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:xcode: iOS app developer at :smalltech: smallte.ch, living in RJ 🇧🇷, born in 🇨🇭 , likes :

  • :apple_inc: code :haiku: :haikubox:
  • :procreate: arts
  • :commodore: #retrocomputing
  • :amiga: demo scene
  • :homeassistant: home automation
  • :rpi: :arduino: Pi, Arduino, ESP32 & small electronics

:anAmigaBall: : Cookie / Asphyxia #demoscene
:deadbirb: : was @blackjack75

Filiado a ala Suíça 🇨🇭 da Ursal 🐻
or as some say :fcknzs:. #NoBridge
Made https://butwhy.club

✍️ : FR 🇫🇷, PT 🇧🇷, ES 🇪🇸, EN 🇬🇧

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santiago, to random Portuguese
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Sim eu sei absolutamente usar #GeminiProtocol e não é nada do que você acha.

O meu #Gemini roda em máquinas de 7 MHz. E o seu ?


santiago, to random
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If you think about it the extreme right in France has a more moderate program than the Republicans in the US. Not even thinking about making abortion illegal anytime soon. Same fear mongering about immigrants. Defending the rich but not mentioning it.

And yes, Jean-Marie Lepen, original leader of FN, and father of current RN leader published lovely LPs of nazi songs and his collaborator friends literally wore the SS uniform during occupation.

Are we fucked? Kind of.


santiago, to random
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My mom was quite a difficult person to live with but at least she’s pissed the fascists are winning Europe again, despite (or maybe because of) being born in Franco’s Spain.

Some working class people remember something. They are in their 80’s though.

santiago, to Cats
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So Marx 🐱 says the bed is warm and it’s a tad cold out there so that’s his place now.

We are going to have to negotiate some space for us.

santiago, to random
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Speaking about red flags I stand by my opinion that it will be easier (if not easy) to bring more human rights into China or even North Korea in the next 20 years than it will be to avoid capitalist countries fall into fascism.

Billionaires usually don’t select the extreme right as their first choice but when the traditional right fails to defend their business interests they systematically go for whatever Mussolini clone will prevent any form of socialism.

schwa, to random
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Annnnnd calling it.

It’s really basic but we’re quite proud of it.

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@schwa Pretty sure we have people selling this as expensive design furniture over here.

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@schwa To be fair probably the designer version just wouldn’t have larger borders on top but aside from that yours could pass as one. Nice work 👍

santiago, to random French
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Bon au moins il restera la Suisse pour que les français puissent se réfugier. Il y’a aussi un tiers de fachos mais c’est sous contrôle depuis un temps.

Alors oui peut être qu’il y aura un petit tampon « M » sur le passeport pour les musulmans. On se refait pas. C’est une vieille tradition.

santiago, to France French
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santiago, (edited ) to random French
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En ce qui concerne la France en ce moment j’ai un peu de compassion pour les jeunes qui se rappellent pas de Chirac disant « Putain quel con! » (dans Les Guignols) après avoir dissout l’assemblée pour des élections qu’il pensait gagner mais en fait non.

Mais bon lui il avait seulement dû composer avec des socialistes, pas des fachos.

mmu_man, to random French
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Mais la BARBE @EmmanuelMacron ! J'ai autre chose à faire le 30 juin et le 7 juillet. J'en ai MARRE de "faire barrage" parce que votre stratégie comme celle de vos prédécesseurs est d'utiliser le FN comme épouvantail depuis 30 ans ! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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@mmu_man Je sais pas si je suis dans théorie de la conspiration mais partant du principe que Macron est en pratique un gars de droite (qui avait à l’origine infiltré le PS), son alliance avec le RN forcément victorieux cet été va lui permettre de passer toutes les petites réformes et privatisations pour faire plaisir à l’entrepreneuriat français. En disant que c’est un compromis.

santiago, to random
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One thing that would be great in Mastodon clients would be an option to see larger versions of emojis for those of us with sight problems.

