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Preparing our move to Scotland to escape England. #FBPE Audio/video recording, editing, theatre sound design. Tactical Vote: https://my.tactical.vote/

My links: https://mylinks.gppixelworks.co.uk/@mark

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paka, to Scotland
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Calling Yessers extremists threatens #Scotland #democracy

Sunak claims pro-independence supporters are a threat to security of the UK in a similar way as Russia, North Korea & Iran

Inclusion of an entirely legitimate & democratic political movement with terrorists shows the increasing desperation the #Tory government

Typical Tories conflate anything outside their narrow understanding of the world with #extremism

It’s absurd to equate Scottish nationalism with Russia


paka, to random
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We know of first cases of executions of civilians by the Russian military

Report of a case when resident was killed by soldiers. Police investigators had opened a criminal case on the grounds of violations of rules of war

Other are being taken into captivity and forced into basements, according to the minister.


paka, to random
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48 hours in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s most-bombed major city

Kharkiv is Ukraine’s 2nd largest city of around 1.3 million

Heavily damaged; never captured during the first days of Moscow’s invasion, the city & oblast are again focus of Russian attack.

About 30,000 Russian troops are involved in the offensive

Earlier this month, we spent 48 hours in the city to see how its people manage to work, relax, & survive in Ukraine’s most-bombed major city


paka, to China
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Russia will not stop with Ukraine

An autocratic regime like Russia can prioritize expansion of defense industries over economic well-being to sustain their military actions in Ukraine

The time that is being spent by Russia inside Ukraine is also time that we have to get our industrial base to where it needs to be

Russia now is increasingly reliant on importing both equipment & technology, notably from


paka, to random
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Ukraine identified #Russian personnel responsible for carrying out Kinzhal missile strikes on #civilians

Air-launched #Kinzhal missile, which Russia claims is #hypersonic, is difficult to shoot down

They identified 29 people working as the command, flight, tech staff from 44th Separate Long-Range Aviation Regiment

Also identified were 11 MiG-31K aircraft numbers, Ukraine’s military intelligence service said.


#WarCrimes #RussiaInvadedUkraine #StandWithUkraine

paka, to Armenia
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refuses to finance Russian-led CSTO security alliance

The CSTO includes Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan & Kyrgyzstan

Armenia will not partake in the financing of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), Yerevan announced on May 8.

This comes as the latest in a series of steps the country has taken to distance itself from the Russian-led security alliance.


paka, to random
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Never again?

During Operation Barbarossa, German invasion of the Soviet Union, Nazi forces occupied much of Soviet Ukraine, executing civilians, destroying cultural heritage & infrastructure

The same Ukrainian regions that were once invaded by Nazis are now suffering from Russian attacks, killings

This visual piece, we are looking at similarities between WWII & the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.


paka, to uk
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Starmer welcomes Tory defector Natalie Elphicke to Labour

“And the reason that she’s given for joining the Labour Party is very, very important because I think she speaks for very many Tory voters,” Starmer said.

“In saying that the Tory party has changed, it’s left the centre ground. [WOT?!] But equally the Labour Party has changed and we are pretty clearly the party of the national interest, of country first, party second.”


paka, to Israel
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The Video Israel Doesn’t Want You To See

Holocaust Survivor Absolutely demolishes Israel


paka, to France
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150,000 soldiers during full-scale invasion of Ukraine, France says

“All of this for what? This can be summed up in two words: for nothing.”

If confirmed, the 150,000 figure is around ten times higher than that suffered by the Soviet army during the decade-long war it fought in from 1979-89.


paka, to random
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warned that Biden & family could face criminal prosecutions unless the US supreme court awards Trump in his own criminal trials

Interview with Time magazine, Trump painted a startling picture of his 2nd term including he may let states monitor women to enforce laws.

