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Engineer, Pilot, Sailor, Musician, Veteran (AirForce and CoastGuard-air/sea rescue) Ret. Priest/missionary Also Please see : GoFundMe.com/f/good-Sam-project 💙🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈🎷

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PadreWil, to random
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FLIP that fking fat ass bird OVER …… YOU’RE DONE BABY DONALD !! You LYING, FAT ASS CRIMINAL !! GUILTY …… as I have always stated. This lying, arrogant PUNK belongs IN JAIL and you MORONS, Rep. party included, are DONE as well. You’re so stupid to have continually back this LYING CON MAN, NOW FELON !!! WAKE-UP you morons !!! Now let’s put the damn car in DRIVE and END this phony, archaic BULLSHIT America !! 💙👍💙👍💙👍💙👍

waldoj, to random
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I always keep champagne in the fridge. You never know when you’ll have something to celebrate.

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@waldoj 👍👍👍👍👍

juglugs, to random
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Jury braver than 98% of elected Republicans.

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@juglugs To the jury …… 🏆🎖️👍💙

rbreich, to random
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By refusing to recuse himself from Jan 6 cases, Alito is violating the court's code of ethics, which call for recusal when “the Justice’s impartiality might reasonably be questioned…”

If flying 2 pro-insurrection flags doesn't call his impartiality into question, what does?

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@rbreich YES !!! STEP DOWN ALITO !!

cherold, to random
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Justice Alito can apparently make decisions for every single woman in the country except his wife.

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@cherold Remember …… hypocrisy rules in the Trumpy party.

dworkin, to random
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Update: Biden will be on Ohio Ballot, GOP fails to block. Thanks to everyone for calling out the un-American Republican attempt to block him from the ballot.

Read the exclusive here: https://www.dworkinsubstack.com/p/gop-exposed-for-plan-to-block-biden

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@dworkin The amount of thoroughly stupid Americans is STAGGERING …….

StillIRise1963, to random
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"Texas delegates voted on a 2024 platform at the state’s GOP Convention on Saturday and aim to tally the votes by Wednesday to finalize their platform for the coming year. The proposal called for new legislation to solidify fetal personhood ideology into law, define abortion care as homicide and criminalize in vitro fertilization, first reported by feminist writer Jessica Valenti.”


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ai6yr, to random
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Eh, crap, re-implementing stricter personal COVID-19 measures after just relaxing them, an (entire) family I know with COVID or recovering, after catching it from an older relative who was hospitalized--they later figured out, COVID-19. (ie Once again, moving back to "all indoor interaction in public N95" -- pondering where I'll go with outdoor in crowds.).

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@PedestrianError @jlamoree @ai6yr My precious cousin DIED of Covid in the hospital waiting for his surgical procedure. 2021.

Ricardus, to cooking
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Today has already been a busy day. I had to get a haircut, grocery shop, do some cleaning, do the laundry, make home made mac & cheese, make an improvised gluten-free "shortcake" by modifying the Pamelas Banana Bread recipe (making some guesses there), and prepping the strawberries.

I will end up doing all of the cooking and everything else, but I won't get to as much cleaning as I wanted.

Really happy with the haircut though.

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@Ricardus Be glad you have a home.

sludge, to random
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Big Oil is getting even bigger, and members of Congress are among those profiting.

ConocoPhillips is acquiring Marathon Oil in an all-stock deal worth $17 billion.

Members of Congress who own Marathon Oil stock saw its price jump today by more than 8%...🧵

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@sludge Stock trading for members of congress, of any kind, is unethical and should NOT be allowed Ms. PELOSI !!!!

@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@sludge Hypocrisy is the rule in congress these days. Right Ms. Pelosi ?!!

Karoli, to random
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If Alito thinks he has no right or ability to control his wife’s biased flag-flying at his house, why does he think he has the right and ability to tell other women what they can and cannot do with their own bodies?


@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@Karoli Ethics, Morals, Honesty ??!! Geeee ….. what are those ?

gerrymcgovern, to random
@gerrymcgovern@mastodon.green avatar

Since 1970, there has been a:

49% decline in marine life

50% decline in insects

66% decline in wildlife

69% decline in vertebrates

83% decline in freshwater species

Birds: 60% decline in Ireland in 50 years

Lions: 90% decline in Ghana in 40 years

Forest elephant: 60% decline in 12 years

Leatherback turtle: 95% decline in 20 years

SEI whale: 50% decline in 20 years (47 left)

Earthworms: 33% decline in UK in 20 years


3% wildlife

97% humans and livestock

Is this progress?

@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@gerrymcgovern GREED is the operative word here 😉

fatsam, to random
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The Right hates blacks.

And Latinos, Asians, Muslims. Thugs (black men.) Indigenous peoples. LGBTQ. Young people with blue hair. The poor. Educated people. Women who aren't doormats -- or are but won't be raped or beaten. Jews, at least those who don't hate Arabs. Feminists. Liberal men. Atheists. Women who've had an abortion. Witches. Goths.