I would just list them as a line of large emojis below the message, as they appear in
@MonaApp ‘s emoji picker for example. Obviously that would appear only when tapping on a message to see replies, not in the feed. And be optional as I guess younger people would not understand the need.

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@MonaApp It will be a good investment because old people will be happy to pay to understand emojis 😅

santiago, (edited ) to retrocomputing
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Did anyone build a search engine including only websites without any JavaScript ? (Not a proxy that strips JS — rendering the site unuseable — sites that don’t contain any as is).

That would be wonderful for .

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I should add than but I once bought https://humanlinks.org domain in order to do something similar. Original idea was actually to collect links from participating instances (using admin moderation to filter good content in public posts themselves and search only that).

It just hit me now that should tag pages with zero JavaScript and allow search in there exclusively.

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@jake4480 I am not sure of the effort / hosting costs required on setting up a meilisearch instance but if all the content is small surely it’ll be manageable. https://github.com/meilisearch/meilisearch I wonder what the owners of 250k club think about it

santiago, to random
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Is it me or the suggested questions from Google are getting dumber by the day …or is some massive invasion planned this week ?

The search was “foreign troops in North Korea”.

And of course the reply doesn’t match the question Google itself suggested.

santiago, to random
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I tried checking an old tumblr from 2016 and it seems #enshittification arrived there too. Can’t see the posts on the web, must download the app to see more than 3 , app forces registration (creation of a tumblr), forces choosing preferred tag, forces following 3 blogs, then in the app instead of a time-based list you have a random choice of “similar posts”.

Ok tumblr was sort of already dead but it got murdered again in its grave :-/

santiago, to random Portuguese
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Alguém precisa fazer uma versão 🇧🇷 desse maravilhoso tumblr de cozinha francesa:
couper-foutre (cortar-tacar).

É tipo:
Receita de Coelho a mostarda tradicional:
Cortar um coelho, tacar mostarda tradicional

PS: Gente o Tumblr virou uma bosta sem nome. Obriga a instalar o app e não pode mais simplesmente ver uma lista de posts 🙄

santiago, to homeassistant
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🤖 - Ring ! 🛎️ There’s someone at the door !
🤔 - Hm… I don’t remember ordering anything…

*Clicks on video of man pissing on our plants by the wall *

Good morning, I guess.

b0rk, (edited ) to random
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here's your periodic reminder that if you're in a country with a weaker currency than the US (India, Brazil, etc), there's a discount to make the zines more affordable. You can see it in action here:


If you're in a country this applies to, you should see something like this:

@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

@b0rk That’s a nice touch ! I appreciate that you took time to help people who come from countries where 12$ is not insignificant money.

Purchased it ! (At full price, as I don’t qualify for a discount, even living in Brazil now 😅. Hopefully I can finally understand what I have been doing with git all these years.

santiago, to random Portuguese
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Os jovens nem imaginam as coisas que ainda acontecem na cama na sexta feira depois de meia noite e isso após anos de casamento.

Sim é exatamente o que vocês acham seus tarados: capuccino, pão de queijo e gatinhos.

santiago, to random
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The world of emulation reminds me of sex in Catholicism. Everybody does it but everyone politely lies about it.

Yeah sure. My … hum… MT32 Roms from that very expensive item that I likely owned when I first pirated these games as a kid !

To be fair it’d be nice if they just sold the files or simply accepted donations from happy old pirates.

kariboka, to linux Portuguese
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Rate my setup linux gamer


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@kariboka @linux Não sei se o meu é um setup ou um diagnóstico de acumulador de telas :-)

santiago, to amiga
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Seller of 2004 Sony Laptop said he hadn’t tested the sound that it was probably just missing the driver. I think it’s a bit worse than that 😅 Well it was 40$. Audio out works though so I can just route the sound back to my speakers via the Mac.

A damaged Sony PCG-V505ECP running WinUAE full screen at 1024x768 on Windows XP at a reasonable speed but with a horrible noise coming out of dead speakers

@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

Turns out Windows XP will probably give the best performance to run Amiga apps in WinUAE so I may not even get Linux on this. I will have to hide the boot image though so I don’t feel ashamed.

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