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kde, to conservative
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@kde @kde Pledges seem to be a trend as of recent.

thelinuxcast, to random
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The comments on my videos have been way more negative lately. Not sure what I'm doing differently.

Or maybe just the internet is getting more troll-y

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@thelinuxcast youtube being youtube, maybe.

drheyzeus, to Undertale
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Twofer for #VGMWednesday because they're both songs that have been bouncing around in my head and people often joke that they are the same song. We need more bubbly character themes!

Turnabout Sisters from Ace Attorney


Dating Start! from Undertale


#AceAttorney #PhoenixWright #Undertale

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@drheyzeus haha, same bpm :0480:

deno_land, to node
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Happy birthday, @deno_land!

NumbersCanBeFun, to random
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Okay that was a landslide victory for the drawing stream... wow... I actually didn't think this idea would have been so popular! ​:neocat_dizzy:​​:neocat_laugh:​

I'll need just a little bit of time to get my camera setup going but I think we can make this happen pretty quickly ​:ablobcatrainbow:​

RE: https://shonk.social/notes/9t8xver8bn8g00jw

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@NumbersCanBeFun Those are popular, it seems! I was doing Vector Art Stream a while back and having a screen and bilingual talk was enough of a distraction, haha. Execution was short-lived, since I don't have quality time for it anymore. Hoping to start some day again, it was fun.


keepassxc, to random
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Following the recent discussion around the Debian decision to ship KeePassXC without any of its optional modules, we've seen some extreme misconceptions floating around the internet regarding what the WITH_XC_NETWORKING=OFF compile flag actually does.

Let us be clear: KeePassXC does NOT "randomly" connect to the internet in the background, regardless of whether you build with the flag on or off. Claims to the contrary of KeePassXC "surfing in the background" or "calling home" are false.


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@Arcaik @melroy @keepassxc Sure, after stirring the pot that packager could avoid by, maybe, not shoving defaults major userbase didn't ask for.

ashten, to random

i have placed a forkbomb in the woem.men server, attached to a cron job. every minute, the cron job chooses a random number between 0 and 5 million.

if at any point it chooses 1 as the random number, the forkbomb runs, and the server crashes

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@ashten That must be la huge barrel...

BrodieOnLinux, to linux
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Who should be software packaging is a tough problem, I can see the value in distros pushing for better changes downstream, encouraging upstream to change (double click in ) but then I see cases like KeepassXC where the Debian package is now by default broken, actively damaging the reputation of upstream but then I remember where upstream was left unchecked and hid bad code in plain sight and I go back around in a circle.

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@nicemicro @BrodieOnLinux

Yes, I find reporting to downstream packagers (a.k.a. distributors) extremely relevant! When your favorite #SoftwareCenter or #PackageManager is all for linking to upstream, but not to those who directly affect your package in a supply chain, as a result, tops like in #KeePassXC get all the pinecones: there is no enthusiasm in an average user to link back those issues to downstream, not with the p(l)ain text and how derivatives are communicated anyway... :blobcat_flop_woozy:

#software #SoftwarePackage #SoftwarePackages #SoftwarePackageManagement #PackageManagement

stevefenton, to random
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Microsoft just announced TypeSpec. I have mixed feelings as the creator of the other TypeSpec (the test library).

Feels like it might be time to archive that project before I get flooded by folks telling me I've stolen the name!


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@stevefenton Looks like your library is a target... Or they are incompetent at making names!

vintprox, to diy
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Now I'm wondering: is there a collection of contraptions and levels built for @principia to play with it around like in ? Sort of a , but with set to make more such levels, you know... :ablobcatwave:

Post inspired by https://mastodon.social/@256/112417780225247409 and reminiscing about mid-00s type videogame that I can't remember the name of.

256, to random
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The Incredible Machine 2 (1994)

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@256 This is cute. I recall playing some modern-ish Rube Goldberg type game with wooden background, 3D2D-rendered graphics and toaster-based contraption, but I can't remember the name. If anyone does, please!

levi, to random
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Oh man. #libreoffice has a command palette.


Boom 💥

I use libreoffice all day every day but still spend an unreasonable amount of time trawling through menus trying to find functions.

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@levi Should have been straight F1, honestly :blob_cat_sip:

rolandixor, to random
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Does open source have a systemic UX problem YES. BUT, is that why most people tend to think open source software is "bad"? NO.

I'm increasingly realizing that the problem is many-fold, but boils down to a couple major sources:

  1. TERRIBLE bias, fed by thought leaders who are too lazy to do their homework, or literally paid to shill for their sponsors.

