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California’s hydrogen refueling network to gain much-need support from Air Products (www.hydrogenfuelnews.com)

Air Products plans to expand permanent, commercial hydrogen stations across the state. The Pennsylvania-based, world-leading industrial chemicals company and supplier of liquid hydrogen and compressed hydrogen gas announced it intends to expand California’s hydrogen refueling network. Its plan is to build a network of...

Hyundai Motor accelerates hydrogen drive (www.koreaherald.com)

Hyundai Motor Company has acquired the domestic hydrogen fuel cell business from the auto conglomerate’s affiliate and auto parts maker Hyundai Mobis to speed up its technological innovation and product development, the automaker said Sunday. According to Hyundai Motor, the takeover was officially completed last month to...

Team proposes hydrogen as alternative to diesel for long-haul trucks (techxplore.com)

People around the world rely on trucks to deliver the goods they need, and so-called long-haul trucks play a critical role in those supply chains. In the United States, long-haul trucks moved 71% of all freight in 2022. But those long-haul trucks are heavy polluters, especially of the carbon emissions that threaten the global...

MTU Aero Engines advances technological development of the Flying Fuel Cell (www.mtu.de)

Berlin, June 6, 2024 – Zero emissions are the major goal of commercial aviation as well as the vision of MTU Aero Engines. With its Flying Fuel Cell™ (FFC), Germany’s leading engine manufacturer is steadily advancing the complete electrification of the powertrain, leaping from one milestone to the next. A test campaign of...

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