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I am an amateur photographer, musician, trained psychotherapist, computer programmer, writer, and more. I share photos, bad jokes, and posts on tech, science, medicine, health, the environment, and other similar subjects.

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garry, to photography
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A Pigeon Took These Photographs

'A photographer with a fascination for pigeons has attached small cameras to the birds so they can take photos'

Strictly for the birds. And the photo of the highway intersection looks like a soaring bird.

#photography #AvianPhotography #AerialPhotography


fitheach, to GPS
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I decided to treat myself by buying a new satnav for the car. My car doesn't have a satnav built-in, which with hindsight is a good thing.

The new model is a Garmin DriveSmart 76. My main reason for upgrading was to get lifetime map updates, which are installed via WiFi, directly onto the satnav (no PC needed). For me this is a major benefit, as otherwise map updates require a Garmin app running on Mac or Windows. The new unit will replace a Garmin Nuvi 65 LM.


#satnav #GPS #cars

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@fitheach You've got me thinking about an upgrade. I have to plug my Nuvi in to upgrade software and maps, and it's hit or miss whether the Garmin Express software actually recognises that it's plugged in.

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@fitheach Sounds good. But update via WiFi is excellent.

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@fitheach My car's media player is the combined CD player/radio.


garry, to ilaughed
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"The Hippie Look"

Frizzy hair and round glasses

Copyright © 2024 Garry Knight
All rights reserved

#photo #photography #MyWork #MyPhoto #fotografie #fotografía
#StreetPhotography #monochrome

garry, to random
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Eat lots of honey, to get your bee vitamins.

garry, to music
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Gosh, can Olivia Colman sing?! If she ever makes an album of this kind of music I'll buy it straight away!

#music #singing #acting #OliviaColman


garry, to photography
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UK Photographers and Daylight Savings Time

When the clocks went forward yesterday, did you remember to check and change the time on your cameras? I didn't. D'oh! 😄

#photography #DST #metadata #cameras #JPEG #raw

garry, to photography
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Signs of spring and a wily coyote – readers’ best photos

There are some talented photographers amongst readers of The Guardian.

#photography #ReadersPhotos


garry, to music
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Bruce Springsteen becomes first non-Brit inducted into Ivors Academy

'The Boss says he is proud to become a fellow after being recognised for his ‘impact on the UK’s cultural landscape’’

Bruce tickles the Ivors.

#music #Springsteen #BruceSpringsteen #TheBoss #IvorsAcademy


garry, to science
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Culprit behind Psoriasis Revealed

'Researchers from the Australian National University (ANU) report they have uncovered a gene mutation that is responsible for causing psoriasis'

#science #medicine #health #dermatology #psoriasis


garry, to internet
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Federation is the future of social media, says Bluesky CEO Jay Graber

'The head of Threads and Mastodon competitor Bluesky on why she thinks decentralization is the way forward in a post-Twitter internet'

A huge, but fascinating for some, read about Bluesky, and how it will handle federation, moderation, identity, and all the other problems (and benefits) thrown up in the process of building it.

#SocialMedia #Bluesky #Mastodon #Threads #Twitter


garry, to photography
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Phenomenal Photos of March’s Full Worm Moon

' A glorious full Moon lit up the skies last night with celestial observers able to capture spectacular photos of March’s full Moon, known as the Worm Moon. March’s full Moon is a harbinger of warmer weather and therefore the appearance of worms, hence its name.'

#photography #astrophotography #astronomy #moon


garry, to photography
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Holi festival celebrated by Hindus around the world – in pictures

'Holi is the Hindu festival of colours and is celebrated to mark the start of spring in India, Nepal, other South Asian countries and across the diaspora. Celebrants rejoice by throwing coloured powders at one another on the street.'

Does this look like fun, or does this look like fun?

#photography #FestivalPhotography #festivals #religion #Hindu


garry, to technology
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Unpatchable security flaw in Apple Silicon Macs breaks encryption

'University researchers have found an unpatchable security flaw in Apple Silicon Macs, which would allow an attacker to break encryption and get access to cryptographic keys.
The flaw is present in M1, M2, and M3 chips, and because the failing is part of the architecture of the chips, there’s no way for Apple to fix it in current devices …'

#technology #tech #security #hacking #malware #encryption


garry, to photography
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Week in wildlife – in pictures: a majestic crane, a clumsy owlet and sleepy seals

'The best of this week’s wildlife photographs from around the world'

#photography #wildlife #animals #environment #nature


garry, to science
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Our Brains Are in Trouble: Nearly Half the World Living with Neurological Illness

'New research estimates that nearly half of people globally are living with a condition like Alzheimer's, stroke, or epilepsy'

#science #medicine #health #neurology #NeurologicalIllness


garry, to ireland
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St Patrick's Day celebrations take place across the world

'Thousands have gathered in cities like Dublin, Tokyo, Chicago, Madrid and New York and to celebrate St Patrick's Day'
(video 01"20')

If anyone knows how to celebrate, it's the Irish.


garry, to languagelearning
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Irish names you’re probably saying wrong and how to pronounce them

'Do you know your Gearóid from your Gobnait? Your Fearghal from your Muirgheal? To the untrained eye, Irish names can seem like a daunting ambush of rogue consonants and surprise vowels.'

Happy St Paddy's Day! ☘️

#languages #linguistics #Ireland #names


garry, to ilaughed
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“Another Delivery?”

How boring.

Copyright © 2024 Garry Knight
All rights reserved

garry, to photography
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A century of monochrome magic – in pictures

'A new exhibition celebrates over 100 years of two-tone photography, featuring stunning sharp contrasts, nuanced greys … and a Chinese roller skater'

#photography #Photography #Exhibition #BlackAndWhite #BW


garry, to science
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Covid vaccines cut risk of virus-related heart failure and blood clots, study finds

'Researchers say jabs substantially reduce for up to a year the chances of serious cardiovascular complications'


garry, to photography
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The 10 Jaw-Dropping Open Winners of the Sony World Photography Awards

'Nearly 400,000 images from over 220 countries and territories were submitted to this year’s photo contest, so these 10 winning photographers had to beat some serious competition.'

#photography #PhotoCompetition #Sony


garry, to science
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Lead from gasoline blunted the IQ of about half the U.S. population, study says

'Leaded gas was banned in 1996, but exposure to the poison cost people born before then several IQ points on average, researchers estimated'

And not just in the US, I'll bet.

#science #environment #gasoline #petrol #pollution #US


garry, to ilaughed
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“Colonnade Walk”

Along The Mall.

Copyright © 2024 Garry Knight
All rights reserved

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