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Hi, this is Andre. I'll be writing about software architecture and development, cyber security, UX/UI topics, politics, and queer experiences. I'm a classically trained musician and music composer, band director, and music instructor. I'm handfasted, have kids, and play and create (video) games. Sometimes I don't recognize social cues.

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aeveltstra, (edited ) to nyc
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Today my spouse Viktor is a guest of honor at the in . He is a cofounder and codirector of the charity, a non-profit adjunct of a for-profit research institute that is solving the murder case of . A documentary about Venus is shown 3 times at the film festival. My spouse is a subject matter expert on the for that case. He focuses on marginalized people and minorities.

aeveltstra, to vegan
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Yes I know this is an ad for a whiskey seller. It’s pretty cool regardless. This kind of ad making is what gets remembered.

aeveltstra, to random
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Today, a fellow bus rider was waiting at the same bus stop as me. On top of little concrete steps. I never understood why she’d wait there, instead of closer to the road. Today she nearly got run over by a car. Nearly. The driver went out of his way to point the nose of his SUV over the very yellow, very visible curb and clip her legs. He changed his mind at the last moment: those steps are framed by metal railing and a heavy metal light pole in a heavy concrete block. Smart lady.

aeveltstra, to Cybersecurity
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When a expert manages to escalate a wrongly-classified into a correct classification, we find a bug in that allows for arbitrary remote code execution by an unprivileged user.

joeyh, to random
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astronomical AI winter, or meteorological AI winter?

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@joeyh Global AI warming?

evawolfangel, to Cybersecurity German
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Please help: I am looking for a spokesperson or even better a CISO of the government of the Netherlands - ideally both. I need a quick and easy contact for an IT security related issue. The website is not helpful.

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@mok24 @evawolfangel masto for win!

aeveltstra, to random
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My roommate moved out by… calling cops to escort him while he removed some belongings from our residence.

We offered a dwelling when he got homeless. We fed him, helped him find work, drove him to work, doctor, and pharmacy, made as much space as we could accommodate.

In return he misgendered my spouse and our children, and just sat there complaining instead of finding another place to live. And he made a big scene on my front porch with cops and all.

I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

aeveltstra, (edited ) to random
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I wrote in long-form about in and :


How much arity is too much?

I’d like some feedback from you: how much is too much? How much is good? Do we have a rule of thumb?

Arity is the amount of input arguments for a function / method / process / program. Less could be more… unless you write in Java and pass in a context object that holds hundreds of settings.

What say you?

aeveltstra, to Powershell
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I updated my example #Powershell #WindowsForms #GUI creation script:


It shows how to create a graphical user interface with Windows.Forms (dotnet) in Powershell.

The update added the ability for the font to adapt to the user's font theme and size changes in Windows. It's silly, really: Windows.Forms should do that by itself. But it doesn't, so every programmer has to be aware and make it happen. #accessibility #ux

aeveltstra, to progress
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Remember that your phone battery indicator is lying to you. Other customers didn’t like to see the battery indicator deplete as soon as they took the phone off the charger, so they complained to vendors. Those built a lie to accommodate: the indicator now lingers at full capacity longer. ?

marekkuethe, to PostgreSQL German

Der Dozent meinte, ich könnte keine Arrays in einer Datenbank speichern.
Irgendwie kann ich aber genau das in PostgreSQL machen 🤷‍♂️.

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@marekkuethe Und mann kann das auch in NoSQL Dateibanken wie MongoDb oder DynamoDb.

liaizon, to random
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playing with https://app.diagrams.net which is quite nice. cool that it uses all open formats

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@liaizon Yes! It’s own proprietary format can export to XML as well, which then can be altered and read back in by Diagrams. That’s how I made a diagram maker for genealogy trees from Ancestry.

marquisdegeek, to random
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Do you have trouble communication metric sizes with Americans?

If so, I have you covered!

