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Chocolate eating computer geek, Manchester, UK
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dick_turpin, to random
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This looks sooo sexy, and yet all it is is a power block.

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@stsquad @dick_turpin It looks plausible; it's fairly high output, and a nice charge display/power measure - and you can see where the smoke is coming from.
(Good luck on an EMC test)

dick_turpin, to politics

I can't believe I'm about to defend Kier Starmer! ๐Ÿ™ˆ

So what?
Does being part of the Labour movement mean you must dress in clothes purchased from a supermarket?

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@dick_turpin Being a tight bastard, I really don't understand how someone spend that much on something so simple.

JEkis, to infosec

I really want to make a career in the field. Security is my passion. I haven't yet decided which role I'd like to get involved in. All I know so far is that Malware Analysis isn't for me. I'm interested to hear from folks in the field who are , have , or both. What roles have been a good fit for you? I'm guessing that Incident Response would be far too high stress, but I could be wrong about that. Boosts appreciated.

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@JEkis Be careful to avoid regulated enterprise stuff; there's more box checking than security.

juliank, to random
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I'm sure there's a shortcut for changing a selection to be what you have yanked elsewhere, it's not ergonomical to do

  • yanking
  • "caw" or similar
  • Hit esc
  • Press P
@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk avatar

@juliank I think there are two ways:

  1. Yank, move to dest, P, then dw to delete the old text.
  2. yank, v for visual mode, select the old text, P, esc to exit visual
TechConnectify, to random
@TechConnectify@mas.to avatar

Who wants to get tilted?

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@TechConnectify I love the detail on this series, and the historical bits.
I'm kind of curious how much overlap there was between the telephone design engineers and the pinball engineers; things like uniselectors and such all seem similar tech.

kernellogger, to linux
@kernellogger@fosstodon.org avatar

For the developers among you:

Documentation/process/stable-kernel-rules.rst[1] now mentions how to tag commits you do not want to see backported to stable/longterm series without an explicit request.[2]

Ohh, and it now mentions the difference between stable@kernel.org and stable@vger.kernel.org, too.[3]

[1] https://docs.kernel.org/process/stable-kernel-rules.html
[2] https://git.kernel.org/torvalds/c/af3e4a5ab9a017da9cf624791629e2df710a171c
[3] https://git.kernel.org/torvalds/c/bb12799503d75f29ddc5a6b2905f960ababe308c

@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk avatar

@kernellogger Having two almost identical email addresses, where one is for sensitive information is doomed, there's no way people will get that right. The sensitive one needs to be noticeably different, like stable-sensitive or something.

gigabecquerel, to random
@gigabecquerel@chaos.social avatar

Because I'm a bit sick at home and don't have enough projects already I started another, albeit small, project. Making a mould to make a mould, to cast some epoxy and to make use of my ZnS:Ag I have here ;-)


@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk avatar

@gigabecquerel @stdlogicvector Beam me up Scotty ?!

juliank, to random
@juliank@mastodon.social avatar

This apt-cache why command is different from what you expect but it's a PoC.

$ apt-cache why inlibmutter
role-desktop:amd64 -> role-desktop:amd64=2024.03.04.1736.48 -> gnome-shell-extension-manager:amd64=0.5.1-1 -> gnome-shell:amd64=46.1-1ubuntu1 -> gir1.2-mutter-14:amd64=46.1-2ubuntu1 -> libmutter-14-0:amd64=46.1-2ubuntu1 -> libmutter-14-0:amd64

@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk avatar

@juliank what's thein ?

penguin42, to random
@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk avatar

It's good the BBC is carrying this article on facial mis-recognition; hardly surprising but good it's not hidden:


gsuberland, to random
@gsuberland@chaos.social avatar

I should really chat to the radio folks at EMF to ask about an idea I have involving a really tall telescoping mast pole...

I have an idea for a project which may never end up coming to fruition, but it would be truly ridiculous.

@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk avatar

@gsuberland I've still got the 60ft telescoping mast I'm trying to get rid of ....

@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk avatar

@gsuberland It's a Strumech 60ft I believe; so I think it's 3x20ft-ish ; looking at a pic I took before we got it down I think untelescoped only adds a few ft to the total (see https://www.treblig.org/pics/tower/mast-backview.JPG ). It was planted in the garden so relied on the post in concrete rather than guys, and I don't see a guying spec in the manual.
We've got it un-telescoped lying flat at the moment;

BoscoLab, to random German
@BoscoLab@social.tchncs.de avatar

Another HP 3325B synthesizer / function generator for repair. Two problems number one: the power switch only turns off the fan. The device itself stays on. Problem two: Fail 021 amplitude too high when calibrating.


