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Old enough to know better. Australian. Kuarna land. Pronouns: Whatever / Not that fussed. Born 1957. "What???!!! That doesn't seem possible! "Well, it's true." "But you seem so hip, groovy and down with the kids!" "Oh stop it!"

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Just a Bit Quicker, Pussy-cat, and Give Them a Wedgie.

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Vincent Namatjira is in the news again because Gina Rinehart is a truly awful person.

I think his painting is a pretty good likeness. It's recognisable to the point of being iconic. It captures her disdain for Black people perfectly, just as his painting of Tony Abbott captured the fake smile and witless eyes of our former Prime Minister.

I want to congratulate the ABC journalist who appears to have found the reference photo used by the artist, Vincent Namatjira, and put the photo side-by-side with the painting.

Compare them.

Before you say "This painting is not a good likeness" or "The artist is trying to make her look ugly", look at both images.
Now, look at the shit Gina Rinehart has done to the land with her resource extraction while making herself one of the richest people in the world with an estimated wealth of $30 billion.

And, look at Gina Rinehart's refusal to separate herself from her father's appallingly racist words.

Here's a sample:

"Nothing should be sacred from mining whether it’s your ground, my ground, the Blackfella's ground or anybody else’s. So the question of Aboriginal land rights and things of this nature shouldn’t exist."


"[Aboriginal people] that have been assimilated into, you know, earning good living or earning wages amongst the civilised areas, those that have been accepted into society and they have accepted society and can handle society, I’d leave them well alone.
The ones that are no good to themselves and can’t accept things, the half-castes - and this is where most of the trouble comes - I would dope the water up so that they were sterile and would breed themselves out in future and that would solve the problem."

Collection of 21 portraits painted by Indigenous artist, Vincent Namatjira.
Portrait by Vincent Namatjira of former Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott.

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@BinChicken It's a sort of self fulfilling painting.

In it she looks like someone about to ask to see the manager and the first thing she does when she sees it is demand to see the manager.

Namatjira is clearly an artist who sees into the character of the subject.

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When did AI cross the line?

With this guy

"Hi there! It seems like you're trying to write something slightly more difficult than what you're really capable of. I'll sit here and make passive aggressive comments about your non-American spelling and the passive voice until you realise that you're probably not as good a writer as you seem to think you are."

It was like writing with your Mother making helpful suggestions.

Clippy the Windows office assistant saying "Hi there""

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I put my symptoms into WebMD.

Turns out I’m just old.

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@dgar You'll find that's OLD Syndrome - Optimum Lying Down Syndrome. This is when you're at your best when you don't get out of bed.

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Just the way we like it here in Australia.

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TIL Cybertruck has a hashtag:

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@yakkoj What's the Sign Language for .

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Finally watched and I think it was great. It was lovable and fun.

I also think that people considered it a fail for the same reason some hated Turning Red:
Because teenage fangirls are seen as cringe. While teenage fanboys are Spiderman.

I said what I said

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@TarkabarkaHolgy There were two scenes in it that were over the top craziness and I loved it for them.

Everyone says "we're sick of cookie cutter movies" and then one does something different and it's "It isn't like all the others!!!"

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You took 8 photos. No, it didn't have a screen, so you couldn't see what your photo would look like.

Then you took out the film - I'll explain film later - and took it to the chemist shop.

A week later, you went back to the chemist and paid for your 8 photos.

Then you went home and put them in an album.

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Too late to start studying?

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The Wall - 11th Album

There are people who think this is an overwhelming masterpiece. There are people who think it's a pompous, incoherent vanity project.

I can see both points of view.

Floyd were falling apart at the time and this is the last album with any claim to be "a Pink Floyd Album".

Waters was in control. It was his story, his writing, his vocals. The others were almost backing musicians.

It's not their best work and it's not a lot of fun, but you have to hear it.

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Wish You Were Here - 9th Album

It goes without saying that this is yet another cracking album and critics proof.

Which raises the question, where did this leap in quality come from. They made seven albums and not one of them has at least one track that you'd skip.

