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A Mastodon Client for iOS & Mac.
We try our best to answer questions here, but sometimes are unable to. We generally don’t see mentions on weekends and holidays.

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pixel, to random
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@ivory Text size accessibility bug: system text size is all the way up. iPad 11”.

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@pixel That should be fixed in the next update.

mitt_rafael, to random
@mitt_rafael@toot.wales avatar

@ivory Hey I'm trying to drag a 15 MB video to Ivory's compose window on the Mac and it won't allow me. What could it be?

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@mitt_rafael Might be an unsupported format? Any details on it? Also can try restarting the Ivory to see if it helps?

splorp, to random
@splorp@mastodon.social avatar

@ivory Any chance of getting mactracker:// URIs to link if you have the app installed?

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@splorp Mastodon doesn't support custom URL schemes, unfortunately.

Troggie, to random
@Troggie@mendeddrum.org avatar

Hey @ivory any chance of audio support in the near future? So many #Audiomo posts I can’t listen to without decamping to a browser.

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@Troggie It's on our list. We actually started working on it awhile back, but put it on hold for a bit.

matt, to mastodon
@matt@oslo.town avatar

Have there been any exciting updates to the range of Mastodon apps lately? 🤔

I feel like a lot of app development - on iOS especially - has either slowed or halted, but happy to be proven wrong. 😅

I’m really looking forward to @ivory introducing the ability to ‘Browse other instances’. 👽

#Mastodon #MastoDev #Ivory #IvoryApp #Tapbots #AskFedi #iOS

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@matt We have a bunch of new things coming soon. Things just get really busy around the beginning of summer.

VojtechHorky, to random
@VojtechHorky@mastodon.pirati.cz avatar

@ivory When I long press on a link it gives me an option to 'Add to Reading List'. This appears to add the article to the Safari reading list regardless of browser defaults. Could it be made so that it adds the article to the default browser's reading list?

@ivory@tapbots.social avatar

@VojtechHorky We don't have any plans to do that. Many users use specific reader apps and you can pick from one of those. Safari is used as a default if you don't use a specific reader.

paulehoffman, to random
@paulehoffman@mastodon.social avatar

A friend of mine is interested in dipping his toe into Mastodon to follow his son; the son posts about five times a week. The friend might also follow a few other people (like me!) but doesn’t care if we post.

Is there an iOS Mastodon client that does notifications but you can say “only notify for posts from this subset of my subscribed accounts”? I thought that @ivory would do this, but I don't see how.

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@paulehoffman You can enable notifications for specific users (that you follow) by going to their profile and hitting the gear icon in the top right corner. Then choose "enable notifications”.

gobino, to random
@gobino@mastodon.social avatar

Hey @ivory, Threads has teased about launching api access in June.

Could this mean that Ivory might provide full support for Threads just like you did for twitter in the old days?

@ivory@tapbots.social avatar

@gobino Nope. Unfortunately the API doesn't have that kind of access. It's more for specialty apps that do specific things and not replicate what the official app does already.

ptjtsubasa, to random
@ptjtsubasa@mastodon.social avatar

@ivory Are you aware of an issue where Ivory loses all draft toots? Me and several people I know have been suffering from this for a few months, on both iOS and iPadOS.

@ivory@tapbots.social avatar

@ptjtsubasa Yes it's been fixed, but we haven't pushed it out yet because we are trying to finish a bunch of other things before we push the next release.

chartier, to random
@chartier@toot.cafe avatar

@ivory Is it possible to follow local timelines of other public servers? I can’t find it on iPhone.

@ivory@tapbots.social avatar

@chartier It's on our roadmap.

Kristofferabild, to threads
@Kristofferabild@hachyderm.io avatar

@ivory Will you add the ability to view #threads posts in Ivory? 🙂

@ivory@tapbots.social avatar

@Kristofferabild You can already do that. You can find threads users by searching in the Explore tab. But not all threads users have enabled access to the fediverse.

@ivory@tapbots.social avatar

@Kristofferabild Threads URLs are a bit weird and so they tend to not work correctly with clicking on them in Mastodon. You can find threads users, follow them, and their posts will show up in your feed.

