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:therian: Grey Wolf Therian, he/him, 30ish y.o.
Running packmates.org and yiffit.net fediverse instances.

:vlpn_happy_heart: Interests: Tech, therianthropy, furry/feral art, animal books, shamanism & animal-influenced spirituality, SFW & NSFW petplay

I sometimes post or boost NSFW content.

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Wander, to trustandsafety
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How to deal with accusations and rumors based on outside drama?

This is a tricky one.
Suppose a user is accused of something that is generally frowned upon or worse. However, this has supposedly happened irl, not in your instance, and also the user has a good track record of being active and generating content that doesn't violate the rules at your instance or other instances. There is also no threat to your userbase (as opposed to, for example, in the case of a doxxer).

What is the best approach?:

1- Suspend the user
2- Kick them out (allow them to migrate away, although this just pushes the problem back to the options below)
3- Let them stay and any disagreeing remote instances suspend the user on their side
4- Let them stay and any disagreeing remote instances suspend your whole instance

IMHO, the only sustainable option is option 3, unless it carries a realistic threat to other users. It's not feasible for small instances to be part-time detectives and unless the content posted itself is problematic or there are other reasons, service mentality should prevail if we don't want to push users to super large instances that don't care.

Any concerned remote users or instances are of course free to block on their side.

A whole instance block is not warranted since the instance itself is not spammy or allowing any problematic content, but merely decides not being capable of making a fair assessment of off-platform rumors.

Am I off track?

Wander, to mastodon
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Has any other instance admin been dealing with "too many open files" error on sidekiq?

I've tried increasing the file descriptor limit for the mastodon user and in theory lsof reports that the amount opened is much less than the limit, but I'm still getting connection errors due to this, which stop all images from being cached until I reboot the server.

Wander, to ADHD
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Anyone with and/or can tell me about their experience with masking?

I have a hard time relaxing and recharging my social batteries unless I'm alone or just in the company of animals.

How do you manage and your social battery around your SO? Is it possible to deprogram the automatic tendency to mask even with people you love?

To give you an idea about my masking, I feel like my social interactions are based on following a script or doing a performance even if it's super unconscious and automatic.

Just learned about the concept but it's evident that this is what I'm doing constantly when interacting with people and the reason why I crave alone time to unwind and recharge.

Thank you <3

Wander, to random
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I just realized that the reason CEOs in the 1960s made on average only 20x as much as workers and nowadays it's at 300x, has probably to do with the world leaving the gold standard.

You see, until 1971 the world's money supply was limited by a tangible asset: gold, whether directly or using the dollar as proxy (1944-1971).

Without this limitation central banks are able to print as much money as they need and set any type of interest rate to control the availability of credit. In a system with monetary expansion the huge winners are those who get first access to the newly created money, which could be through the government with subsidies but with the vaaaaast majority being companies through credit.

This gives companies a huge advantage in the economy and of course this includes CEOs who have a large amount of power in deciding how that money is used, or simply through shareholders who with cheap credit pay CEOs anything they want to ensure they get or keep the best.

Also notice when this gap between productivity and wages started to happen. This is probably also related to the end of the gold standard the availability of cheap credit which can be funneled massively in company production while wages don't need to be adjusted until the newly created money circulates through the economy enough to impact prices.

Wander, to mastodon
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My "MastoRecommender" project! (as promised, an early proof of concept sneak peek)

A project where we turn the dreaded corporate spam-pushing algorithm concept on its head to create a curated recommendations feed that YOU control, runs 100% on your PC, is private and works with any fediverse instance that supports the Mastodon API.

Tired of missing out on awesome fedi content and discussions that people from around the world are posting while you're asleep? Well, no more :vlpn_happy_heart:

This will of course be fully open source. It also works via the existing API which is already used by clients such as Tusky. This means that:

a) users only get recommendations for content they have permissions to see.

b) it can be used by anyone with an account at any fediverse instance that supports the Mastodon API.

The Boost and Favorite buttons will allow you to boost or favorite content directly from the feed, while other options will allow you to give more or less weight to certain content.

All calculations necessary are done locally on your device and your content recommendation preferences never ever leave said device.

Finally, in regards to data safety, it'll act like a regular Mastodon client which holds a small ephemeral cache that is cleared regularly as new content is read. Content itself is ephemeral and will only be cached to give the user the chance to view their recommendations upon the next login with a certain maximum. Content below a certain threshold is thrown away immediately.

It will have a specific UserAgent in case any instance admins want to limit it, but I don't think there should be a problem since it's a regular client in all ways except for sorting posts not chronologically but by a score that is calculated locally.

Wander, to OpenAI
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I might be completely mistaken but in corporate speak "not being consistently candid in his communications", imho, likely means that he overpromised in some way and was selling one reality to the board while knowing that X, Y or Z are not realistic.

If anyone has the real scoop behind Sam Altman being fired as CEO of OpenAI please let me know.

Wander, to github
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Okay, at this pace I'm 100% getting banned.

While there's hundreds of uncensored models out there, it's only fun if you know you're not supposed to do it.

Neverfadingwood, to random
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@Neverfadingwood I'm doing this right now!

Wander, to ai
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Wander, to random
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Hooray! We now have the whole suite of @volpeon emojis at packmates.

Thanks to @chirpbirb for sending me the source <3

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@anthropy @volpeon @chirpbirb

inside the live folder just create import_emoji.rb with nano and copy the contents of the file in the repository.

Execute as instructed in the repository.

you can do this if you want:

bundle exec rails runner import_emoji.rb mastodon packmates.org  

This copies all of our emojis which you're more than welcome to do if you want.