Eric Cortellessa of Time says Trumps plans are “an imperial presidency that would reshape America and its role in the world”


paka, to Czech
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2 Russian-born citizens ran a in that doubled as for infamous unit of Russia’s military intelligence agency (GRU) as it carried out & across Europe

Husband/wife Nikolay & Elena ran Villa Elena, a 3-story hotel hosted members of 's “most grimly accomplished and squad,” Unit , on a regular basis for the last 15 years.


paka, to random
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Over 18,000 Russian Southern Military District troops

According to many observers, low morale is a recurring problem for the Armed Forces

Of the 18,000 deserting , around 12,000 of them belonging to the 8th Combined Arms Army – a unit often deployed in hostilities in eastern Ukraine.

Of this number, around 10,000 are mobilized and 2,000 contract soldiers


paka, to conservative
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Yes, prime minister, it’s a scandal so many of us are signed off work

Maybe should stop making us ill

The numbers signed off work have surged in last 14 years because governments us catastrophically unwell

The does not have a problem. It has a government-couldn’t-care-less problem


paka, to drones
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Ukraine military says it hit Russian $5 million radar system

The Podlet-K1 is modern mobile radar system detecting air targets at low & extremely low altitudes

The Podlet radar station is a relatively new Russian development — they began distributing it to the aggressor state’s army in 2015

“This system was used by the enemy to detect and transmit target coordinates to Russian S-300/S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems.”


paka, to Ukraine
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Health and safety gone mad

The photo is construction work creating fortifications in

The workers are all wearing work cloths in a (literarily) bloody

It would appear humans lost the ability of logic and reasoning.

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Thanks again for your insightful comments. I find you observations and information both useful and logical. :blobcat_noddies:

paka, to France
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is asking the to impose sanctions to target Russian & around the world

Proposal would target those responsible for threatening the stability, security or of EU member states or third countries by undermining elections, the rule of law, facilitating acts of or do so through the use of information manipulation and interference


paka, to random
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Russian drone attacked fire truck in in Oblast as 1st responders were putting out a fire from an earlier Russian attack

Hundreds of Ukrainian first responders have become victims of Russia’s war, due to so-called attack

In this type of attack, an initial strike is followed by a second - with a delay - so that it can potentially wound or kill first responders.


paka, to Ukraine
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Ben Hodges, who led US forces in Europe, says Western powers should overcome their fears of supporting towards victory

Hodges, who once commanded forces in Europe, says a worst-case scenario for Ukraine is for West to keep doing what we’re doing, right now

He told Al Jazeera a paralysed US Congress, over-cautious White House & fearful allies in Europe constitute a success


paka, to drones
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Confirmed - Factory in Russian Tatarstan producing bomber aircraft for Russian military was attacked by Ukrainian

Intelligence source told Kyiv Independent there were no details at present on damage or casualties; the factory manufactures Tu-22M & Tu-160M

is Russian republic located around 700 km east of & some 1,300 km from Ukrainian border


paka, to Netherlands
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Dutch PM offers to buy Patriot systems from allies for Ukraine

We know that many countries are sitting on large piles of Patriot systems, maybe not wanting to deliver it directly," Rutte said after arriving at the two-day summit of EU leaders in Brussels.

“We can buy it from them, we can deliver it to Ukraine, we have the money available. It’s crucial.”



paka, to uk
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Garden centres in UK stockpile plants before new checks

Yet another

government will introduce physical checks for many plant and animal products coming into Britain from the EU on 30 April as part of its new border target operating model

However, plant sellers & growers have consistently raised concerns that checks could cause delays & lead to some being destroyed or damaged


paka, to random
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Netherlands allocated additional €1 billion in & €400 mil for reconstruction

Netherlands has taken a proactive role in supporting Ukraine, spearheading the coalition and pledging to deliver 24 #F-16 jets to Ukraine.

Zelensky said that the new aid batch was provided in the framework of the 10-year bilateral security agreement between the states, signed on March 1 in Kharkiv.


paka, to random
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Rebuilding Kyiv Oblast power plant possible but futile without

Trypillia Thermal Power Plant was completely destroyed

We can restore everything, but this requires help of international partners, as equipment like turbines or transformers come from European countries

But without a sufficient number of missiles for anti-aircraft defense, it will, to put it mildly, be a futile affair


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