I wrote this simple app where you type in a size (e.g. 1.2 meters) and it will output more useful units, e.g. "It is almost exactly the length of 7 medium-size bananas"


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@marquisdegeek We do the most ridiculous things here too, like counting in units that are way too small so it makes us lose the ability to estimate. Where a Dutch person would receive an indication of 50 meter, an American is given 200 feet (overstating by 11 meters). Not 164 (which is more accurate), because few people can estimate that many feet precisely. As long as we aren’t comparing units of measurements, this works just fine.

LorenzMeyer, to random German
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Anni the Duck, Reved, Mowky und nun Unge, iBlali und Rachel. In letzter Zeit gab es in der Youtuber-Szene so einigen Beef. Worum es dabei geht? Nun ja, das ist kompliziert.... Vielleicht lest ihr einfach diese Passage aus meiner "Kreuzfahrt durch die Republik" und dann könnt Ihr es ungefähr erahnen.

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@LorenzMeyer Is it a soap opera played out by independent actors? If so: well done! Drama, fabricated more than real, attracts lots of viewers who live vicariously through their favorite actor.

w7voa, to random
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In NYC hush money case, the verdict is being read. Donald J. Trump GUILTY on counts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 so far.

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@CerebralHawks @w7voa Sure. But I’ll take small wins, as they open the door to bigger ones.

aeveltstra, to privacy
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For those whose computers won’t let them use , please do consider blocking advertisers earlier than inside the browser. Try this hosts file, or better: set these to block on your internet router’s firewall.


KimPerales, (edited ) to random
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The "axis of evil" expands🚨:

Musk & Trump's ties are deepening. They've discussed a possible advisor role for Musk should Trump win the pres. election. Musk & N Peltz have briefed Trump on a data-driven voter fraud project & anti-Biden efforts.

They discussed ways to give Musk formal input & influence over policies related to border security & the economy (Musk has no expertise in...), both issues on which Musk has grown more vocal.

#GOPCorruption #GOPConspirators


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@KimPerales If anyone needed any more proof Musk is a dictator and likes other dictators…

aeveltstra, to microsoft
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I made a dashboard. To view it and its data on other devices, I had to publish it. (To where? Some Microsoft server? Can I trust it?) To publish it, I was forced to migrate the data into the dashboard itself (rather than using a direct db query). The local copy of that published dashboard holds a lot more data than I expected, but not a huge amount. Only 12MB. And yet, PowerBI Desktop is incapable of opening it due to memory limitations... Totally unusable. Good going, !

aeveltstra, to Powershell
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In ISE it may appear not needed to import types. But when running the same script from a command prompt, Powershell doesn't recognize them. Import them using the Add-Type commandlet.

aeveltstra, to productivity
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: learn to use keyboard shortcuts for increased . If you're still hunting and pecking keys, learn how to .

For that reason alone, software that require mouse input and fail to provide keyboarded alternatives should never be produced.

javedAB, to javascript

want fast-loading pages

one way to achieve this is by loading only the necessary initially

load the rest on hover or button click for a smoother experience

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@javedAB Other ways to achieve it include removing Javascript altogether and replacing it by server-side scripting, as well as serving most if not all of your sources over a fast CDN.

jpmens, to random
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We need you to sign this NDA for the training you'll be doing next week.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ. People; think before you write.

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@icing @jpmens @ondrej Isn't it always DNS?

DaveMasonDotMe, to SQLServer
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Ugh. It looks like AI (CoPilot/ChatGPT) is coming to SSMS.

Can we cool our jets with all the AI bullshit?


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@DaveMasonDotMe Hasn't the query engine been an AI already?

Lana, to random
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1990 Internet: You gotta be a hacker to find anything on the web

2000 Internet: Literally all the information in the world accessible to everyone so easy a toddler could do it

2020 Internet: You gotta be a hacker to find anything on the web

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@iamuppsala It looks at more than Bing alone. It also looks at Google and other sources. But it doesn't display Google's ads, and it doesn't use either Google's or Bing's a.i. to figment imagination.

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