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Beatrix Potter early and first editions (


I am just never going back, lemmy has less content of course but the comments on what is here is just a totally different level, reddit just feels dirty and corrupt in comparison,

Carl Sagan testifying before Congress in 1985 on climate change (

Aside for its length, it’s amazing to me how much Sagan models the archetypal scientist warning from a disaster movie. At the end, he essentially – but in very calm terms – warns the US congress that for the next generation to avert catastrophe, we will need to find a global consciousness that supersedes our petty tribal...


"We are all in this greenhouse together "


working fine for me , actually I have to say has been very stable


I am a big supporter of Peertube it is a really good concept


climate change religion

Once you said that I become suspicious of your agenda


I have just read this entire thread and I have two observations.

1 the “tumble” discussion is unbelievably ironic as the whole public climate discussion has for years been a case of mass distraction IMO.

2 The other central discussion is dominated by someone , clearly a skeptic, and repeatably described as a troll, and although the basic assumptions taken are just factually wrong the context of the consequences discussed are more insightful that the rebuttals.

So currently the power and money is dominated by industries that do not want to change and they frustrate attempts to create meaningful global change. What change has occurred has been when money and power wish that change. Political courage will be needed to make things happen with any sort of urgency IMO


Peertube works well so far, I use this instance which specialises in hosting music creative stuff

Proper tiny miniature book in this case Julius Caesar by Shakespeare (


IMO it is like the foundations of the building have been undermined , I do agree with the author , even if reddit looks ok numbers wise the heart and soul has been removed.

Be honest, do you still use reddit?

I used to check the front page at least once every day, and occassionally check specific subreddits. Now I don’t look at reddit unless theres some drama, like mods getting purged, then I’d go there and enjoy the drama. Occasionally there will be questions that only reddit has the answer to so I have to reluctantly use it. I...


Basically my heart is here now and this is where I come for social media , that does not mean I will not use reddit from time to time , but those times are getting less and less, my main reason to use reddit now is to promote lemmy. To give a better idea I spent probably an hour a day on reddit or two or three visits. Now I have not visited for over a week and recent visits have been a few minutes.


Epic post, really good advice, MInt is the way to go IMO as well, the Xfce version is perfect for my needs and really stable, indeed having dabbled with linux for years this is the only version I have used for more than a year, actually just checked and I have been on mint now since 2020 with just the one upgraded installation. I actually duel boot but never actually boot into window for anything other than occasional work needs.


I have just visited reddit for the first time in quite a while , the picture imo is pretty grim for reddit. Dead subs , little actual life , and when you log out the front page is dire. I think that actual content is key here and that is where the crisis for reddit is shown clearly. Talk of the protest not working is just that,talk , in reality reddit has been deeply effected imo

I have a theory, the current doctor when you started watching is your favorite doctor. Would this apply to you?

I started watching Dr who when the reboot was 3 seasons in, I think David Tennant was the greatest doctor. A few years later I finally got wife to give it a shot as I started a fresh rewatch in preparation for Matt Smith's second season, she was ok with Eccelston and Tennant but Matt Smith is far and away her favorite doctor....


Tom Baker was my first and remains my favorite, so much so I actually cried when he appeared as the curator. For me it was a really emotional moment, stupid I know but it was like a direct road back to my childhood which for me , luckily was a largely happy time.

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