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Saddle-blanket burr extraordinaire and #AFSCME member (Local 120, Tacoma Public Library)> Opinions shared here only coincidentally coincide with my employer's.

Fervently #Episcopalian, #Pacifist, #Antiracist, & #Antifascist

I support the #PoorPeoplesCampaign and have participated in actions leading to arrest on behalf of:
Housing Equity
End to Death Penalty
Fighting Voter Suppression

My hubby runs a prison library. We are both #Abolitionist and seek the end of the #CarceralState

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QasimRashid, to random
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Beware of attempts to smear the ICC prosecution by claiming that ICC has "equated Israel & Hamas."

ICC has done no such thing. That's not how law works. The law works by comparing a person's behavior with what the law says is legal & illegal. That's what's happened here. Period.

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I saw #POTUS saying the #ICC should butt out bc what's going on in #Gaza & #Rafah isn't #genocide

But did the ICC even make that charge? Or is JB doing a 'Look Over There' thing AND saying any #WarCrimes short of genocide are ok?


Praying for #FreePalestine & #Peace in #Jerusalem

seachanger, to random
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if I were biden, I’d whip every single willing rep and senator into a full action plan to bring integrity to the supreme court, starting with the demand that judges whose households have documented partisan or ethics issues involving politicians must be recused from all decisions involving those leaders


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@xgranade @seachanger I heard someone say, "Hope has two daughters: Courage & Anger"

StillIRise1963, to random
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The elite have kept the world from progressing to hold on to their wealth. They’ve kept us all apart with their propaganda and gaslighting and stemmed the type of cooperative creativity that could have solved many of our problems a long time ago.

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AND they've changed the definition of 'elite' to mean Educated instead of Rich

Let's talk about that!

rbreich, to random
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Wondering if wealth inequality is out of control?

Well, Jeff Bezos made over $7.9 million an hour last year.

In just 13 minutes, he made the equivalent of what a typical person earns in a lifetime.

Don't tell me that the rich can't afford a wealth tax.

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Saw a newspaper story today about how is going to close about 20 schools to plug a budget gap 💔

live in bc there's no

If they were hoarding anything but wealth we'd recognize how pathological it is but NO we put them on the covers of magazines & kiss their asses

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@cshentrup @Sadsquatch @rbreich

Capitalism is psychopathic

I have more actual data to support my assertion

PeachMcD, to random
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siblings, I seek counsel from the crowd mind

My union (which I won't identify) has bargained away our workers' right to strike & right to speak to media

They fund 1 of the 2 rep slots posted on the local's website, since forever. That rep just burned out & split like the last one

Mgmt uses temps to avoid hiring ft staff w benefits, but that's become a norm nationwide

Many of my co-workers want different representation but the process is hella steep & risky on purpose

Open to clues

StillIRise1963, to random
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Basic ass logic, long term strategy, and understanding of what the word “fascism” actually MEANS seem to be lacking from some around here.

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so frustrating!! I keep telling myself it's worse on Xitter
Solidarity from Tacoma
:BLM: :af: :iww: :better_pride:

PeachMcD, to random
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@JoBlakely @FAIR

There's a whole range of #Israeli companies & products in the US that have nothing to do with #ArmsDealers or #SurveillanceCapitalism (e.g. #Sodastream & the #arts)

No need to give them any excuses

mondoweiss, to Palestine
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Jewish students participating in pro-Palestine protests on their campuses would have valuable things to say about the alleged "rising antisemitism" at their schools. But the media is ignoring them.


#Palestine #Israel #Gaza
@palestine @israel

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@mondoweiss @palestine @israel
Thankfully, @ThomHartmann is making sure listeners know this

Every caller who repeats the Manufactured Narrative™️ about protesters' #Antisemitism is reminded that many of them are #Jewish & the #GOP has been normalizing #antisemetic memes on #Xitter for some time

I also 🙏🏼🙏🏼 blessings on #BernieSanders ,who is flexing against this #Genocide on every platform & daring anyone to call him #SelfHating

PeachMcD, to random
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“No Mr Netanyahu, it is not antisemitic or pro-Hamas to point out that, in a little over six months, your extremist government has killed over 34,000 Palestinians and wounded more than 78,000, 70% of whom are women and children"


I wish were @potus

anathema_device, to random
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Don’t Blame the Patient | Science-Based Medicine

When patients are diagnosed with cancer, or a terminal illness of any kind, they report that there are a couple of near universal reactions by the people around them. First, everyone has advice for them. Everyone thinks they know what caused their illness and what will cure it. The floodgates of free advice and misinformation open.