@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk avatar

@BoscoLab It makes a change from things that won't turn on

cablespaghetti, to random
@cablespaghetti@southampton.social avatar

Iโ€™ve been pretty stressed recently, due to changes at work, being a dad and not really being able to run which is usually how I cope.

I rode motorcycles for years but sold my last in about 2018 as it wasnโ€™t getting used. However Iโ€™ve always missed it, could use my own transport and want a bit of a project to distract me.

So this week I bought a lightly crashed BMW R1150RT. Itโ€™s getting delivered some time in the next few days. ๐Ÿ˜

@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk avatar

@cablespaghetti @fedops Maybe only 36k miles, but the last one was a bit rough :-)

philpem, to RaspberryPi
@philpem@digipres.club avatar

Tonight on "what the frisk?", a Raspberry Pi device tree overlay that works fine on 32-bit Pi OS, but on a 64-bit Pi Zero 2W it kills the WiFi. I have no idea where to even start figuring this out. #RaspberryPi #RaspberryPiZero

@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk avatar

@philpem Mapping something into the address space or IRQs or something related to the wifi?

@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk avatar

@philpem Yeh, I don't know how the Pi's connect their wifi; and can't easily find it (!)

gsuberland, to random
@gsuberland@chaos.social avatar

I've done about eight straight hours of soldering today, including a bunch of fine pitch rework on things, and I have not been this exhausted in months.

@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk avatar

@gsuberland Lovely day for soldering.

adrian, to random
@adrian@discuss.systems avatar

obligatory annual silly-clothes selfie

@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk avatar

@adrian erm - is that normal?

penguin42, to manchester
@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk avatar

The proven way to reduce road traffic in #manchester is to organise a Man City vs United big game.

juliank, to random
@juliank@mastodon.social avatar

200 lines of comments, 964 lines of code, and a complexity of 405 whatever that is.

$ scc apt-pkg/solver3.*
Estimated Cost to Develop (organic) $25,994
Estimated Schedule Effort (organic) 3.44 months
Estimated People Required (organic) 0.67

I spent like 2 weeks on this, not 3.44 months, and I am 1 person not 0.67.

@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk avatar

@juliank That makes you a 10.268x engineer!

brennen, to random
@brennen@federation.p1k3.com avatar

it's true that there are a lot of good songs named after states, but boy are there a lot of songs named after states

@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk avatar

@brennen Ignoring the more common ones; I'd give 'California Earthquake' from the Mama's and Papas and 'The Devil goes down to Georgia' from Charley Daniels band. But I've got a whole pile of others (loads of Tennessee ones in Blues)
(and I'm a Brit so don't have a state preference)

attie, to random
@attie@chaos.social avatar

This is utterly wild... am I a little smooth-brained, or is this totally unrealistic?

  • 200 Mbps compressed to under 1 Mbps
  • Realtime, i.e: ~1ms latency or better
  • Encode and transmit in <10mW (yes, including radio)
  • Lossless
  • High-entropy input

... if you succeed, just email them your solution - no mention of any reward or Nobel Prize nomination.


@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk avatar

@attie Reads as a job ad to me; I mean if you can convince them you have some ideas then you can get years out of them not getting there.

gorplop, to random
@gorplop@pleroma.m68k.church avatar

whoever is running these mirai(?) infection scripts now started to UPX-pack the binaries (I checked just the x86 one so far)

@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk avatar

@gorplop What are mpsl and spc?
I guess mpsl could be little endian mips?

@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk avatar

@gorplop Oh yeh, makes sense; I'd love to see their stats on architecture spread; MIPS/sh4 and sparc must be pretty rare.

revk, to random
@revk@toot.me.uk avatar

Some StarTrek banter makes sense...

The constant "logging what you are doing" is something we do in the data centre, via irc, so we know what happened just before shit hit the fan, or we can but in and say "wait!".

But the captain having to say "deploy damage control teams", or "seal off that affected area", or "divert auxiliary power", makes zero sense...

Bugger, over thinking again.


@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk avatar

@revk It's obviously for legal backup in case of a court martial. 'So Captain, please explain how you lost another starship....well, I did everything by the book, sealed off the affected areas, deployed the damage control teams...'

gsuberland, to random
@gsuberland@chaos.social avatar

JLC order arrived! ๐ŸŽ‰

@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk avatar

@gsuberland I'm curious about the dashed row of pads around teh edge - ground? has each got a via next to it?

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