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Mindfulness practitioner and aspiring Counselor with Romanian, Greek, Neanderthal ancestors and INFP predispositions
☀️ Pisces
🌙 Taurus
🌅 Virgo

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pgiulan, to Minneapolis
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With #Uber & #Lyft pulling services from #Minneapolis May 1, I've been watching for alternatives.

#TRIP seems promising as a #decentralized "#rideshare protol": https://www.trip.dev

Built by the same company, #Teleport is the first mobile client using the #opensource network: https://www.teleport.xyz — with it still being invite only, my referral link to log in: https://app.teleport.xyz/rider/refer/CQ1AeSCrBX6GNxRtBXhxydbxg3ZSnT2i365qxQCXQ3qF

Anyone with insight or experience with either willing to share? I'm reading there's also #blockchain


AAKL, to firefox
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  • pgiulan,
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    "It’s worth noting that is the only mainstream browser built on an independent, browser engine whose roots don’t go back to Apple’s engine. Google based its Blink engine on WebKit, and Blink powers both and , the open-source browser upon which most other modern browsers are built, including , , and Microsoft ."

    drahardja, to reddit
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    Just as we all knew all along, ’s move to charge exorbitant fees for API access was so they can cut lucrative deals to sell user-created material to train models.

    I was a redditor of about 15 years when I decided to delete everything I wrote and close my account because I foresaw this hostile repurposing of what is essentially a massive store of freely-accessible, context-rich community-generated content, made by people who didn’t necessarily want their content to be used for training without compensation.

    AI training is largely built on top of exploitation of labor for private gain. It’s legal in many cases, but it’s often unethical and immoral.

    “Reddit Signs AI Content Licensing Deal Ahead of IPO”


    No-paywall version here: https://archive.ph/caW1Y

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    @drahardja thoughts on ?

    pgiulan, to random
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    Who of us is mature enough for offspring before the offspring themselves arrive? The value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults.
    — Peter De Vries

    obu, to random
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    Nyanatiloka Thera's Dictionary of Theravāda doctrines

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    @obu is not a religion but a dialogue and its teaching is a method not a doctrine.

    pgiulan, to YouShouldKnow
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    who owns who in the landscape

    justinling, to random
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    Since leaving Twitter, I've been trying to figure out what my journalism-y socials look like. (Threads: A sad Potemkin village where I just share articles. Bluesky: A fun, bitchy hotel cafeteria that still seems ill-suited to news.) I've been trying to use Mastodon for more hard news stuff, but I'm having a hard time getting my feed to be both active and relevant.

    So I'm trying a few experiments to see if I can rejig my good. If you've got good journalism follow suggestions, send em my way.

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    @justinling maybe for your hard news stuff try Post.news, founded by former CEO of Waze

    GottaLaff, to random
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    It’s. Not. Over. 😷💉

    hospitalizations jump 22% this week — and CDC predicts further increases - CBS News


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    @GottaLaff My at-home test just came up negative but I've had all the symptoms last few days: headache, congestion, brain fog, shortness of breath, fatigue, sore throat, sneezing, shivers, feeling really hot, and loss of taste. I'm thinking it's either an undetected mutation or God knows what

    pgiulan, to random
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