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I'm harmless. Sometimes what I say is not what I mean.
I put up cover songs here:

About the handle: since aol IM, I've used it everywhere because it's usually not taken by someone else, and I don't want to be scottbaxter1234567.


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eyesquash, to guitar
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More attempted music - Robin Trower - Day of the Eagle.
#guitar #music #homeRecording #DIY #coverSong
Rock what you've got.

eyesquash, to guitar
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JOYO American Sound, clone of Tech21 NYC Blonde, into the effects return. It's hard to find indoor volume.

It's quite versatile and sounds sparkly. I think the thing I want it to do is in there somewhere.

Controls: 3 EQ knobs, then level, drive, and "voice" which is supposed to sweep between different amp sounds (clockwise = older amp model?)

All 3 make it louder.
It IS noisy, even with humbuckers. Not bad though.

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#Votes decide elections.
Non-votes don't.

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If I change my party affiliation, I won't be able to vote in the primaries in my state. So I don't.

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All single issue voters are easy to exploit. Just give him the one thing they want, and you can do all the other terrible stuff you like.

eyesquash, to ethelcain
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I don't see how I could relate to an eternal, omniscient, omnipotent being.
Nothing in common.
#God #religion

eyesquash, to random
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Look. My vote, my actions, my voice, what I say online, what money I might donate, matters very, very, very, very, very, very, very, little.
But I try to behave as though it does.

eyesquash, to queer
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eyesquash, to random
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Money is comfort, but comfort is not contentment.
Still, comfort doesn't suck.

etherdiver, to random
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Just a few minutes late for West Coast 4:20 (but still close enough LOL), here's the latest track on Metaphysical Shitposting! This time, it's "Led Astray by the Title (Cloud Mistaken for Zeppelin)" in which I dig deep into the and come up with some Deeply Weird Shit.


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@etherdiver I am easily Led!

eyesquash, to guitar
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Sometimes I wondered whether my Peavey amp had an effects loop, whether PWR AMP IN was return, and PRE AMP OUT was send.

Now I know it. I'd noticed the jacks years ago, but I only hooked something up to them today, for the first time.

I may buy an amp sim pedal and plug it into the effects return. I'm thinking of the JOYO American Sound - it might make my Peavey sound like a Fender. A bit.

A bright blue DigiTech PDS 1002 effects pedal sitting on the dusty black tolex top of a big 80's Peavey twin, its input and output jacks connected to the preamp out and power amp in jacks of the amp. It works!

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Does anyone have thoughts on the $40 JOYO American Sound vs the $400 Universal Audio Woodrow?

I don't expect to use stereo or cab and mic sim, bright channel toggle, and on...but they could be really handy for DI recording or house sound.

eyesquash, to random
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NYC elected a cop for mayor.
No surprise he's not that great.
The only weird thing is that NYC elected a cop for mayor.

eyesquash, to rant
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Micro plastics, inequality, global warming, Ukraine, Gaza, AI, guns, abortion rights, corporate greed. ALL OF IT. NOBODY ASKED ME.

I recycle, and I vote as hard as I can.
Do you have a suggestion for anything I might be able to do that could help?
Getting tired of being scolded. What the f is a neoliberal?

Do you not know that whenever we burn it all down, a lot of people get hurt, and the worst people take over?

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I get between 115 and 116 BPM when I try to sync a metronome to it, if that's any help.

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My body may be a complex series of fortuitous events.

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Just don't compare your band to the Beatles, and we'll be okay.

CultureDesk, to television
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"Halt and Catch Fire" premiered 10 years ago and went on for four seasons and 40 episodes. @polygon's Devan Suber describes how the beloved AMC show understood the draw of video games better than any show that's come before it. "In the words of Joe MacMillan (Lee Pace), the computer was always 'the thing that gets us to the thing,' a vector for connection, expression, or some other deeper human need."

#Television #Entertainment #HaltAndCatchFire #TuneIn #TV #VideoGames #Gaming

For more stories like this, follow Polygon's TV Shows Magazine, @tv.

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@CultureDesk @polygon @tv thank you! Another thing to try to watch. :)

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Multitasking sucks.

eyesquash, to workersrights
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"Control-freak is in the eye of the beholder."

eyesquash, to Sleeping
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Caffeine is GOOD, but it's no substitute for sleep.
My dog and the open windows are teaching me that I can sleep in small dozes throughout the night, and still live.
It's different, though.
I wonder whether dying feels like too little sleep. Brain doesn't work all the way, then less, then not at all, by imperceptible degrees.
#caffeine #sleep

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This time of year, I can leave the windows open at night, because it's fresh and cool, and I can hear the arguments of strangers, as they stand in the street and scream at each other.

eyesquash, to diy
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^ ^ ^ ^
Oh, just go watch my amateur music video (above).

If you're groovy, I'd like to contribute bass/guitar/voice to your thing. It might not suck.

(ok, back to work)
#music #bass #guitar #vocal

vincenevers, to random
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new single "acid" out now.


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@vincenevers dub, I did not expect

Theblueone, to music
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Davy Knowles & Tyler Bryant - Live at The Rams Head On Stage 6/25/23 "Cortez The Killer"


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@Theblueone dag. He sounded like a sax at the start.

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