You can go here to examine instances and their emojis:


Note, they're not categorized when you copy them. I had to go into the database to categorize them in an efficient manner.

Wander, to random
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I need more horny talk on my timeline.

Especially those first or second person stories that have you imagine scenarios.

Wander, (edited ) to selfhosted
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The future of selfhosted services is going to be... Android?

Wait, what?

Think about it. At some point everyone has had an old phone lying around. They are designed to be constantly connected, constantly on... and even have a battery and potentially still a SIM card to survive power outages.

We just need to make it easy to create APK packaged servers that can avoid battery-optimization kills and automatically configure an outbound tunnel like ngrok, zerotrust, etc...

The goal: hosting services like , , !? should be as easy as installing an APK and leaving an old phone connected to a spare charger / outlet.

It would be tempting to have an optimized ROM, but if self-hosting is meant to become more commonplace, installing an APK should be all that's needed. can do SSH, VPN and other tunnels without the need for root, so there should be no problem in using tunnels to publicly expose a phone/server in a secure manner.

In regards to the suitability of home-grade broadband, I believe that it should not be a huge problem at least in Europe where home connections are most often unmetered: "At the end of June 2021, 70.2% of EU homes were passed by either FTTP or cable DOCSIS
3.1 networks, i.e. those technologies currently capable of supporting gigabit speeds."

Source: https://digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu/en/library/broadband-coverage-europe-2021

PS. syncthing actually already has an APK and is easy to use. Although I had to sort out some battery optimization stuff, it's a good example of what should become much more commonplace.

cc: @selfhosted

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@ahoyboyhoy @selfhosted Nice. I remember trying it out once. Actually I might use that to follow my own advice and self-host at home once I retire my current phone.

True, I haven't had the need because I know how to run stuff on a server, but for personal files it's probably better to host things at home.

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@AMS @selfhosted yes, hopefully we'll see an explosion in self-hostable alternatives that can be installed as easily as syncthing.

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@ahoyboyhoy @selfhosted How old is the phone and what version of the OS are you using? I was under the impression that modern phones bypass the battery when connected to the charger and having full charge.

Regarding limiting the charge, I believe there's some software calibration you can do which would allow you to set it to 50%. I'm no expert in battery or repairs at all, so someone else might have a better idea.

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@TCB13 I'm not an expert in the matter but I wonder how large the attack surface actually is for a web service that has a single port exposed via a tunnel which can even contribute to doing some security filtering.

The application / server component can actually be updated since it's just an APK. And someone else in this thread actually linked to whole linux distros that can be installed and run without root. In theory even if the underlying OS is insecure, more secure OSes can be installed on top, or risk can be severely limited by only exposing a single port.

Basically, while flashing a new ROM would be ideal, I think there's likely a way in which a sandboxed and possibly even updated environment with updated TLS cyphers, CA stores, etc... can be run in a secure manner on top of a stock Android ROM.

Furthermore, developers packaging their apps into APKs could run security checks and by the time it says "your OS is insecure" you're already on your third phone and can host stuff on your second. I mean... Android phones are in their prime for two/three years at most in my experience :P

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@RegalPotoo Maybe I should have been more specific in the wording of my title.

No one planning on hosting public multi-user service that would see some serious traffic would probably benefit from hosting on a phone.

Someone who wants to simply run a single-user instance or their personal nextcloud? I think that's a real possibility.

Wander, (edited )
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@selfhosted Update:

  1. Just to clarify, the the whole point is that Android makes it easy for less tech oriented people to host small single user / family services.

It does not need to be perfect, have massive throughput or allow for massive amounts of read/write cycles.

If people can host their own media server like Jellyfin or note taking apps like Joplin instead of using commercial services by simply installing an APK on an old phone they can leave connected at home, that's already a big win.

  1. Regarding device longevity, Android 13 apparently supports / will support full KVM emulation. Windows can be run if you have root while android based VMs are expected to be possible without the need for root. Since this type of virtualization allows VMs to run their own kernel, keeping the "server app" updated should allow the user to be protected even if the host OS is outdated as long as these server-app-VMs are trustworthy themselves.
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@leggylav @selfhosted OMG, yes, thank you <3

I finally feel understood now :vlpn_cry:

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@benjohn @selfhosted 6-8 GB of RAM with powerful CPU and GPU that was designed to run games and can in some cases run small AI models is nothing to scoff at imho.

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@MigratingtoLemmy use a hammer to break the screen, control via adb :vlpn_happy_blep:

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@Omniraptor ah yes! Probably that's why.
Actually the whole original post was sent via Mastodon.

I tend to write posts that I share to my Mastodon followers and then at the end I mention a Lemmy community if I believe the community would also find it interesting.

@Wander@packmates.org avatar

@Omniraptor in theory Mastodon will show a "read more" button for longer comments. Top level posts sent from Lemmy often require clicking the link to view them in full and content isn't ordered by votes because they don't exist.

So, it's a bit messy to read Lemmy from Mastodon, but posting something and then replying to comments on that thread is really easy.

Wander, to random
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Oh, look at that.

I don't know who mentioned this the other day, but I'm happy to see this is actually a thing now.

When an admin tries to block another whole instance it gives a summary of how many connections will be severed, which is good because domain blocks are a nuclear option. In this case it was warranted though since that instance openly allowed harassment.

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@philpem not sure, but I don't think so.

Tutanota, (edited ) to random
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It's #GlobalEncryptionDay!

Time to remind everyone that a backdoor "for the good guys only" is simply not possible.

By demanding encryption backdoors, politicians are not asking us to choose between security and privacy. They are asking us to choose no security. 👇


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@Tutanota you simply can't but controlled selective access into math. It's as simple as that.

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