Malik, to random
@Malik@mastodon.social avatar

@ivory PLEASE PLEASE fix this. 😭


@ivory@tapbots.social avatar

@Malik Can look into it.

doekman, to random
@doekman@mastodon.nl avatar

@ivory When I click on "Open in Ivory" I get an error message (see screenshot). The "open" button in the top bar did work though.

Might have to do that the extension doesn't seem to be installed, but Ivory.app is installed on my computer. Just restarted Safari, but to no avail…


Extension-dialog of Safari (nl locale), with Ivory in the bottom left corner under the title “On other devices”.

@ivory@tapbots.social avatar

@doekman Do you happen to have both the app store and testflight version installed?

@ivory@tapbots.social avatar

@doekman Ok just confirmed that button isn't working for some reason. We will fix it. But the "open in ivory" button that shows up in the top right corner of that view (it should show) seems to work.

@ivory@tapbots.social avatar

@doekman We actually fixed something on the server side that was causing your issue. For whatever reason it worked fine on iOS, but not on the Mac.

The extension is installed if you are getting that page. There should be an "Open in Ivory" button in Safari's toolbar that gives you options. If you don't see it, right click on your toolbar and "Customize”.

iriepixel, to random
@iriepixel@mastodon.social avatar

@ivory hi #ivory & #tapbots - is there any update on tag groups functionality?

@ivory@tapbots.social avatar

@iriepixel Yes we have been working on it for the past month. Still in progress.

@ivory@tapbots.social avatar

@jglypt We don't do anything related to Bluesky. Totally up to whoever makes those services.

janl, to random
@janl@narrativ.es avatar

@ivory auto-link-preview of mastodon posts bypasses account blocks and mutes. I have a person blocked and muted and have just gotten a post by them into my timeline by way of auto-link preview / boosts. What can I do to fix this?

@ivory@tapbots.social avatar

@janl Unfortunately nothing at this time. One of the drawbacks of not having an official quote post system in Mastodon. If it becomes a bigger issue, we can look into ways we can address it, but honestly you are the first to report this. Not saying it isn't a valid issue, but our quote system was supposed to be a basic system which we could build upon when the official quote post API's from Mastodon are implemented.

inferis, to random
@inferis@mastodon.social avatar

@ivory would it be hard to make the video player pannable when it's zoomed in? Right now it just zooms in to the center and you can't move the video around like a picture.

@ivory@tapbots.social avatar

@inferis It's something we want to do. It's on our list, but lower priority.

thomas, (edited ) to random
@thomas@metalhead.club avatar

I'd like to remind all Mastodon users that you can add a language filter to any follow relationship on Mastodon.

If you follow me and you don't speak German, you can easily remove my German posts from your timeline by adjusting the language settings.

Go to my profile page, select the dot menu and click "Change subscribed languages". Then select the languages that you speak.

This really is a hidden gem 💎 on Mastodon and not many people seem to know this feature :awesome:


@ivory@tapbots.social avatar

@ujay68 this is something you would do from the website for now. Not sure if this is a new mastodon feature or not, but first time seeing it. 🙂

eurozerozero, to random
@eurozerozero@mastodon.social avatar

@ivory Any chance you’ll add a Media tab to profiles in Ivory like the Mastodon web UI provides? It’d be a great feature! (maybe my memory is faulty but I thought Tweetbot had something like that at one point)



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@eurozerozero It's planned when we redesign our profile views.

whatsie, to random
@whatsie@mastodon.social avatar

@ivory if I’m in the feed and have read backward in time a bit, is there a way to jump to the oldest unread post? I can only figure out how to jump to present (skipping all the new posts) and then read backward again until I think I’ve caught up.

@ivory@tapbots.social avatar

@whatsie Double tap the home icon should take you to the last unread post first. Doing it again will then take you to the very top.

riazrahaman, to random
@riazrahaman@aus.social avatar

@ivory why the image previews not loading

@ivory@tapbots.social avatar

@riazrahaman Mastodon.social has the most users and that's probably where I'd go. They will have issues occasionally as well (every server will), but since it's the “official" server, things get fixed very quickly.

y2mango, to random
@y2mango@mastodon.social avatar

@ivory For the macOS “Open Links in Background" option, is there anything else I have to do to enable this behavior?

I toggled it on, but it still opens the link and brings Chrome to the foreground when I click a link.

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@todd @y2mango It worked for me when I tested it once. But maybe just a fluke? 🙂

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