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Research prof. (UCLA PhD - MIT, American Univ. In Cairo, CSU, UCB, SSI-US Army War College, Fulbright scholar, Syria) #MiddleEastNorthAfrican #history, #politics, #defense, #IslamicStudies, #arts, #thought, #education Toots on MENA current news.

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Sherifazuhur, to egypt
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Pope Francis: The day after tomorrow, there will be an international conference in Jordan on the humanitarian situation in Gaza, convened by the King of Jordan, the President of Egypt, and the Secretary-General of the United Nations. @jordan @egypt


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ZuhurNews, 9 June 2024 - MENA News Highlights Consider signing up for a free or a paid subscription. https://www.patreon.com/posts/105908531?utm_campaign=postshare_creator

Sherifazuhur, to random
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Door closed on Larijani as Iranians debate opening of election window (Jahangiri and Ahmadinejad were also disqualified) @iran


Sherifazuhur, to libya
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Libya to establish foreign worker ‘sponsorship’ system (a kafalah system) @libya


Sherifazuhur, to libya
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European countries accused of complicity after 11 bodies were recovered from the Mediterranean off #Libya


Sherifazuhur, to israel
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DW News: "Don't let our people be torn apart."

Politician Benny Gantz accused Israel's PM Netanyahu of mismanaging the war in Gaza as he quit the war Cabinet and called for new elections. @israel @palestine


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@palestine @israel Four resignations from the war cabinet in less than an hour:

Benny Gantz resigned.

Gadi Eisenkot resigned.

Avi Rosenfeld resigned.

Hili Tropper resigned. (Megatron)

Sherifazuhur, to sudan
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Sherifazuhur, to sudan
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Sherifazuhur, to palestine
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#Gaza Nuseirat
Ramy Abdu:
Preliminary list of the identified victims in yesterday's Al-Nuseirat massacre, committed by Israeli forces within an hour:

  • Ziad Al-Fatayirji
  • Hadi Ishaq Hussein
  • Afaf Abu Zakari
  • Suhaib Muhammad Salama
  • Muhammad Hussein Abu Atiwi
  • Moamen Khalid Abu Maktouma
  • Jamil Abu Naghi (Abu Iyad)
  • Hani Fathi Humeid (Abu Jaafar)
  • Muhammad Al-Akkar (Abu Al-Qasim)
  • Anas Muhammad Shehtout
  • Malak Muhammad Shehtout
  • Ruba Aed Zehd
  • Baha Aed Zehd
  • Raji Mansour Al-Zard
  • Ahmad Emad Lebd
  • Emad Lebd's Wife (Umm Ahmad)
  • Emad Lebd (Abu Ahmad) @palestine
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@palestine - Itimad Muhammad Shamlakh

  • Amani Thabit Shamlakh
  • Hamdi Abdelkader Shamlakh
  • Zakaria Jaber Shamlakh
  • Muhammad Fikri Ghoneim
  • Abdulrahman Al-Habbash
  • Emad Abu Kmeil
  • Emad Jihad Abu Gharqoud
  • Mariam Abu Yousef
  • Mayar Abu Yousef
  • Retal Abu Yousef
  • Ahmad Al-Jamal (Abu Yousef)
  • Abdullah Ahmad Al-Jamal
  • Abdullah Al-Jamal's Wife
  • Awad Mustafa Ramadan
  • Muhammad Ismail Ibrahim Humeida
  • Lama Al-Tahrawi
  • Rami Abu Saqr
  • Khalil Fawaz Al-Hawajri
  • Khaled Abu Tuayr
  • Kamel Abu Shawarib
  • Ayman Muhammad Al-Awawda
  • Karam Al-Nabahen
  • Tareq Diab
  • Waleed Al-Shawa
  • Ahmad Abu Al-Haj
  • Saud Al-Rawagh (Abu Muhammad)
  • Suzan Taleb Abu Zaid and her children
  • Muhammad Waleed Abu Urayban
  • Muslim Awda Abu Urayban
  • Anas Amjad Emad
Sherifazuhur, to palestine
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Sherifazuhur, to random
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More from today. Fake Aid Truck Used to Carry Out Rescue Operation - US 'Special Cell' Participated in Nuseirat Massacre -


Sherifazuhur, to sudan
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Sherifazuhur, to random
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ZuhurNews, 8 June 2024, MENA News Highlights. Another horrible day in Gaza, but there’s more. Read. Subscribe if you can.


Sherifazuhur, to Dubai
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Sherifazuhur, to israel
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CW - Graphic (early tweet of his was removed)
Ramy Abdu: Breaking: The death toll from the Israeli occupation's massacre in the Nuseirat refugee camp has risen to 210 Palestinians and over 400 wounded. They have been transported to two hospitals: Al-Awda Hospital in Nuseirat and Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir al-Balah. #GazaGenocide @palestine @israel


Sherifazuhur, to israel
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This thread by Warfare Analysis explains what happened in Nuseirat & how the truck from the Anerican pier was involved. @palestine @israel https://x.com/warfareanalysis/status/1799447429206708244?s=46&t=uM8me4uwdP7D0z4nanVVuw

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@palestine @israel Also - Abu Obaida:

“The enemy managed to free some of their captives by committing horrific massacres, but at the same time, they also killed some of their captives during the operation.”

Sherifazuhur, to israel
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Quds News: According to Axios, citing a U.S. administration official, the American hostages unit in Israel assisted in the release of the 4 Israeli captives in Gaza.

Footage published by an Israeli occupation soldier confirms Israel's use of the American temporary pier in central Gaza during its offensive operations in the Al-Nuseirat refugee camp.
@israel @palestine

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@palestine @israel
Reports from Gaza indicate that the unit sneaked into the camp inside a truck carrying humanitarian aid that came from the floating pier. (Video)

Sherifazuhur, to saudi
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Sherifazuhur, to saudi
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Saudi says no place for ‘political slogans’ during Hajj @saudi


Sherifazuhur, to israel
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Kuwait calls on IAEA to safeguard Israeli occupation nuclear facilities @kuwait @israel


Sherifazuhur, to israel
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