn't just a damn profile is hideous. I could turn off visual safety and find some porn angle shots but my sex-postive part of my aroaceness falls apart as soon as reality gets involved. Ugh.

Would you teach your kids how to pirate?

My gf and I have had discussions about teaching morals to kids. In that vein, I asked myself, would I teach piracy to my kids? Yes, it’s technically illegal and carries inherent risks. But so does teenage sex carry the risks of teenage pregnancy, and so we have an obligation to children to teach them how to practice safe sex....

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I won't have kids. I absolutely have taught other people's kids though.

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Started somewhere in March and I know it ends when April does. I cannot find the original post that mentions it on here for some reason. And further frustrating because I feel it has to also be a dreamwidth post but I also can't find that.

Yeah. The actual card game lol. Perhaps has anyone tried replaying that duel with the real cards that you can reference? I remember there was a video some time ago where a few duelist played out Sugoroku's deck against Seto's to find out in delight that because Sugoroku's deck is literally full of "pathetic cards" it makes Seto's virus strat completely useless lol.

Do you have a link for the Domaystic prompts? It would be nice to see if any of them will play with me.

listen. for some reason i desire more surrealist bullshit ok

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Ah, also forgot to add that I finally started expanding my dreamwidth blog! Don't quite understand the limits of posting images but hosting on another spot like tumblr is no big deal.

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So I completely misremembered and the challenge is a tumblr post.

I know my big issue if I was writing would be the rng aspect of the game, thus the idea of referencing an actual play. I have no idea how much the change of proper rules have completely destroyed the ability for you to echo the original duel, let alone a replication(?) duel. I hope you'll allow yourself forgiveness of a possibly sloppy card play as the more you get through this arc it will only get better (in the meantime, regardless of the card play quality, you have the rest that reads out so well!).

Thank you!

Longer fic recommendations for road trip

I’m going on a road trip, and I’m interested in fic recommendations. I had a fic in mind to read during the trip, but as I’ve been reading it, it’s become a bit darker than I thought it would be. I may still read it some; it is well-written, but I want to have some backups in case it gets too much and I want to distract...

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Well damn my original comment got eaten. The only recommendation I have is a Sonic fancomic: The Heart of a Monster. It's a rewrite of Unleashed. Taking place 10 months after Shadow's game and will apparently explore the timeline reset from 2006. Not sure how fast a comic reader you are but there are 300 pages of story thus far!

Good luck on your trip!

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I'm in the liminal space of what could be considered a fan of Sonic. Largely know it because it means a lot to friends and have deeply enjoyed what the fandom itself has made more than the original work itself. So there is a good lot here I know I'm not getting but am enjoying the ride.

Oh goodness, I haven't a clue on how to easily take images from a site like that. You could check to see where else the comic might be hosted? Perhaps there is an easier place to grab it?

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Oh I hope that means you found your drawing tablet! (or was it your pen you lost, can't remember)

Exciting that the fic revival is still going strong!

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Oh goodness I thought he had at least one other person. I'm sorry you are done here. Please take care!

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speaking of doodles~

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Yes my full list of favourites are at least 50 monsters if not 100 long.

In general fandom stuff on my own time, yes. It only took me over a decade to write the first fics for a stupid dinosaur game. No regrets there. But in reading your response a thought came to me to where some of my personal hypocrisy comes from? That pressure knowing how a lot of people will just not engage with something if they don't think they will get attention. Why people keep sticking to places like reddit instead of helping other sites grow.

The latest brain worm to grab me was what I was complaining about last week (or the week before?). The 2 musical animated series based in hell. The people who attack those for liking it and even fellow fans attacking each other for not liking things the right way. Usually I can roll with this but right now its at a particular pitchfork, fires with bandwagon stage. Obviously the smart answer is “wait to post and play after the trolls and purity police move onto something else” but that’s not how special interests work lol.

I’m glad!

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Heck, and I love critique. I love being aware of what it takes to create the craft and calling out trash. But there is so much misinformation that people wield like a weapon happily.

Well, I don’t mind not getting (direct) engagement. My issue is people not seeing enough activity to feel its warrant enough to join. Enough people do it and it becomes self-fulfilled fate.

There is a particular community on reddit I love deeply but the idea of everyone migrating to a different platform was largely spoken of as if it was an act of betrayal. As if reddit itself was the entire reason the community was as it is instead of everyone who acts within it. I occasionally check in on it, but haven't been logged on for... I have no idea at this point hhhh

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