Liberals just hate conservatives (and that's fairly recent.) It's much more efficient. You don't have to memorize the various lists of people to hate.

@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@fatsam @gocu54 @Firlefanz The Rep. party is OUT of their FKing minds !!! To support an uneducated, arrogant lying con man for a candidate that is sooon to be sent to prison, facing multiple indictments for his other egregious activities including insurrection, is JUST INsane !! 🖕🏻Baby Donald AND 🖕🏻the GOP !!

Waterloosunset, to random
@Waterloosunset@mstdn.plus avatar

It america was attacked today the Republican party would stop any defense of our country

@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@Waterloosunset That’s a ridiculous statement. The Rep. s / Trumpys / whatevaahh …….. would be pushed aside.

Vittoria, to Israel
@Vittoria@mastodon.social avatar

After an Israeli strike on a Rafah camp kills at least 45 people, Dr H.A. Hellyer, Senior Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, tells FRANCE24's Mark Owen that Joe Biden's red line on Rafah 'has been crossed multiple times to the point that it's rather pointless to speak of a red line'. He adds that the White House is unwilling to admit that a line has been crossed as doing so would mean having to stop providing weapons to Israel.


@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@Vittoria Amer. wont stop kissing Israels ass, there is too much $$ involved. Remember, $$ is more important than human life these days. Amazing how sick and misguided people have become around the world. 🥀💔

mekkaokereke, to random
@mekkaokereke@hachyderm.io avatar

The irony of a holiday called "Memorial Day," where people don't even remember how it started. 🤷🏿‍♂️

Anti-Blackness is so powerful.


This isn't forgetting. It's intentional history erasure, to justify present day racism.

@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@mekkaokereke It’s ALWAYS been clear to THIS Veteran that Memorial Day is to celebrate and remember the fallen men and women, during so many wars, who gave their lives so that so many around the world could be free. 🇺🇸🎖️💪🌺

whitehouse, to random

Since our nation’s founding, members of our Armed Forces have been willing to lay down their lives for the idea of the United States of America.

On Memorial Day, we honor their memories by carrying on their work to forge a more perfect union.

@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@whitehouse As a Veteran of two of Amer. armed forces, AirForce and Coast Guard (air/sea rescue) and a minister, I salute all in my own family who served in WWII, Korean and Viet Nam wars 🎖️🤎💪🏆

mcnado, to random
@mcnado@mstdn.social avatar

Burning down a refugee camp is not a tragic mishap, especially if you first burned down the refugees original homes, their hospitals, their water pumps and treatment plants, and their fields. No, it is not a mishap. It is an intentional act of violence against people who have lost everything.

@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@Frankyt @mcnado We must also not forget that Netanyahu is attempting to correct HIS gigantic mistake RE: Hamas and the Palestinians , years ago at an incredible humanitarian cost. He is a WAR monger ….. NOT a diplomat OR a man of peice. Jews need to speak-up against this misguided leader.

@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@Kathmandu @mcnado YES !! Israel needs to tell Netanyahu to step-down NOW. Humanitarian is NOT in ANYONES vocabulary if you are going to destroy EVERYTHING just to get at the root cause that NETANYAHU started. I’m telling the world that there is NO plan to destroy Hamas ….. aside from just killing everyone in the way. It ‘s beyond barbaric and stupid.

@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@melanie @mcnado @Kathmandu And soooo what ?! This makes this incredible act of genocide to kill innocent women and children ok ?!!

@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@Tooden @Kathmandu @mcnado No …… not many countries. And the USA needs to cut them off !!

binaryequation, to random
@binaryequation@freeradical.zone avatar

"On this Memorial Day, we must understand that the sacrifice of 1.1 million Americans had deeper meaning. Since that skirmish on Lexington Common 249 years ago, they died giving life to the words of our Constitution. That work is unfinished. It is up to those of us who remain to ensure that the radical ideas of our founding survive and flourish."

IndyStar: Memorial Day requires more from us than flags and ceremonies


@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@binaryequation Today I remember ALL in my family and those who valiantly served in uniform around the world who gave their lives for US. Thank You !! 🎖️💪🎖️🏆🤎

ai6yr, to random
@ai6yr@m.ai6yr.org avatar

OODA Loop reminder: you need to constantly re-evaluate the situation and READJUST your assessment of a situation to fit; if you make a decision at one point in time, that is not a "philosophy" but a decision point at that point in time.

@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@ai6yr Mind telling us WHERE this happened ?

yogeshshettys, to random
@yogeshshettys@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

Life is good. No matter how we see it, there is always something good happening. The magic is in our perception. Infact, A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst & it sparks extraordinary results.
Stay Optimistic and Stay Positive.
GoD Bless Us.!!!

@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@yogeshshettys Sometimes a series of catostrophic events hits us beyond our control and we get knocked down so hard there is nothing positive left except to see that the only thing that could be seen as positive is your life ending.

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