And then suddenly, Dark Side of the Moon and then this. Were they bitten by radioactive spiders?

The leap they made is extraordinary.

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@mxtthxw I think the Barrett story is a heart breaker.

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I have to say that as far as endings go, the fact that "The Never-ending Story" finishes seems like they didn't grasp the concept.

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Atom Heart Mother 5th Album

This starts with someone's good idea of having an Orchestra play with the band, but instead of them being the backing the band would back the Orchestra.

It's orchestral music of astonishing amateur naivety and sloshes about with band members interrupting. There's even a "found sound" section that adds little.

Of the four songs on the second side the first ("If") is perhaps the best. One is 2nd hand Beatles, one shows Gilmour at his best and one is dross

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Meddle - 6th Album

And then, suddenly, something clicked!

After the two fairly dire albums that proceeded this one, this shows a new found brilliance. The first side has some outstanding tracks. Alright, it has Seamus - a joke that isn't that funny and San Tropez - sort of Floyd does Lounge Music that's as weird as it sounds, but other tracks -One of these Days in particular - are fantastic.

The second side is one big track, and is gripping and entertaining. A B+ album.

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Obscured by Clouds - 7th Album

Another movie Soundtrack. Important if for no other reason than the Synthesiser makes an appearance.

It was made during rehearsals for Dark Side of the Moon and has some of the same ideas - shorter songs, synth, found sounds overlaid, off kilter pop rhythms.

It's hardly essential - in fact, many people think it's their most overlooked album - but it's enjoyable and well worth a listen

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The Dark Side of the Moon - 8th album

This is obviously beyond criticism. It is, essentially, a perfect album.

The sequenced synthesisers, the saxophone, the direct lyrics are all new, but everything else on the album has been heard before on earlier works. But here it's honed until it's razor sharp.

Take "The Great Gig in the Sky". They used a wordless choir on Atom Heart Mother. Here that have one voice and its so powerful.

This is the one where they got it all right.

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I wish my fingers knew how much I counted on them.

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@hvangalen @dgar

I heard a song recently about frostbite and it really made my fingers snap.

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Hey, people. I stand by you. Every time one of you decides to live your life the way you need to, then there's one less miserable person in the world. And let's face it. If there's one thing the world needs, it's less miserable people.

Get out there and be yourselves. 🥰

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Well, I didn’t know this was gonna happen until a few days ago, and then BAM it arrived today. Apparently, it’s an instant inspiration machine, too. Double-plus good.


The opened box reveals a SOMA Pulsar-23 in white. Lots of knobs and mysterious connections all over it.
The Pulsar in my studio. Fits perfectly.

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@stevenray @synths

I believe all the cool kids say "hard core old school!"

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Unseen aliens leave a strange monolith to influence the development of early hominids. The apes ignore it, and the aliens decide to try another, more promising solar system.

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I've never been a huge fan of . They're a band that sort of passed me by. But I've decided to listen to their albums in order and review them in a thread. Because what the world needs is my opinion.

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The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

The first album. It's an album pulling in two directions. There's the psychedelic pastoral folk stuff with magic cats and little men and ancient kings and scarecrows.

And then there's the psychedelic cosmic stuff with the free form improvisation.

There's an air of serious young men throwing anything at the wall to see what sticks in an attempt at profundity. It's an artefact of its time and has a certain drugged charm.

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Long night so far.

A call from my sister just after midnight that she’d taken mum to the hospital.

Been holding bedside vigil while sister goes home and gets some sleep. Doctors running tests and whatnot. Morphine for the pain. Machines that go “bing”.

It’s about 4:30am and mum’s snoring with a plethora of tubes and wires.

Eyes are heavy. Chair is uncomfortable. The nurses showed me where I could make a cup of coffee for myself.

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@dgar A very sad time. Thinking of you and what you must be going through. I went through it myself a couple of years ago and can sympathise. Big hugs.

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One Two Three Four!
I declare a meme war!
Do NOT neglect your !!

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