  2. Familiarity combined with general laziness. So many folks literally don't want to learn something new: they want exactly what they've known.

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@rolandixor I wouldn't blame lazy, even if they add the habit of using familiar or Deus Ex Machina tool to this. Been there, will be there, at the worst of days. In fact, I like chatting with people with this state of mind, because they have the baggage of features they can vouch for and insight on what ultimately makes it dumb-and-simple. I've noticed the problem appear when they get technical about it, but don't communicate it well - everyone is suddenly an expert on the Internet and knows what's best for others, when the Train of Thought™ has already derailed to the unknown destination.

leroy, to 3DPrinting
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Blown away by my little $400 FDM printer.
Models by BriteMinis. Terrain by Dungeon Blocks. I used GW paints. Printed using a Bambu Lab A1 Mini.

Designed a little scenario of a goblin mob raiding an inn. The player characters start off a little drunk before sobering up. Hoping I can run this adventure (with a custom ruleset) in the coming weeks.

#3DPrinting #PrintedMinis #Miniatures #MiniaturePainting

Captain of the guard is talking to the inn owners
wolf riders getting ready to charge
adventurers enjoying a rowdy meal, unaware of the impending goblins

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@leroy Craftsmanship evolution is in order, I see! :blobcatcode:

vintprox, to random
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Multiple scenes that inhabit the trailer of were seemingly made with the game engine. But I overestimated the smoothiness of how camera will move in the game itself, @leroy - at least in the first cutscenes.

Maybe I'm so used to ease-in-and-out timing of things, that I'm weirded out by anything remotely static: same speed, same angle and straight line movement. It just feels robotic. Would be kinda cool to see streets of Prague with camera that uses natural acceleration and slight change in angle. What I mean is gently starting to move it, as it prepares the player, accelerate a bit and stop gently - both position and angle could benefit from this technique, I think.

No objections about letter opening, though. This one was well made!

vintprox, (edited )
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is delivering, mhm! 😅 (It's a bug in Classic Mode.)

nixCraft, to random
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OMG. Firefox User kept 7.4k tabs open for more than 24 months 😱 the browser's ability to handle extreme tab hoarding is amazing 🤩 https://x.com/sodiumpen/status/1785152049811730943?s=46

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@s4rkn @nixCraft Being critical of tab hoarding and all, bookmarking takes one step more per source, meanwhile tab is just open and forget. Tabs are not great for longer circulation, though :)

nixCraft, to random
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why does counting start at zero in programming? wrong answers only.

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@nixCraft Why count from zero? Because programmer has imposter syndrome and thinks less of themselves.

leroy, to VideoGames
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Truly very happy that Nancy Drew: Mystery Of The Seven Keys is released!
I spent a large portion of last year working on it, and I’m excited to see how all the fans will receive it.

Hoping to catch some of you streamers solve the puzzles, the HeR team really stumped me with some of them!

#NancyDrew #ClueCrew #Mystery #VideoGames #GameDev

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@leroy Developer of loose on the fediverse! :0080: Looove what you've accomplished, team . 24 hours of gameplay is a huge one, wow.

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@leroy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UO7M1bosuTU

And we will definitely be spending a lot of time talking about "It's locked" :KEKW:

vintprox, (edited ) to random
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Last week I was making an overview of the monitor that appears in trailer. :blobfoxdetective: It's the same one that I added to the meme: https://techhub.social/@vintprox/112365185575447753

I'm telling you: it must have some sort of cypher... or it's a dud and I'm looking like . No matter, that was interesting to poke around such funny ECMAScript code and DISMANTLE it. :linus:

Leaving start and end frame with a grid overlay for further reference. Let the decyphering games begin.

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🧵 So far, I've dug up the majority of source code on the right monitor that trailer was hiding with those misplaced symbols and found some common traits. All is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/nancydrew/comments/1clgwi4/lets_decypher_right_monitor_technology_of_this/

But there are still some things to be done. And if it's a message hidden by the developers that skipped board, it might be truly interesting! At least, while we can't get more honest response than that. It needs to be decrypted! :blobcatdeficit:

has received mixed reviews: positive ones claim a big improvement over , negative ones do state how bad everything is going after changes following . So, happens and I don't know what new team even is like anymore. Lack of public playtesting isn't particularly helpful in catering the game to more audiences and without embarassing bugs. :0100:

varikvalefor, to random
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ℝ = ℤ × Codata.Colist.Colist (Fin 10) ∞

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@varikvalefor I can't believe you've done this

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@varikvalefor I don't get why you multiply two sets of real numbers on each other to get complex ones?

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