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:PaintBrush: Artist & Designer :ComputerClassic:

Lowly spec on a blue dot.
Captain Novice on an island. Self-propelled artist, graphics, web, & type designer, painter, creator & collaborator @ https://CreamCo.studio

Observer, analog tech, skateboarder, surfer, snowboarder, father, and coffeer ☕️
#artist #designer #webDesigner #painter #VWBus #ButterLabel #CreamCo #luxuryluke he/him 🥐☕️❤️

Artist Trust WA
National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society

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Luke, to random
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A typeface newsletter full of design info and links to new type-related developments: https://elliotjaystocks.com/newsletter/

ben, to random
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Why it’s usually better to work with a talented designer: here are some sketches I did for my own ShareOpenly icon. I, uh, do not have the touch.

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@jonhicks @ben there are lots of great design ideas here. Love that you posted these. The end result is perfect.

scottboms, to random
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Another brilliant track from Nada Surf. This bit from the album bio by Maggie Smith is gold:

Four years ago, during lockdown, I was listening to Nada Surf one morning. My son, then seven years old, was quiet, and then he said, “They sing a lot about love.”

What he said next has stuck with me: “It protects you.”

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@scottboms oh, man. Great track, great story.


TrentWalton, to random
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Sketching out a new one

FL studio software music production

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@TrentWalton awsummmmm

Luke, (edited ) to design
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I’m just going to chuckle.
Aldo Novarese is rolling his eyes from 54 years ago:


bigzaphod, to random
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You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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@bigzaphod just watched this vid: https://youtu.be/Xm0EBY86ivo

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@bigzaphod also I heard pcbway is really easy to use.

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@bigzaphod it looks incredible.

TwraSun, to random German
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„Wo sind sie gebliehieben?“


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@TwraSun @distantnative this is horrible. Florida, zum beispiel. Active reversal of climate measures.

Luke, to Blog
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@presstype ha! I have that book. I’ll take a look. I think I’m going more print design than web.

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@vanderwal yeeesh. Our best laid plans.

davidhughes, to random
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I’m 54 this year. I guess I’m officially OLD next year.

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@davidhughes This means you can safely enjoy the Over 55 menu at chain restaurants. Win.

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@davidhughes Also, Happy Get Old Day!

party.gif cake.gif ManScreamsAtClouds.gif

gedeonm, to random
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Min found an “easy” breakfast burrito recipie on Instagram and I tried it. There are certainly less steps than a traditional breakfast burrito and aside from the flipping it wasn’t hard to make. (Hear me yelp at the 1:25 mark 😂) I prefer the traditional method of scrambling the eggs separately and building the burrito from scratch. Doing it all in the pan means the eggs get cooked, overcooked really. They can’t be loose at all and the texture isn’t as nice (IMHO). Still fun to try!

Time-Lapse video of me building a breakfast burrito hole in the pan. Heating the burrito pouring that scrambled eggs and letting it cook, adding sausage and chives and then the fajita on top. flipping it rolling it serving.

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@gedeonm Yelp!
I've been making a lot of corn tortilla based egg in frying pan dishes and this is a good one to add to the list. Thanks for this! Looks delicious.
Also, electric LED (UV??) pepper grinder? 😱

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@gedeonm PepperShooter™

Luke, to CSS
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The sheer speed with which designers, developers, a working group, and top browsers push forward the grip of #CSS is stunning.

Grassroots v2.0

sdw, to random
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I love that people were like ‘wahh, I never use all that power in my iPad Pro for anything!' so Apple designers + engineers went 'sick, that means we can render high-poly 3d tools with this new Apple Pencil Pro to cast dynamic shadows at 120fps’


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@sdw freakin’ amazing. Must’ve been a passion project for an employee. Making it better for customers!

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@sdw pure wisdom. Visionary.

Luke, to random
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Physically “Owning” something vs streaming/cloud.

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maxvoltar, to random
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record scratch

Yep, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got into this situation…

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@maxvoltar Can't wait for this show. :popcorn:

verge, to random
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The Delta Emulator is changing its logo after Adobe threatened it https://www.theverge.com/2024/5/17/24159268/delta-emulator-logo-change-app

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Luke, (edited ) to random
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Anyone know of a code editing environment that live updates the preview based off of the you're currently typing? No 'save' action needed?

CSSEdit / Espresso is too old.
• Mac, please
• PHP pages

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@murtaugh CSSEdit and Espresso managed it perfectly for over a decade. I think if the rules weren’t valid it skipped over them and you could live edit styles on any website. It was surprisingly satisfying and fast to design in the browser.

Luke, to science
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“After almost a century of arguments, physicists still disagree on how to make the leap from mathematics to the tangible, physical world.”


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@bauhws I loved it.
Strange that as I read it, I tried to inject my version of the story into it in anticipation of what I expected to come next. Of course it didn't seem to work, perhaps?
Quantum ideas break apart my understanding the more I read about it and it gets more complex and more interesting as I get into it.
Thank you.
You should write more.

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