Climate scientist at DMI, Danish/British dual national, married Dutch, interested in glaciers, ice sheets, atmosphere and climate in Arctic, Greenland, Antarctic
Coordinator of #OCEANICE
WP lead on #PolarRES + #ProtectSLR

Mine dansksprogede toots er i helvede

#climate #science #openresearch #IceSheets #Greenland #Antarctica #cycling #kayaking #biodiversity #Arctic #Glaciology #Weather #Atmosphere #OA #PolarPortal #HorizonEurope #SeaLevelRise #fedi22 tootfinder

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Ruth_Mottram, to animals

Should probably add to this one too..
@IceClimate - The problem with Polar Day is that I never want to go to sleep. I went for a walk at 10.30pm instead. Much colder than earlier, about -16 C but also clearer and a view (finally) of the mountains on the other side of the fjord. But now I think these two have the right idea. God nat alle...

Ruth_Mottram, to random

Not so #SilentSunday
It's snowing quite hard and about -10C. Hope it clears up by tomorrow as we are test flying the UAV tomorrow and plan to leave for the long trip Tuesday.

Apparently the sled dogs don't like the church bells.
#Qaanaaq #Greenland #Grønland #KalaallitNunaat🇬🇱

Video of a small village with colourful wooden houses in the middle of a snow storm with poor visibility. The audio is of ringing church bells and dogs howling along with them. Squeaking noises from walking in fresh fallen snow...

Ruth_Mottram, to Black_cats

Kid left a box open on the sofa, resident went to sit in it.
Happy folks...


@grb090423 hah! I see what you did there...
But yes, very!

Ruth_Mottram, to random

I'm having some issues with my normal pixel fed account so I've set up a new one just for fieldwork pictures @IceClimate - also re-upping the blog post on it. So of you are interested in gratuitous ice, snow and dog photos, head on over there and I'll try to avoid clogging up your mastodon feed...

#Greenland #IceSheet #Fieldwork

Ruth_Mottram, to random

Anyone else on having problems connecting? Or just me?

Ruth_Mottram, to 2westerneurope4u
Ruth_Mottram, to random

Hmm, warmer forecast than last year in Qaanaaq.
I hope it works out, would be nice to do #fieldwork in sun and no wind, even at -20C...

Ruth_Mottram, to random

HIlarious thread started by @Loukas of danes, dutch, germans and swedes slagging off the length of words and sounds in each others languages.

But seriously, have you ever seen Greenlandic (Kalaallisut) written down ?

One day I'm going to try and learn some of this language. But not today...


@grb090423 @Loukas Probabaly closest to Nunavut (especially in the north - where the language is very close and quite a bit different to southern Greenlandic). NOt sure about sami, but when google translate is given Kalaallisut, it generally tries to translate it as finnish (which doesn't work)

Ruth_Mottram, to random

I updated my page of useful research tools and resources with some new academic search engines including @OpenAlex + @base - I'm sure there are others out there too..

Ruth_Mottram, to random

Heading North again…

I'm lifting my head from the semi-organised chaos that is my office, my home office and the office workshop to write a quick post. The reason for the chaos is that NCKF fieldwork season has come round again and on Friday I and my DMI colleague Steffen will be off to Northern Greenland once again. I'll try to post a few photos to pixelfed, but here's a quick view..

Ruth_Mottram, to random

If you're an early career scientist working in the polar regions, let me recommend that you join #APECS (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists) - I had an illuminating chat with the #APECSdenmark team this morning - we'll be co-organising some activities with @OceanIceEU + perhaps also @PolarRES later this year at the #EuropeanPolarScienceWeek24 in Copenhagen AND at the Nordic Meteorological Meeting in August #NMM24

Ruth_Mottram, to climate

On the other hand, the area in Northern #Greenland I'm visiting for #Fieldwork from Saturday is also looking pretty god damn beautiful right now too..

#EarthArt #Sentinel2 #SatPic #ice #Glaciers #Climate #Science

Ruth_Mottram, to worldwithoutus

Discussing some work on sea ice and coastal polynyas in #Antarctica with colleague and stumbled on this frankly glorious image from @esaclimate #Sentinel2 on 22nd March this year. So much going on in this picture from #ShackletonIceShelf in East Antarctica.

#EarthArt #SatPic

Ruth_Mottram, to random

Can't remember who it was on here who recommended podcast to me, but once again, thankyou 🙏!
This piece on the old-new or perhaps new-old fight against antibiotic resistance is awesome.

Highly recommended!

Thanks also to @AntennaPod for making such a great podcast app..

Radiolab: Staph Retreat

Episode webpage:

Media file:

Ruth_Mottram, to worldwithoutus

"For too long, too few have worried about Earth’s remotest continent and its largest refrigerator, while attention focused on the fires that burned, literally and figuratively, on more populated shores. Antarctica was variously portrayed as an explorer’s playground, a utopian land of scientific co-operation or a poster child for environmental protectionism. The exceptionalism is misguided"

Brilliant and essential reporting on #Antarctica from @TheEconomist



I've been planning a blog post on Antarctica for literally ten years. And now @TheEconomist has gone and done it. Typical. Ah well. Maybe later on today ..


Ruth_Mottram, to random

It's family time. If you want me, I'll be on the hill ...

Ruth_Mottram, to random

I wondered why the buses in Copenhagen were flying the Dannebrog and the Nordic flag today, now I know... - 🦢 Nordens dag

Ruth_Mottram, to FF

For these and other gems, you should really be following our project @PolarRES !
PolarRES - 💧Did you know that due to sea water freezing, almost doubles in size each winter?

📉Sadly, findings from @Dr_Gilbz show that Antarctic sea ice extent fell to record lows in 2023

📃Read the full article here:

Ruth_Mottram, to random

Going to start exploring aerial #photogrammetry using a #UAV in the #melange zone of a glacier in #Greenland- probably processing using @OpenDroneMap - would love to hear tutorial, expert help, literature suggestions on this...

Ruth_Mottram, to FF
Ruth_Mottram, to Denmark
Ruth_Mottram, to random

"Climate models can’t explain 2023’s huge heat anomaly — we could be in uncharted territory
Taking into account all known factors, the planet warmed 0.2 °C more last year than climate scientists expected. More and better data are urgently needed."

Good piece in Nature this week by Gavin Schmidt covers the extremely anomalous temperatures in 2023, well before El Nino got started as well as the loss of #Antarctic #SeaIce and aerosols...


@becha hah, I don't disagree to some extent, but we will need to adapt to climate change and for that we do need to know exactly why this surge occurred, if it really was unforeseen and how likely it is to continue (or repeat).

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