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I'm curious • I learn things • I share them • I did Good Things • Shame how they ended up • I speak tech • I've just completed the first pass of my unique Great Big Graphics Project online (5 years work! 12,000+ images!) and now I'm researching my Great Big Writing Project following on from it • I post some Follower-only content

Andrew D Wright

Halifax, Nova Scotia

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About 100 light years from us is an orange sun and around it orbit 6 planets with harmonically aligned orbits, almost like they were placed that way.

Scientists listened for any signals but struck out - nothing was being transmitted our way.


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Anyone else thinking the Herald obituaries are getting longer?

Not the individual ones, I mean there's more of them.

It's great when there's no one there you know or like.

It's awesome when there's someone you know to be a horrible person there but despite there being no shortage of really horrible people, awesome is oddly in short supply. I mean it all evens out in the end, no one escapes Carousel, but it sure does seem there ought to be more awesome about with so many more listings.

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Wow. This has been a long week for three days.

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The thing about today's US Supreme Court decision that is funny is how anyone in the US believes in their justice system now has to do handstands to explain how open corruption is just.

Laws are lies. Always were.

They are not real unless you're rich.

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The more I read of Glasgow Willy Wonka, the absocrazier the story gets.

It's coming out in dribs and drabs on the various social media and it seems to have hit the magic 'truth is more bananas than any fiction' jackpot.

I'm just imagining putting on a theater of the ai absurd like this, ending on the show stopping No Refunds song.

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There's no refunds 🎵
We've already spent the bread.

There's no refunds
No matter how much you beg.

The people we owe money to
Are so much scarier than you.

Even if we did have it
You would never know.

So hope you enjoyed our show
Cuz your memories will have to go

With you to one last distraction:
This way to the Egress section. 🎵

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It's good to see council not tear down something for a change.

That house could be fixed.

EDIT: Link goes to the 5th story in today's Morning File.


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This story just keeps getting better and better. It's got to be some kind of meta- art statement. It has to be, right?

A Glasgow warehouse became a place of magic, all the wrong kind, as some kind of cross between an AI-generated Willy Wonka show and a scam happened.

The website is down but thanks to the Internet Archive it's still available.


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There was one Oompa-Loompa, children got the magic candy treat of a single jelly bean and two ounces of Tesco lemonade, and the police were called.

The actors, hired the day before, met at the warehouse and on seeing the exhibit realized they were not likely to be paid but since children were coming, did what they could with the awful setup they had been given.

The 15 page AI-written script, introducing a new villain who lives in the walls is circulating online.


adwright, (edited )
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The Oompa-Loompa's story.

No pay, sudden online fame.

"We tried to be the sprinkles on the shit."

I think that's a good description of all of us good people watching it all go to Hell in a handbasket unable to stop any of it.

Kirsty Paterson, you've captured the 21st century's main quandary for good people in a single line.


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Bitcoin is getting interesting again.

Just for shits and giggles I clicked an old bookmark and its going for like $82K CAD right now.

Mother of pearl.

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Just saw that Wolf of Wall Street scene where they humiliate the trader cleaning his fish bowl and eat his pet fish.

The trader gets handed his empty fish bowl and slinks off.

Here's what you do if this should happen to you in real life.

Smash that thick glass bowl as suddenly and as hard as you can across the face of the bastard with the gold watch just killed your fish. Take the MF out and slash his throat with a shard.

You'll go to jail forever but one less chud will see sunset that day.

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Before the weeping nellie crowd starts in, IT"S A MOVIE.

I'd never ever say taking out horrible evil people out to kill you would ever be a good idea in real life.

They are the job creators.

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The Odysseus story:

Moon landing with no altimeter using jury rigging of camera views to gauge speed and altitude.


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Cat in a blender videos.

Yeah, thanks for that, Elon, you stooge.

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This afternoon's mission. Purchase a map and bucket. Clean a friend's apartment who isn't able to do it.

Bonus round: See what 21st century mop tech has evolved into. oooooEEEEEEooooo

[The future is tomorrow

cue montage

adwright, to Halifax
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Today's eviction day for the homeless in public spaces.

I was there the last time. I saw the police pepper spray innocent children passing by and hold hostages to force compliance. It was ugly and brutal and felt like a piece of the future.

The city unquestioningly would want that again except for all the negative publicity it created. Armed goons pepper spraying children was a bad look.

What I know is hitting down is the strategy of bad people, the ones nobody should ever trust.

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I'm so much older now.

I don't have enough fight to take on all the stupid in the world any more.

They're just looking for trophies. Easy victories that mean nothing, like the oversize truck cuts off the pedestrian at the crosswalk so it can sit 2 seconds longer behind the cars at the red light.

I prefer real answers that work. That's why I don't support bullies.

If brutality was the answer, there would be no problems anywhere. No shortage of brutal about.

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Sunday afternoon catching up on the week's vids.

Star Wars The Bad Batch is back. More Dave Filoni genius. Final season, 1st 3 eps dropped this week.

Quantum Leap 2022 season 2 finished this week. I've got to binge these some time.

Law & Order Toronto premiered. Badly done retelling of the Quadriga story. Trivia: I was one of the 1st people to report on it. I had it days before the world did. Hope this was just a duff pilot ep.

Halo season 2 a cracker. This stuff is finely done.

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Resident Alien's back. I like this show but I'd like it more if the writing were less uneven. The cast is better than the material, which seems to have lost something this season so far, but still hoping they get the nose up.

Casualty (BBC) is back for season 39. I admit it. I'm hooked on this ER Saturday soap opera. It's addictive as fuck. It's the best part of Saturday evening, seeing how everyone's handling the breakdown of everything this week.

Equalizer 2021 back for season 4. Still good.

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Fender benders and idiots cursing at each other and so far it's just a little black ice in the city core.

I was nearly clocked as a pedestrian by some twit doing that aggressive crosswalk thing where they don't stop driving towards you as you cross but the ice sped her up so she would have hit me except I'd been snow walking so when I went to move I had the traction she didn't.

Got one of those I didn't kill you hand waves.

I'm not budging from home tonight now I'm in.

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Anyone else thinking the gun got kind of jumped here in with closing everything down at lunch today?

It does not look like Stormageddon out there to me and from the weather radar we're in the worst of it now.

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Using very rough back of the napkin math, my free online unique great big graphics project has gotten about one tenth the views of a single one of the 126 exhibits' real life counterparts.

With next to zero promotion, just by sitting there.

While there are only 35 surviving - and deliberately incomplete - public collections of the 126 exhibits today, at one point in the real world at their release each exhibit would have been viewed something on the order of 120,000 times, roughly estimated.

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Keeping on the theme of stinker movies, Madame Web is yet another in the long, long list of superhero / fantasy / science fiction movies where for some reason the entire movie is spent on setup rather than story.

In this case, there never is a payoff. The movie is about a baddie trying to change fate to prevent the creation of a superhero team which in the movie does not in fact get created.

And a long list of people from the writers on up thought this was a good way to spend ~$100M+.

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So in summary if you're ever really zoned out and in the mood to watch anything at all without caring what it is, this isn't Manos: The Hands Of Fate level bad, unless you compare cost to entertainment level ratios, but you can probably do better by sheer random chance picking anything else.

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