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@anathema_device Barbara Ehrenreich's book, Brightsided, deconstructs that bs thoroughly

StillIRise1963, to random
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omg. I just drank 1/3 of it. ugh.

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This experienced prepper recommends getting your favorite trilogy que'd up on Netflix, 86ing the Gatorade, & fixing a better beverage with fresh lemon, honey, & a little organic salt with all the minerals still in it

Solidarity & compassion from Tacoma
:BLM: :af: :iww: :better_pride:

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It's a finite experience. Catching bad stuff early is worth it, I promise.

Keep us posted, ok?

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Did I miss you giving us the all-clear?
Thinking about you in Tacoma

dgar, to random
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~ Dran

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PeachMcD, to random
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josh, (edited ) to privacy
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Does your public library use Overdrive/Libby for ebooks or audiobooks? ⚠️

In the US and Canada, the answer is probably yes. And you should speak to your library staff and commission about it.

Libby is now owned by a private equity firm & making sketchy changes: https://buttondown.email/ninelives/archive/the-coming-enshittification-of-public-libraries/

The latest development is that their overbroad privacy policy allows them to sell your borrowing history to advertisers: https://infosec.exchange/@longobord/112243098104196246

Thank you @karawynn and @longobord!

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@josh @karawynn @longobord

in will tell you our mngmt is keeping us well apprised of the of & the escalating conditions restricting free access

Problem is that we're/they're bound by our status to avoid discussing as a problem or naming the political party responsible for this state of affairs
@pluralistic, please advise...

RickiTarr, to random
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I get so mad at myself when a commercial makes me feel something besides just disgust and annoyance.

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Don't beat yourself up too much. Considering the billion$ $pent on focus group marketing, autonomic response is scientifically guaranteed 🤤

I'm fortunate - for me, commercials trigger a form of Tourette's syndrome

Hubby mutes quickly 🔇

PeachMcD, to random
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When the toxicity of causes strangers to respond to my belief/praxis with unfettered contempt,
I feel sad & angry that hateful are demolishing an alliance that empowered
in times past
I would prefer that strangers unable to see any person of faith as an ally or intelligent, feeling human being just mute me now, ok?

fkamiah17, to random
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Disappointed at the lack of Rapture action yesterday?
Never fear!
Turns out the sky wizard's diary manager was having a challenging day ...

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There's always a numerologist 🙄🤡

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It boggles my mind that #FAUXNEWS is running headlines like this 💔🧠😝

And that #KKKRISTIANS who hated on Harry Potter for being full of witches turn around and gobble numerology

This #Episcopalian knows they are part of my Body somehow, but if my eyes don't understand the purpose of my anus, I figger I can be at a loss to describe the function of Evangelicals

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I respectfully reserve the right to consider my personal experiences (and yours) to be valid

Solidarity from Tacoma :BLM: :af: :iww: :better_pride:

PeachMcD, to random
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"That these attacks on humanitarian workers are allowed to happen is a political choice. Israel faces no political cost. Instead, its allies enable this brutality with impunity, and provide even more weapons that maim and kill civilians indiscriminately."

#CeasefireNow #Gaza #FreePalestine


rasterweb, to Milwaukee
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Whoa... "New Online Tool Reveals All Milwaukee Properties Owned by Big Landlords" And guess what? 1% of landlords own 44% of city's rental units...

➡️ https://urbanmilwaukee.com/2024/03/25/new-online-tool-reveals-all-milwaukee-properties-owned-by-big-landlords/

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@jeramey @rasterweb @dpflug Now I'm wondering whether there's any or or types here on to look into this

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