3 AM class-reductionist and discount edgelord. Currently under investigation for timeline terrorism and serial hellthreading.
Italian, linux user, moff cultist and berserker's town token commie.

Will shill #rust for free.
Poasties and lolberts block me.


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18+ freezeunagi, to random avatar



@Kagekokoro @freezeunagi I don't see a thing

sienna, to iran


#Biden considering response to attack in #Jordan as calls come for war with #Iran

> “(Biden’s) policy of deterrence against Iran has failed miserably. There have been over 100 attacks against U.S. forces in the region. Iran is undeterred,” U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham wrot…


@TruthSandwich @moffintosh @sienna

He's calling me out for supporting genocide NOOOO HOW DARE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

moffintosh, to random Italian
moffintosh, to random Italian
moffintosh, to random Italian

Neptune is lame😭😭😭😭

Neptune and Uranus seen in true colours for first time - BBC News

moffintosh, to Israel Italian

An investigation by zionist media found that the three settler prisoners killed by the yesterday waved white flags while approaching the IOF, emerging from a building with "Rescue 3 hostages SOS" was written on it. The IOF opened fire on two of them, and then shot the third after he said, "Save us" in Hebrew. This is just what the zionist media has allowed to be published.

These are just three of over 60 prisoners held in that have been killed by the IOF, and the zionist entity shows no interest in receiving their bodies even when offered by the resistance.

moffintosh, to random Italian

TIK History is wrong about Nazis & Gnosticism

61ennepi, to random Italian

Ah, già. Se tu modifichi un software GPL (e mastodon lo è) in base alle licenza mi sembra tu debba "restituire" alla comunità rendendo pubblici e GPL i tuoi cambiamenti. Rendere pubblici e GPL i cambiamenti può essere evitato solo limitando all'interno della tua azienda l'uso del software modificato.

Forse essere chiamati al rispetto di questa norma potrebbe rendere difficile a threads l'attuazione di embrace extend extinguish, perché dovrebbero rendere pubblici i cambiamenti...


@61ennepi Non esattamente. Mastodon non è GPL ma AGPL, il che significa che basta offrire accesso al servizio per richiedere che il codice venga pubblicato.


@61ennepi Threads non riutilizza codice mastodon iirc, ma usa lo stesso protocollo (ActivityPub)

18+ Mitsu, to random

@Mitsu Thanks doc

BallsackGyroper1488, to random

New loonix kino just dropped. This is straight from Red Hat. :laugh:


PonyPanda, to random

@moffintosh hey retard, what do you think of that kike commie, Bela Kun?


@PonyPanda RENT-FREE

PonyPanda, to random

@moffintosh hey retard, what do you think of the Houthis?


@MK2boogaloo @PonyPanda Shhhh... I'm cheaping out on rent

ChrisMayLA6, to fediverse avatar

I see #ElonMusk is saying that if X (formally Twitter) goes to the wall, it will be the 'advertisers [that] bankrupted the company'... once again he seems unable to see that is a symptom not the cause of X's problems; which of course lies with him.

I guess we'll be seeing another flow of folk into the #fediverse if the advertisers 'strike' continues (s many think it will).

Its an extraordinary example of billionaire hubris!



Then the same applies to presumed Jewish supremacy, no?

Yes, it does.

However, the idea that it is an internalized narrative makes no sense, because anything inconvenient a white person says is blamed on White Supremacy just the way some people here see Jews behind every misfortune.

It is incorrect to do so, but that doesn't mean the concept is invalid. Look no futher than eugenic, apartheid and racial suppression laws that were valid until relatively recently.

Or the way many people target the rich.

Being of an ethnic group and being wealthy are nowhere the same thing


@PonyPanda @mayonesa Because there isn't anything exclusively "jewish" about them, it's the capitalist system you retard


@PonyPanda @mayonesa @Arkana

Wokeshit in popular media that nobody wants to watch. Why would "the capitalists" do that?

why does it seem like heteronormativity and white identity is now given it's fair shake only after the brown/trans wokefags are supporting Palestine?




@PonyPanda @mayonesa @Arkana

Commercial media is not at the vanguard

Of course seeing "the marvels" doesn't have effect on a single basis, the problem is the diffusion of fake ass consciousness. Look no futher than older white supremacit media in the US


@Senator_Armstrong @mayonesa @maxmustermann

The jews were doing a shit job at running Germany.

The german crisis is related to how capitalism works and germany having lost ww1

If NS hadn't shown up someone else would have done the same thing


Muh reparations forever is not a competent vision for running a country, it is just loser grift.

WW1 reparations were imposed by the french & co.


@Senator_Armstrong Lol, I love how funding the allies the Mensheviks to continue the war is somehow an endorsement of the Bolsheviks (the guys who fucking couped the Mensheviks later on) and the USSR


@Senator_Armstrong @mayonesa @maxmustermann Half of these because as a scapegoat for pandemics and shit, and at least once because the king or local lord didn't wanna pay them after borrowing money lol


@Senator_Armstrong @mayonesa @maxmustermann And why would they do that? To get kicked out? Investiments don't always succeed, and lords used to find it simpler to limit their losses by throwing out their creditors


@Senator_Armstrong @mayonesa @maxmustermann Ah yes, reparations in the 1200's and during pongroms


dgar, (edited ) to random avatar

One Two Three Four!
I declare a meme war!
Do NOT neglect your !!

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